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Suite 300 - #846 350 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA 94107 USA

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FastComet Plans & Pricing

Shared Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features



All Important Features

Website Starter Kit

Single Website

Free Website Transfer

Free Domain Transfer

cPanel & Softaculous

15GB SSD Space

FastCloud Plus


All Important Features

Website Starter Kit

Advanced Features

Multiple Websites

Free Website Transfer

Free Domain Transfer

cPanel & Softaculous

25GB SSD Space

FastCloud Extra


All Important Features

Website Starter Kit

Advanced Features


Multiple Websites

Free Website Transfer

Free Domain Transfer

cPanel & Softaculous

35GB SSD Space

Dedicated Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

DS 1


2x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores


80 GB SSD Space

4 TB Bandwidth


4000 Mbps Network Out

DS 2


4x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores


160 GB SSD Space

5 TB Bandwidth


5000 Mbps Network Out

DS 3


8x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores


320 GB SSD Space

6 TB Bandwidth


6000 Mbps Network Out

DS 4


16x AMD EPYC 7501 Cores


640 GB SSD Space

7 TB Bandwidth


7000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Cloud 1


Single 2.50GHz Core


50 GB SSD Space

2 TB Bandwidth


2000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 2


2 x 2.50GHz Cores


80 GB SSD Space

4 TB Bandwidth


4000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 3


4 x 2.50GHz Cores


160 GB SSD Space

5 TB Bandwidth


5000 Mbps Network Out

Cloud 4


6 x 2.50GHz Cores


320 GB SSD Space

8 TB Bandwidth


6000 Mbps Network Out

FastComet Full Review

FastComet is one of the web hosting providers available on the market today. Web hosts help website owners manage their websites effectively and efficiently by ensuring it stays online all the time, secured, and has sufficient storage space.

FastComet is not new to the hosting industry. It has been running since 2013 and continuously giving web hosting services to over 50,000 personal and small-business website owners from different parts of the world.

It has 11 enterprise-class data centers scattered across the continent, including the previously difficult-to-reach parts like India and Australia.

FastComet 11 enterprise-class data centers

It is rated excellent by more than one thousand FastComet reviews from TrustPilot and hailed number one web hosting company by the HostAdvice community from around 60,000 authentic user reviews. FastComet also received numerous recognition from HostAdvice: Best Customer Service, Excellent Service Award, Best Shared Host, and User's Top Choice.

Getting Started With FastComet

FastComet will first greet you with a colorful homepage. From here, you can navigate the home tabs to see the different services offered, plans and pricing, technologies used, smart control panel, and the page about its humble beginnings.

You can also see the shared hosting plans and all cloud VPS and dedicated servers. Aside from that, you can also see a head-to-head comparison between FastComet and other web hosting companies. You can check it out before deciding to get a plan.

screenshot of FastComet dashboard

FastComet services include Web hosting, WordPress hosting, domain management, WooCommerse Hosting, and many more.

Choose Website Hosting from the All Services tab to be directed to the plans and pricing page. Depending on your needs, you can choose from Shared Hosting Plan, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Dedicated CPU Servers.

For this review, let me walk you through the most popular hosting option called the FastCloud shared hosting plan.

This is the cheapest plan offered by FastComet, with a starting price of $2.95 per month. They offered a 45-day money-back guarantee for all shared accounts, which allows you to try the services for 45 days. You can cancel your plan within the 45-day grace period, and they will return the money used from when you sign-up to your bank account.

You can choose to stay in the current plan or upgrade your account, and your work will be right where you left it. They used to offer a free trial account, but the trial was cut off in 2019.

When you click the "Get Started" or "Start Now" button, you will be directed to a domain registration page.

Screenshot of FastComet domain registration page

Here, you type your chosen website domain name to see its availability. You can either create a new domain name or register an existing one from other hosts. FastComet allows its users a straightforward process for domain transfers coming from other hosts providers.

If the domain name you input is not available anymore, you will be asked to choose another. If your domain name is accepted, you need to fill out your account and product information to get started. I registered my WordPress website to serve as my test site.

The WordPress site is used relatively small. If you are a beginner like me, you can also create your own WordPress site and test with FastComet to see how it works and learn its in and outs before going big. FastCloud Hosting Plans-Account Information | FastComet

If you do not mind spending on some add-ons for your website, you can also select extra features in addition to the ones listed in your plan.

The first two extras are automatically updated once you purchase a FastCloud plan. You can choose the other extras from Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit, and/or Google SiteMap. Make sure to read the descriptions before you continue. FastCloud Hosting Plans-Extras| FastComet

Next, you need to input your payment information to complete your order. You can choose either a credit card or Paypal. Make sure to review everything before you check out.

Screenshot of FastComet Payment Information

You are now good to go with your FastComet web hosting journey! Be sure to check the email address you registered with FastComet for a receipt on your purchase.

In addition, FastComet will be sending an email that will contain your login details and a URL to give you secure access to your control panel.

This will also include your temporary hosting password, which you can change through the link found in the message. Make sure to note these important hosting details so you won't have a hard time accessing them later.

Creating an account and purchasing a FastComet plan is easy and quick, which you can finish in less than an hour. Now, you are ready to manage your website using FastComet.

Using and Managing Your Website on Fastcomet

Once the payment for your plan is confirmed, and the login details for your account setup are received via email, you can now start managing your new website or transfer your existing one.

Go to FastComet, and use your credentials to log in. You will open a homepage where you can see many aspects of your website management. Familiarizing yourself with the hosting management dashboard and its function will surely help you make the most of the hosting service you availed.

Here, you can see the latest promotions, your account information, an overview of your support tickets, invoices, domains, and orders. You can also see your active products and the registered domains for your website.

Below the Homepage tab is the Products tab. You can see the following tabs on this page: My Products, Order, Renew and View Add-ons.

Screenshot of Products tab

Under My Products, you can see the service you availed of and, in this case, a web host. You can view here the price, billing cycle, your next due date, and the status of your payment. You can click view details to see more comprehensive information about the service availed.

Under the Orders tab, you can see the different plans and prices should you wish to upgrade or downgrade.

Under the Renewals tab, you can choose the period and billing cycle to renew your hosting package. Renewing the hosting account will extend the current due date. Most of the time, it is done annually.

When you click View Add-ons, you are directed to your shopping cart showing the add-ons you can buy and the ones already added to your cart. You can review your purchase then check out to finalize.

Next to the Products tab is the Domains tab, which opens the following subtabs: My Domains, Register New Domain, Renew, and Transfer.

Screenshot of FastComet Domains tab

In the Register New Domain tab, you can check the availability of the free domain name you wish to use. You can also browse for domain names that are on sale. These domain names are from those that failed to renew their hosting accounts on time.

If another website already takes a domain name, FastComet will suggest available, including those on sale. You can click the Select button to choose your domain from the list, then click Add to Cart to purchase.

You will be directed to your shopping cart, where you can add some add-ons and finalize your payment. Once payment is confirmed, and purchase is successful, you can see the updated domain under the My Domains tab.

Screenshot of shopping cart

You can check out the domain name life cycle on their tutorial page to see how your domain registration works.

The Renew tab under Domains allows you to renew the due date of your domain name, and you can do it annually.

The Transfer tab under Domains allows you to transfer an existing domain name to FastComet. You will be asked to check its availability then you can add it to your cart for purchase.

In the Billings tab, you can find all your invoices for every service or product purchased. You use the billing section to pay and add funds to your account to make sure that your web hosting provider can directly deduct your purchases from it. You can also manage your credit card details from here. This is where you update, should you wish to make changes to your payment options.

Screenshot of FastComet Billings tab

The Supports Tab is where you go when you need help in managing your web hosting. It has different tickets you can submit for supports from the FastComet team. You can get tickets once you buy a plan. You can also access the tutorial page from the Supports tab.

The tutorial covers many topics, including how to get started in web hosting, WordPress website creation, WordPress hosting, WooCommerse Plug-ins, and many more. The Knowledge Base tab contains written articles and frequently asked questions about web hosting.

The Observer Tab shows your reports. It is still in BETA mode so expect more changes in the future. The Order tab contains your cart. Here, you can see the summary of the services you purchased, like domain name, add-ons, hosting plan, and more.

You can edit your personal information, card details, contracts and sub-accounts, and passwords in the Personal info tab.

FastComet FastComet Personal info tab

You can also see this information when you click your name at the upper right of your homepage. Next to it is a notification bell. It shows the number of important messages like the status of your purchases, renewals, and messages from the FastComet team that you have not read yet.

At the lower left of your homepage, you can see the Logout tab.

You are now familiar with your account management homepage (client's area), the tabs, subtabs, and their uses. It is now time for us to explore the FastComet cPanel.

Fastcomet cPanel

cPanel is a widely known hosting control panel that aids in web hosting management, especially for non-tech-savvy website users. It is user-friendly, has automation features, and is easy to follow and understand even for beginners.

FastComet offers the cPanel for free to all users as part of the perks of buying a hosting plan.

Accessing the Control Panel

To access your cPanel server or your hosting account, check the welcome email sent by FastComet after you paid for your hosting plan. You can see there your cPanel URL, username, and password.

Screenshot of Fastcomet cPanel

Once inside, you can change your password since this is mostly different from your client's area log-in page. You can also access your cPanel through your Client's area. Here, you can also change your preferences like contact information, language, themes, notifications. Don't forget to click the Save button before you proceed.

After you log in, you can now see your cPanel dashboard, feature sections, and the Stats related to your account.

It has different sections which have features arranged depending on how it will be used in your web hosting account. You can also see the account's general information and statistics.

Let's dive into these sections.

Section 1: Files

In this section, you can manage your files and folder. You can browse file directories and their contents, modify them by editing, deleting, moving, and restoring.

You can also see here the detailed list of your account usage by folder and files. One of the features under this section is an integrated backup and backup wizard that helps you back up your account data.

In addition, you can also manage here all your images, FTP accounts, FTP connections, Git version control, and JetBackUp. For your privacy, you can also protect your account's files by setting up a password.

Screenshot of FastComet Files Tab

Section 2: Databases

Screenshot FastComet Databases Tab

Here, you can find all the feature that helps you manage your web hosting account's database. You can use phpMyAdmin to manage all your databases.

To create, modify, and assign users to your database, you can use MySQL and MySQL Database Wizard. You can use Remote MySQL to connect your database to your account.

Section 3: SEO and Marketing Tools

This section helps you see how your site is working in search engines and web directories. Attracta SEO tools are available in your cPanel, which can help you improve your ranking. Having some tools to help you out with SEO services and website marketing is a big plus.

Screenshot of FastComet SEO and Marketing Tools tab

Section 4: Domains

This part gives you access to the tools you need to manage the domains connected to your account. Here, you can manage your addon domains, subdomains, park domains, aliases, and redirects for your account. You can use the Simple and Advance Zone Editor to edit your DNS records.

Screenshot of FastComet Simple and Advance Zone Editor

Section 5: Restore Manager

This section lets you restore files, databases, domain aliases, email accounts, configurations, etc. You can also choose what to exclude from the daily backup of files.

Restore Manager |FastCometSection 6: Email

One of the best features of FastComet cPanel is its email services.

From this section, you can manage all email accounts associated with your account, configure email forwarders used for forwarding emails, modify records, define email accounts, create an autoresponder to automate replies, track email delivery, create filters for email accounts, including spam messages, manage contacts and calendars, and many more.

Screenshot of Restore Manager

Section 7: Sitewit - Search Engine Marketing Tools

This section contains tools that could help your website have better visibility to search engines like Google and Yahoo and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Screenshot of FastComet Sitewit tab

Section 8: Cloudflare

FastComet partners with Cloudflare to ensure that your website is secure, private, fast, and reliable. As a client, you can register on Cloudflare and activate it on your cPanel account.

You are eligible to use all the main features of Cloudfare, including checking your website status, changing security level, optimizing loading speed, receiving analytics insight for website traffic, and get support from different Cloudflare services.

Screenshot of FastComet Cloudfare tab

Section 9: Metrics

This section will show you the stats of what is going on in your account regarding visitors, errors encountered, bandwidth generated by your account, users log, accessed pages, average consumption, and resources used.

Screenshot of FastComet Metrics Tab

Section 10: Security

This section contains tools you can use to secure your website. You can make access keys for your account, block malicious users from accessing your site, install SSL certificates for your domains, turn on and off your Firewalls, and many more.

Screenshot of FastComet Security Tab

Section 11: Software

In this section, you can configure your PHP software, install packages, change PHP versions, optimize website features to increase website performance, and many more.

Screenshot of FastComet Software Tab

Section 12: Advanced

This section contains advanced features for your account. Here, you can schedule commands to be executed automatically, make indexes for your files and directory, fix errors in your codes, and many more.

FastComet Website Builder

FastComet has its own website builder you can use to create a professional and visually pleasing website, equipped with over 200 themes and over 40 widgets. You can customize it by dragging the text, images, videos, buttons, icons, tabs, menus, sliders, tables, and charts.

Screenshot of FastComet website builder

Apps Installer

One amazing feature of FastComet is the Softaculous Apps Installer that lets you install applications like WordPress easily and quickly using your cPanel hosting account.

Screenshot of Softaculous Apps Installer

WordPress Themes

When you install WordPress using the Softculous Apps Installer, you can already find free themes and templates. But if you wanted to add your own themes, you can easily do so using the customization tab.

FastComet Customer Support

I tried using FastComet's customer support, and I am honestly impressed with how fast the replies are. It took less than 10 seconds to get someone to talk to, and it is not even an automated one.

I tried asking for a different mode of payment aside from using a credit card. I also receive a call, an email, and a text message about my account's payment.

They are really living up to their statement of 24/7/365 customer support.

Screenshot of FastComet Customer Support

Buyer’s Guide For FastComet

Plans and Pricing

FastComet hosting plans you can choose from are shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. You can find a very detailed comparison of the hosting plan and its features on their website. It is presented in an easy-to-understand tabular format.

You can hover your mouse pointer over the hosting feature to see a detailed explanation of its functions or uses. Then you can compare and contrast to see which plan works best for you.

Shared Hosting-CPanel Shared Hosting

From here, you will choose from three hosting services: FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra. Each plan has distinctive features that are suitable to your hosting needs.

The three shared all the important features of hosting a website like daily backups, free site transfer, unlimited FTP accounts, database, subdomains, and many more.

FastCloud can host a single website only, while the other plans can host more than one website. It is most appropriate for personal use or small-business owners as a small online store.

FastCloud Plus and Fastcloud Extra offer more advanced features like bigger storage space, CPU and RAM, free private DNS, unlimited add-on domains, and better security. All of the shared hosting plans offer free website transfer and free domain transfer.

Screenshot of FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

Cloud VPS Hosting -Private SSD-based Cloud Servers

In cloud hosting, you can choose from four different plans: Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Cloud 3, and Cloud 4. A table showing the features of the plans is also available on the page for easy comparison.

Screenshot of FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

This cloud hosting SSD-only storage plan offers unlimited website hosting, with SSD web space ranging from 50 GB to 320 GB, data transfer of 2 TB to 8 TB, and RAM availability from 2GB ECC to 16 GB ECC. In addition, it also offers free SSL certificates, free Cloudflare CDN, free domain transfer, free site set-up, and free migrations of files.

Dedicated CPU Servers-High Performance Solutions

In this category, you can select from four different plans: DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, and DS 4. Features are also listed in tabular format for easy comparison. This plan is mostly for advanced users who manage huge websites or companies with a lot of daily traffic.

Screenshot of FastComet Dedicated Hosting Plans

The dedicated server plans offer unlimited website hosting with SSD web space ranging from 80 GB to 640 GB, data transfer of 4 TB to 7 TB, and RAM availability from 4GB ECC to 32 GB ECC.

In addition, dedicated hosting offers free SSL, free Cloudflare use, free domain transfer, free site set-up, and free site hosting transfer without hidden fees.

The shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting offered good security, 24/7 human support team and tech support, free daily backups, latest cPanel features, good email account features, excellent database, developer features, free SSL certificates, and free tutorials, as part of the perks when you buy a plan.

Easy live chat support, with lightning-fast responses, can help the users get personal and technical support whenever necessary.

The number of plans you can choose from this hosting provider is incredible, and the prices are not only lower than most plans but are just right for the services you will get. If you still have questions and clarifications, you can always use their 24/7/ chat support team for help.

Make sure to choose wisely based on your budget and needs.

Security and Backups

FastComet hosts your website with a promise of utmost security. FastGuard protects servers, together with BitNinJa Firewall, a global defense network that not only protects your website but also improves its performance.

They used multi-level security to protect your website and the hosting service from bots, malicious traffic, spam, and many more external and internal attacks.

It has secure account isolation and dedicated resources for each site. It makes sure that even if other websites from the same server are under threat, yours will not be affected.

Screenshot of FastComet of Security and Backups tab

To prevent your website from being targeted by cybercriminals who flood your site with so much malicious traffic that it can't operate normally, FastComet partnered with Cloudflare. It protects your website speed by making sure that the traffic it gets is normal. This security feature is easily accessible in your cPanel.

FastComet also has a built-in ModSecurity Web Application Firewall to screen incoming and outgoing communications between your site and visitors. It validates the request and protects your files.

To protect your website from spams, viruses, and another email-related attack, it uses an advanced email filter, called SpamExperts, to scan emails before it reaches your inbox.

And lastly, it offers free daily backups to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.

Features of FastComet

FastComet's general features include:

  • Free, quick, and easy domain transfer
  • SSD-only cloud hosting servers that make accessing your files faster
  • Free Cloudflare CDN that makes your website works faster
  • Powerful web hosting cPanel for web management
  • Daily and weekly backups to secure your data
  • Free 24/7 personal and technical support
  • Free managed migration from one plan to another
  • 100% satisfaction or 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Multi-level global network security to protect your website


In addition to its general features, FastComet also has the following advantages:

  • Its starting plan is cheaper than most of its competitor
  • 11 data centers scattered across the globe
  • Storage runs on SSD, which means your data can load faster
  • More resources per account with lesser user per server
  • Free SSL Certificate to protect and encrypt the data being transferred so no other people can access it
  • Uses SpamExperts to make sure that you have a smooth and safe email communication
  • Free Web Application Firewall that helps protect your website from malicious attacks
  • Free virus and malware protection
  • It has a free website builder in-house with lots of free templates, themes, and widgets.
  • It has an easy way of installing applications like WordPress using Softaculous Apps Installer from within your cPanel
  • Free 15- day trial for its cPanel feature
  • Responsive and easy to navigate client's area which is also compatible with mobile
  • Free templates, tutorials, and a wide list of web hosting knowledge-based articles you can choose from
  • Good server monitoring, optimization reports, and SEO metrics
  • Very strong uptime averaging 99% and site speed tested by many hosting reviewers and users worldwide
  • Pretty high review and reliability ratings both from users and hosting reviewers


They said that no technology is perfect and it is true. Here are some of the disadvantages of using FastComet:

  • do not offer a free trial upon sign-up
  • although the starting price for its plan is low, the renewal price is not the same price but much more expensive
  • some user reviews claimed that they are having trouble with their website
  • money-back is not actually 100% because they claimed that some of the services used within 45 days are not free
  • FastCloud, the cheapest plan, offers a minimal disk space of 15 GB for a single website.

Final Thoughts

After all the research and reviews conducted, I found FastComet a good hosting provider that is always working to make its service aligned with what they have promised.

It has a lot of amazing features that could really help website users all around the globe. It is user-friendly and beginner-friendly, paired with great customer support and reviews.

Not to mention great security, uptime rate, site, and server speed. In other words, we highly recommend FastComet for your web hosting needs!

We hope this FastComet review helps you in finding your perfect web host!

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