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Codero Hosting Company Overview

Businesses and organizations looking for the perfect web hosting solution might have heard about Codero as one of the key players in the area. True enough, when I first visited their website, I had the impression of their corporate ambiance that evokes trustworthiness and authority just by their very minimalistic and professional-looking pages. Despite being a younger contemporary than most hosting companies, Codero offers a diverse portfolio of fully managed offerings to over 3,500 customers worldwide. So, if I am a business owner or a business web manager, I'd be compelled to learn more about Codero web hosting services.

5750 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS 66207, United States

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Codero Hosting Plans & Pricing

Dedicated Hosting

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$136 /mo

Xeon Quad Core


3.5 GHz

8 GB DDR4-2400 ECC



$254 /mo

Xeon Hex Core


3.6 GHz

16 GB DDR4-2400 ECC



$414 /mo

2x Xeon 14 Core


2.4 GHz

32 GB DDR4-2400 ECC


Codero Hosting Full Review

Businesses and organizations looking for the perfect web hosting solution might have heard about Codero as one of the key players in the area. True enough, when I first visited their website, I had the impression of their corporate ambiance that evokes trustworthiness and authority just by their very minimalistic and professional-looking pages. Despite being a younger contemporary than most hosting companies, Codero offers a diverse portfolio of fully managed offerings to over 3,500 customers worldwide. So, if I am a business owner or a business web manager, I'd be compelled to learn more about Codero web hosting services.

The company is mainly a dedicated hosting business, and its main objective is to help its customers and their partners thrive in the cloud. It is a technology enabler that facilitates the adoption and use of advanced and custom cloud solutions. It provides managed, dedicated, and hybrid multi-cloud services. Codero Hosting delivers world-class dedicated, managed, and cloud hybrid hosting solutions on-demand for businesses of all sizes globally.

These are all big words that come with high costs that only big and medium-sized companies may be able to cover. For smaller companies, businesses, or our blogs where we want ultimate performance, uptime, speed, and security, we might come across a reseller of the Codero hosting partner program, which will be much cheaper.

Let's take a deeper look into this hosting provider. Who knows? One of us might get lucky and be successful in our businesses that our hosting needs grow along with it; from the basic shared hosting to managed hosting solutions and many more.

Getting Started With Codero

Back in the day, anyone could create an account with Codero in their cloud hosting portal, which manages your cloud servers.

After several years of growth and development, Codero changed this.

To get started, you may call them through their landline number, or you may start by requesting a quote for your company, so you get an answer of what best fits your needs.

When requesting a quote, make sure that you know a little bit of the difference between the following, or you'll have to write in the comment box the case for your needs:

Dedicated Server Solutions-typically used to host high-traffic websites, web applications, and for other hosting scenarios where performance is paramount, usually used to host the applications and services of a single hosting client

Private Cloud Solutions-Offers a proprietary environment dedicated to a single business entity and has an enhanced degree of control offered to the organization that is uniquely tailored to the specific computing needs of the company.

Public Cloud Solutions-Services offered by some third-party providers over the public internet. Making them available to anybody who wishes to utilize them allows users to share resources while maintaining the privacy of each user's data.

Hybrid Multicloud Solutions-Combines private cloud hosting with one or more public cloud services, provides businesses with greater flexibility and options by moving workloads between cloud solutions as needs and costs fluctuate.

Security Solutions-Refers to the protective measures and protocols that organizations adopt to protect themselves from cybercriminals and threats, which are critical to business continuity. They protect data, users, and companies from risk.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions- Also known as online backup, focuses on copying data files to a physically remote location, which is will be of great help for disaster recovery.

Using and Managing Your Website on Codero

Codero offers dedicated hosting packages and a reseller package, which can be lucrative in this day and age. This means that an individual or an organization can purchase a Reseller package that they can make available for small businesses or individuals to buy at a much lower price, which is essentially a shared hosting scheme. So, you can manage your website from the point of view of an administrator, a reseller, or a customer.

If you already have experience buying a web hosting service package before, maybe for your online stores, your small company, or your lifestyle blog, I bet you never cared about servers, did you?

That's understandable simply because you didn't have to since you were using shared resources. Like renting a room in a hotel, you rent a small space in one server, and the company is in charge of all the settings and configurations, not you. It is pretty standard, usually very affordable, and suitable for websites with less traffic and less confidential data.

But in Codero, they pretty much offer you the whole building-the entire server! This is what dedicated hosting or managed hosting means-to pay for a dedicated server for your website. So, you need to know the basic things that come with it.

Your server will come with one of the operating systems that the company offers for the server environment. They have Windows servers, Linux servers (Centos and Ubuntu), and Unix servers (Free-BSD). The choice of which operating system to use depends on your needs for web hosting. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, too, so you need to learn about them as well.

Linux and Microsoft Windows-these two are the leading web hosting services on the market. Linux is an open-source software server, which means it is cheaper and easier to use than a Windows server. Windows, on the other hand, is a Microsoft product designed to make Microsoft a profit. For many companies, the profit is worth the price. A Windows server generally offers more range and more support than a Linux server.

Setting Up Your Webspace

If you are a reseller, it is essential to learn how to manage your webspace. Webspace is a subscription with unlimited resources. We will be prompted to specify a domain name for the webspace and access credentials during webspace creation.

To set up our hosting account, we need to create a webspace in the Server Administration Panel. Go to Home and then My Web spaces group. The webspace will appear in the list on the Subscription page.

Codero Control Panel

Codero offers Cpanel, WebMatrix, and Plesk, but you have to pay extra for the Linux options. If we go for the managed hosting, we get Plesk, and no additional payment is needed. Dedicated plan users get a choice of Cpanel or Plesk, while dedicated Windows users can configure their system to use Microsoft's WebMatrix control panel.

While a much older hosting management tool, Cpanel still has a fanbase even with its obsolete products. It runs with the Linux operating system only. On the other hand, Plesk is a much newer tool introduced to the market for over ten years and is available in both Windows and Linux.

The user management model of Plesk is suitable for dedicated and shared resources, allowing server administrators to set up some new websites, reseller accounts, email accounts, and edit and create DNS entries through a web-based interface.

Other valuable features and solutions include the automation and management of your domain names, email accounts, web applications, programming languages, databases, and infrastructure tasks to provide a ready-to-code environment and strong security across all layers and operating systems.

Navigating Customer Panel Interface

If you have successfully created an account with Codero, you can go to their login page to manage your account and subscription with the company. You must be an Account Owner to create or manage Account Contacts within the Codero portal.

Hosting account operations such as managing our website content, adding and removing mailboxes, modifying hosting settings, and more are available in the Customer Panel interface. Plesk enables web hosting customers to efficiently perform various tasks using a robust and easy-to-use web interface.

  1. This section is where the user's name, who is currently logged in, is displayed and the currently selected subscription.
  2. This section contains the Help menu, where users can access an online guide and watch some video tutorials.
  3. This section features the Search field.
  4. This section is where you find the navigation pane with various items that help organize the Plesk interface.
  5. This section has all the controls relevant to the page that is currently open.
  6. This section contains a mix of different miscellaneous controls and information displays featured for users' convenience.

Tools and Functionality

When we manage our websites, we must know the essential tools and functionality available in our customer panel interface.

Websites & Domains-to add and remove domains, subdomains, and domain aliases, manage various web hosting settings, create and manage databases and users, change DNS settings, and secure websites with SSL/TLS certificates.

Mail-to add and remove mail accounts, as well as manages mail server settings.

Applications-to easily install and manage a wide range of web applications.

Files-enables customers to upload content to their website and manage files already present on the file system within their subscription.

Databases-allow customers to create new and manage existing databases.

Statistics-features information about disk and traffic usage and a detailed overview of the site's visitors.

Users-enables customers to add and remove user accounts that enable other people to log in to Plesk.

Account-enables customers to retrieve and update their contact details and other personal information and back up their subscription settings and websites.

Database Manager in Plesk Control Panel

In the Plesk Control Panel, you can create multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and various users within each database. This is also where you can access the links to phpMyAdmin and PhpPGAdmin, the PHP interface applications that abstract MySQL or PostgreSQL into a web-based administration tool. This will allow you to sort, edit, and create tables within a given database.

We have to add the listed domain to our dedicated server before creating databases within our Plesk Control Panel.

To start, we need to log in to our Plesk Control Panel and click on Websites and Domains from the navigation bar on the left, then select the domain name with which you'd like to associate your database.

On the top-right menu, click Databases.

Click the Add Database icon, add the Database Name and select the related site for the database.

Here, you can click the "Create a Database User" box to set up the database administrator's credentials. Enter a username and a password used for accessing the contents of the database, and then select if the user has access to all databases.

Select Access Control for the database and save the changes. And now, you can use phpMyAdmin and other tools where you can manage your database.

File Manager in Plesk Control Panel

Plesk has an integrated file manager that you can access once we have configured hosting for a domain. We need to log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel so you can access the file manager functions.

Go to Domains ⯈ domain name ⯈ File Manager. Here is where we can create and upload our files and directories.

Our directories must be in sync and should be accessible accordingly. So in the httpdocs directory, we have to place it with files/directories accessible via HTTP protocol. The files/directories in the httpdocs directory are the ones that need to be transferred securely over SSL protocol, and the CGI-bin directory is where the CGI scripts should be.

We can also create a new directory within our current location by clicking the Add New Directory button. We can create new files by clicking Add New File, then specify the file name. When checked, the Use HTML template checkbox will allow the file to be inserted with some basic HTML tags. A page will then open, allowing us to enter a new file's content or HTML-formatted source.

If we want to upload a file from our computer, we can click on Add New File, specify the path to its location in the File source box, or use the Browse button to locate the file and click OK.

When uploading web content through File Manager or FTP, our control panel automatically sets the appropriate permissions for files and directories.

File Permissions

At Files, we can locate the file or directory we want to set the access permissions. We can click the arrow in the corresponding row and click Change Permissions in the drop-down menu.

We can also add a password-protected directory for exclusive access to files for suitable account roles.

Editing Files in HTML

To edit pages of our website, we can do it in the File Manager. It has an HTML editor that allows visual editing of the HTML pages without manually typing HTML tags.

To edit a file in HTML editor, place the mouse pointer over the file, click the drop-down arrow, and select Edit in HTML Editor.

You can also edit files in the File Manager's text editor by clicking the drop-down arrow to open the file's context menu, then select Edit in Text Editor.

Codero Website Builder

After successfully signing up for a customer account and a domain name, the first thing we want to do is build our website. This is the exciting and most satisfying process; to slowly build one thing on top of the other and let it see the light of day to make it into the popular search engines of our time. But, we need to get things in order first so it becomes as easy as ABC when we pick up the pace.

Codero supports two ways of building our website. First is the Presence Builder, enabling users with no knowledge of HTML markup or graphic design skills to create professional-looking sites. This tool provides the most straightforward visual editor and a vast set of templates for different websites. We have to pick up the page design and content template of our liking, add our text to the pages, and publish the site. This allows us to create web pages, add content of different types (text, images, video, scripts), and edit website settings such as website name, keywords, icons, etc.

To create a website using the Presence Builder, follow the following steps:

  1. Click Websites & Domains and find your domain name.
  2. Go to Create Site under the presence Builder option.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Edit the website structure by adding more pages, removing default pages you don't need.
  5. Edit website content by changing the default content to your own, adding texts, images, videos, scripts, and other required elements.
  6. Edit the website design by changing the layout and color scheme.
  7. Publish the website.

We can do this if our hosting subscription includes this functionality. If it does not, we may choose another way or upgrade our subscription. Of course, we don't want to pay more unnecessary payments to use Content Management Systems (or CMS). These are third-party applications that provide a graphical user interface for adding and editing website content like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. They are free and open-source tools. It pays a lot to get acquainted with just one of them. WordPress is no doubt the queen on the CMS scene, and has been for a very long time. It has remained so because nothing beats the powerful functionality it offers; albeit its user-friendly simplicity, even to the beginner's eyes.

Apps Installer

We can significantly increase our website functionality using different web apps. Once installed on a website, apps can perform several tasks. All these apps are available for installation; just go to the Applications section of the Customer Panel.

To install the apps we need, just Go to Applications. Choose the apps we want to use and click either the Install button for the quick installation or the Install (Custom) for custom installation. If we do not like the app to be automatically updated, do not select the option Automatically update this app when updates are available on the installation settings. We may need to install a specific version of an app, like when we plan to use app extensions that are not compatible with the latest app version. In cases like this, just click the app name > Install version to select the version we need, and we can then install the app smoothly.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is a popular web application that allows us to create any website we want, from a blog to an online store. Codero, through Plesk, provides WordPress Toolkit-a single management interface that allows performing operations on multiple WordPress installations.

Once installed, we can navigate how to manage our WordPress installations using WordPress Toolkit.

To manage WordPress themes, we can select installations and click the themes button. Here, we can install, uninstall and update themes. We can search for any available theme and add it to our installations. There are a lot of WordPress themes to choose from depending on the type of website we need, whether it be a blog or an online shop.

Make sure to create a checklist of the things that you need to make your website management activities more efficient. Because apart from themes, we can also install plugins from the Installations page. For example, we can install Google Analytics to learn more about our audience.

For the safety of our site, we should keep our WordPress installations up to date. For this purpose, we can switch on the automatic updates by clicking the Auto Update button.

Codero Customer Support

Contacting support in Codero will never be a problem. Codero's support department is prime! The company is one of the best in the market, and they know customer support is a primary asset to keep this reputation. Depending on the type of cloud server you pick, you get a dedicated type of support suited to your needs, each of which is top tier. Not just that, but once you purchase one of their dedicated solutions, you get your own support team to help you all the way. They also have many support options that really work:

  • Live chat support with customer representative answering in real-time
  • Phone service operating 24/7
  • Ticket service working non-stop with an average response time of less than an hour

Codero's website features a very extensive Knowledge Base. It seems impossible for your questions to go unanswered. It is highly comprehensive and straightforward to read, with a guide that includes screenshots and step-by-step tutorial videos.

When you send in queries via live chat, don't forget to note your account ID number and passphrase. Apparently, if you are just checking the company's services, you cannot send an inquiry via live chat.

Buyer's Guide For Codero

When searching for the best web hosting provider out there, it is best to make a checklist for what we are looking for. First, we need to identify our need level and find a service that matches or even surpasses that level. What do we want our website to do? If we are doing a simple blog, we will need fewer features than an e-commerce site or online store. Some site features require plenty of RAM, ample processing power, and disk space to function accordingly for our customers and us. Many cheap sites cannot meet those requirements, so we need to ask ourselves if we are willing to pursue this tradeoff.

Second, we need to consider the price. Is it worth what we'd be paying for? Large companies or organizations have plenty of options since they usually have the funds within their budget to cover this. Then if the budget isn't the problem, Codero hosting offers one of the most if not the best, reliable, world-class dedicated, managed, cloud and hybrid hosting solutions. And this comes with a price.

Next, we need to look at are the features and limitations of Codero hosting. We should be able to compare the features and limitations of the package we are willing to pay for if it incurs more costs later. We should also check whether other available service packages from different companies offer the same thing at a lower price.

There are many other things to consider, like the extra features the package includes or other company information on their operations like multiple data centers, regular backups, etc. Still, usually, when we get the four things mentioned above, the hosting company is worth looking at.

Pick the framework that best fits your needs. It's as simple as ordering from a menu, and Codero has flexible options capable of meeting any organization's needs and budget.

Plans and Pricing

The price range of any hosting service with Codero depends on the choice of server configuration and services. Expensive as these may seem, they offer extensive features suitable for organizations and businesses.

Dedicated Solutions

Features include:

  • Serious support from their expert team 24x7x365
  • Hassle-free and high-performance hosting plan
  • Virtualization with VMWare, MS Hyper-V, and Xen
  • Advanced networking and security solutions are available

An exciting feature of Codero is the Partner Program they are offering for those who want to resell or refer their products. You can sign up for a designated partner account and choose which reseller option you or your hosting company wants to acquire.

Server Speed

When considering speed as a top priority, we should look for the main things in server hardware - CPU, RAM, I/O, and storage specs. Codero's cheapest dedicated server boasts 3.5 GHz of Xeon Quad Core CPU performance to its most advanced 2x Xeon 14 Core server processor at 2.4 GHz. A faster clock speed (more GHz) means more instructions can be executed each second. Accordingly, we want our RAM to be as good. It's important to know that we generally see significant performance gains with more RAM, so we probably want to buy as much RAM as possible. But again, that depends on what we need. Say, when we are operating a static site versus a dynamic site with multiple visitors at a time. A 4GB RAM already does the job, but Codero starts at 8GB RAM, and its high-speed CPU configurations and its smallest storage starts at 1 TB SATA HDD.

Security and Backups

Codero's managed service provides tailored backup and disaster recovery solutions that match your business and operational requirements. They have dedicated hardware suitable for larger environments with multiple physical servers or virtual machines for enterprise backup, and they offer cloud backup. It is highly configurable from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly retention options. But take note that this isn't free, meaning it doesn't come with the package you get.

Codero owns three data centers in Dallas, Phoenix, and Ashburn, which allow smooth service with zero downtime guarantee.

Features of Codero

The company boasts dedicated hosting solutions to provide customers with reliable, high-performance infrastructure dedicated to our specific business and operational needs. Instead of a predetermined server configuration that comes with our paid packages in the most common shared hosting option, we can choose a specific server configuration with advanced networking and security solutions.

Codero also utilizes a private cloud that combines the benefits of bare metal dedicated servers and industry-standard hypervisors. Together, these provide organizations with a quick and straightforward way to launch and scale virtual servers that can run any application or service. Common use cases include websites, databases, application backends, virtual desktop infrastructure, big data, and machine learning applications.


  • Reliable and secure hosting service
  • Competent sales representative
  • The support team are composed of experts
  • Excellent uptime
  • It offers green hosting, and its cloud hosting is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hosting services.


  • Not ideal for individual Codero customers
  • Prices are very high
  • Do not offer free domain or domain registration services
  • You pay for more security

Final Thoughts

It is no question that Codero has managed to place itself as one of the most sought-after, dedicated hosting providers for big organizations in the hosting industry. Their dedicated hosting solutions are on top of their game, but they come with a price. I would never recommend Codero as an option for individual users. They do offer excellent service and support teams, but they are more tailored to organizations and businesses.

It has a great partner program, and depending on how many sales you can make; you may enjoy lots of benefits in the form of commissions and discounts.

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