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Written by: Adam C  | October 13, 2021

Bisecthosting review

Bisecting hosting service was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Venture Node LLC and is based in Ohio. However, they have been focused mainly on delivering feature-rich, yet cost-effective game server hosting such as Minecraft Server hosting, dedicated servers, and shared hosting services. Bisect hosting reviews are reliable. According to Trustpilot, one of the reputable forums on the dedicated server, web hosting provider, game server, and software customers review, they have great value, comparing to other companies with Premium Minecraft servers.

This hosting provider also managed to cover a variety of popular games, like Rust, Terraria, 7 Days to Die, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many more. Bisecthosting is known for its premium packages of Minecraft servers, which makes the service easy to promote toward other Minecraft users.

The leading site of Bisect Hosting is a fantastic example of a well-executed user-friendly approach. You'll find everything you need in only a few clicks. You can see all the details you need in all parts of the website, like their data centers and the products and features they offer, etc.

Their data centers are located in Texas, France, United Kingdom, New York, Singapore, California, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany, Virginia, Oregon, Brazil, Florida, New Jersey, and Amsterdam.


Bisect Hosting has outstanding benefits from Minecraft Hosting Service, Game Servers Hosting, Web Hosting, Voice Servers Hosting, VPS Web Hosting, and Dedicated Server Web Hosting.

They offer unlimited slots for players, free dedicated IP, dedicated server hosting, free modpack installation, solid-state drive (NVMe SSD), DDoS protection, 24/7 customer support on their site, and Customer JAR support.

Bisect hosting service ensures that nodes are monitored 24/7, free Domain, free MySQL database, free full FTP Access.

Bisect hosting offers an easy-to-use control panel, the best latency server (data centers are located in many second server locations), free daily backups, and various additional services.

They are committed to making your best Minecraft game server hosting experience as simple and cheap as possible.

PREMIUM PACKAGE 1GB for $7.99, 2GB for $9.98, 3GB for $14.97, 4GB for $19.96, 5GB for $24.95, 6GB for $29.94, 7GB for $34.93, 8GB for $39.92, 10GB for $49.90, 12GB for $59.88, 14GB for $69.86, 16GB for $79.84, 18GB for $89.82 , 20GB for $99.80, 22GB for $109.78, 26GB for $129.74, 28GB for $139.72, 30GB for $149.70, 32GB for $159.68, per month.

BUDGET PACKAGE 1GB for $2.99, 2GB for $5.98, 3GB for $8.97, 4GB for $11.96, 5GB for $14.95, 6GB for $17.94, 7GB for $20.93, 8GB for $23.92, 10GB for $29.90, 12GB for $35.88, 14GB for $41.86, 16GB for $47.84, 18GB for $53.82, 20GB for $59.80, 22GB for $65.78, 24GB for $71.76, 26GB for $77.74, 28GB for $83.72, 30GB for $89.70, 32GB for $95.68, per month.

The Configure Section has the following options: other services tab, actions tab where you can be creating your domain or new domain, and choose your purchased billing cycle the account to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual pay. 

In this section, you can adjust the following settings: Pre-configured Packages, Server Location, Automated Restarts, and you can attach additional hosting services or add ons, such as Modpack installation or update.

Getting Started With Bisecthosting

First, when you browse the website, you need to look for a server login. This portal can be found on the right upper part or right bottom part, and there are two picks, the Premium and Budget. You need to input your username and password from your email after purchasing and choose bisect hosting as your web host.

Using and Managing Your Website on Bisecthosting

I appreciate Bisect hosting because they have a lot of tutorials, so you can look at it or fix it yourself, and if you don't want to bother someone or you are just up for a challenge to do it yourself.

Control Panel, often known as "multicraft." The interface has detailed development.

I am fascinated with the control panel because they always have something to fit most preferences. Bisect Hosting has unlimited slots that should cover whether you need web hosting for a small or substantial online game.

Bisecthosting Control Panel

Bisect Hosting's control panel is called Multicraft and is divided between Premium Service and Budget Service. I decided that premium packages have a lot to offer than the budget version. Impressively, the control panel supports dark and light mode, affecting satisfaction inside the control panel management.

You can find general information on the homepage, Modpack Menu, File Manager, Console, Chat, Players, Plugin List, Local Plugins, FTP Access, Config Files, Server Properties, Backup, Commands, Scheduled Tasks, Users, Startup Parameters, and MySQL Database.


You can see lots of reels to troubleshoot your server on your own. I watch most of it, and I think following the instructions is pretty straightforward and knowledgeable. It serves as another customer service support feature, and another point for this bisect hosting review.


On this part, you can find the general information about the server settings, storage, apps installed, modpack menu, instance manager, Bisect hosting discord community support, IP, server ID, player slots, world, etc.

Modpack Menu

There is where installing modpacks of the servers take place, manage server JAR in this part.

File Manager

On this page, you can upload, manage, create a folder, rename, move, delete, modify files, have full FTP access, and a lot more.


On this site, you can program your console and can track the console script of the server.


Generally, this tab allows you to chat with other users in your team or your players within your server.


Some tabs consist of plugin lists, local plugins, configuration files, server properties, backup, commands, scheduled tasks, users, etc.


Their database is MySQL. You can manage, add, and delete databases on this page.

Bisecthosting Website Builder

It is Softaculous and WordPress enabled. There are tons of ready-made templates and scripts that you can customize so the server will be up and running in no time.

Apps Installer

Bisecthosting is a dedicated best server hosting that can preinstall plugins, and if the plugins are not available, you can ask someone on support to install them for you.

WordPress Themes

You can install WordPress via Softaculous Apps Installer. There are tons of WordPress Themes that Bisecthosting Web hosting supports. 

Bisecthosting Customer Support

BisectHosting's knowledge base can help you become more self-sufficient. There are 139 articles in the knowledge base, divided into ten categories: Billing Panel, Domain Management, and Game Servers. The majority of the articles are easy to understand and often include images or videos from BisectHosting.

Their external links to YouTube are also worth a mention. It's less than a year old, and it's loaded with how-to clips that arrive on a regular schedule—considered as customer support also but self-sufficient mode.

Bisecthosting's live support team is available 24/7/365. Live chat on their website, discord community support. The host customer support is very responsive, and the response time is a maximum of 20 minutes. Excellent customer service.

Live Support

Bisecthosting offers a live support chat service on their site, which replies in less than a second. They are pretty quick and helpful. They also provide additional support when a query has already been resolved.

Submit a Ticket

To open a ticket, you need to go to their Contact Us button on the bottom right part of the website. After filling up some queries, it looks like you are sending them an email, and you may find your support ticket on your dashboard to monitor progress.

Buyer's Guide For Bisecthosting

The hosting web package has three plans, $2.99, $4.99, and $7.99 per month with different specifications. Very cheap, from other competitors. If you want to create your website for your business, this bisecthosting provider is affordable pricing yet has great service features.


Bisecthosting web hosting plans offer HDD storage, up to 300GB bandwidth, unlimited MySQL database, DDoS Protection, Unlimited Add-on Domains, Cloud Storage, Mods, and Instant Setup.

Payment Plans

Bisecthosting service offer discounts based on your mode of payment. You can get as high as 10% off quarterly, while semi-annual can be as high as 12.5%. Annuals can be as high as 15%. You pay using your PayPal account, major credit, and debit cards.

Server Speed

They promise us a near-perfect fast server performance to achieve its objective of becoming one of the top Minecraft server providers out there, especially since they claim that NVMe or SSDs are utilized exclusively to operate all of their game servers.

We received slightly expected and highly satisfying results after evaluating the speed of BisectHosting's main website using GTmetrix. All important online metrics relating to speed performance were significantly higher than the norm, resulting in a near-perfect A. (99 percent )

Security and Backups

Bisecthosting offers DDoS protection is enabled, and daily server backups are provided. When downtime occurs, you can quickly reverse the modifications to secure security advantages.

Bisecthosting Server Pros

  • A Wide Range of Minecraft Server Hosting
  • There are low-cost and high-cost solutions.
  • Best server hosting with long-term savings
  • Excellent customer service response time
  • Free MySQL, Free Full FTP Access, Free DDoS Protection
  • There is a long list of features that are included with all servers.

Bisecthosting Server Cons

  • There is no dedicated IP address with "Budget" subscriptions.
  • There is no telephone assistance.
  • There are some unnecessary features that non-tech-savvy people wouldn't understand to manipulate.
  • There's no telephone contact for server support.

Final Thoughts

Bisecthosting Minecraft Hosting is an excellent hosting company like other game hosting companies with many services within a specific budget range. They can cater to advanced tech-savvy and can confuse some people who don't know about information technology. They don't support telephone inquiries, only live chat, discord chat, and email via the contact us on their site to open a ticket. For me, it is a good start for hosting servers, but to some people, they might find it difficult. Not the best hosting provider, but you will get excellent service and exactly what they claim to have. Overall score, I find this Bisecthosting review one of my quality content and recommend it to my friends.

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