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The Best Webinar Software

Webinar marketing is one of the fastest-growing strategies to obtain new customers. Because of the pandemic, many businesses have had to change from in-person events and sales meetings to virtual environments. 

Webinars are a perfect way to allow your cold audience or potential prospects to get to know you better and build a better relationship throughout the sales process. 

Whether you need to use a webinar instead of holding an in-person convention or you want to use automated webinars to create sales for yourself or your company in your sleep, you’re going to need a platform to do it on. 

If you’re looking for the best webinar software for your company, this post is going to list our favorite five. We’ve listed our recommendations below, along with some pros, cons, and the pricing for each platform.

The best webinar platforms allow you to host events, promote and bring in attendees, and run seamlessly without many integrations. At least one of these below will greatly help your company. 

Our Top Picks For The Best Webinar Software

#1 WebinarJam

WebinarJam is one of the easiest webinar software for you to use, especially if you have little to no technical experience.

Their live chat feature allows you to engage with your audience and do extra things like group chat, privately comment on someone’s response, highlight and sticky comments, and more. 

If you’re offering a product or proposal that involves your customers buying right there on the spot, WebinarJam has active offers and popup calls to action so your audience can know where to go to purchase without missing a beat. 

WebinarJam also comes with features like a page builder to maximize your registrations and an email & SMS system so you can schedule notifications and emails so your registrants can join the webinar when you want them to. 


  • Integrate with social media platforms like Facebook & YouTube
  • Super easy. Can create a webinar in a minute. 
  • Pop-up offers mid-webinar
  • Automatic recording and replay for attendees. 


  • Live Webinars only. You need to buy another platform to also run automated webinars. . 
  • Video and Sound could get delayed if on a long session. 


  • 14 Day Trial for $1
  • Basic Plan up to 500 Attendees - $499/year ($41.58/month)
  • Professional Package with 2000 Attendees - $699/year ($58.25/month)
  • Enterprise Package with 5000 Attendees - $999/year (83.25/month)

#2 Demio

Demio is one of the fastest-growing webinar platforms available - and for good reason. It comes with a lot of cool features that aren’t available on many other softwares. 

One of the biggest selling points is the ability to do automated or live webinars. Many webinar platforms only offer one or the other, which means you would be paying for two different webinar options instead of just this one. 

Demio also has interactive polls you can do with viewers, offers with call-to-action bars in the sidebar, sharing documents and running Q&As. 

But these two things aren’t as important as this last factor which should be one of the primary selling points for webinar software. 

The interface. 

Not only is this interface spotless and easy to use as the host of the webinar, but more importantly, the customers and attendees will find it clean and easy as well. 


  • No software to download for viewers. Can just click a link.
  • Can do live or automated webinars
  • Very clean and modern interface
  • Customizable in some packages. Can add logos and change colors to match branding. 


  • If you have more than 50 participants, it can start getting pricey. 
  • Some features like branding are locked in the higher level packages.


  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Starter Package with 50 Attendees - $34/month paid annually or $49/month
  • Growth Package with 150 Attendees - $69/month paid annually or $99/month
  • Business Package with 500 Attendees - $163/month paid annually or $234/month

#3 EverWebinar

EverWebinar was one of the first companies to ever think about an evergreen or automated webinar. They are one of the best if you plan on scheduling and automating your webinars to play at any time you want and seem like it's a live experience for viewers. 

The same company creates EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

Most people create a live webinar using WebinarJam and then use EverWebinar to turn it into an automated one that gets used repeatedly. 

With EverWebinar, their entire interface makes it seem like it’s an actual live webinar. They have special automation tools like replaying every hour or blocking specific times like nights or holidays. 

One of their best and most used features is their Just-In-Time webinars. This feature tells your customers and audience that there is a webinar starting within a few minutes, and they can join right now to get in. 

Imagine a reader or potential prospect finds your site and has a problem. The moment where they’ll turn into a buyer is never bigger than right at that moment. Then your webinar comes up with their solution right then. 


  • Ability to integrate and switch between WebinarJam and EverWebinar
  • Just-In-Time Webinars where viewers can register and watch quickly
  • Advanced scheduling system. 
  • Fake an audience count to show extra engagement. 


  • Mobile can be laggy at times. 
  • Only automated webinars. You can turn any video into an automated one but can’t be live. 


  • 14 Day Free Trial 
  • Installment Plan - 3 Payments of $199 ($597/year)
  • Annual Plan - 1 Payment of $499/year
  • Biennial Plan - 1 Payment of $799 that pays for two years. 
  • All of these plans come with every feature EverWebinar has to offer. 

#4 Livestorm

If you are looking for a webinar platform that includes a lot of product demos or training sessions, Livestorm is probably one of the best options for your company. 

The software can be used for webinars but can also be applied to online meetings and virtual events, knocking out tools for those categories if needed as well. It is designed to replace Zoom/Google hangout as your meeting software.  

You are able to collaborate with different hosts and let multiple people collaborate on a presentation. They have a dashboard of data and insights to help collect analytics and can even integrate with CMS platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, and more to understand how your webinars are really helping.

Just like Demio, you can do live webinars as well as automated webinars.  This way, you can run your one live webinar and then allow automation to create sales for you at any other time of the day when you can’t operate a live one. 


  • Best for live training and product demos
  • Instant Meetings to replace Zoom/Google Hangouts
  • Create automation and webinar sequences to help create sales on autopilot. 
  • Detailed attendance analytics,
  • Freemium Plan with most features for up to 10 registrants. 


  • Runs off the host's internet connection so if the host lags, everyone lags. 
  • Starter plan can be pricier than other options once you pass 10 registrants. 


  • Free Plan - Unlimited events and up to 10 registrants
  • Starter Package with 50 Attendees - $34/month paid annually or $49/month
  • Growth Package with 150 Attendees - $69/month paid annually or $99/month
  • Business Package with 500 Attendees - $163/month paid annually or $234/month

#5 GetResponse

If one of the things you look for with your company is simplicity, it can’t get easier than having your webinar platform also be your email marketing platform. Not only could it make reaching your audience and getting them into your webinars easier, but it makes everything under one roof, which makes it easier to juggle and on the wallet. 

Because this software is integrated with email marketing software, if you’re using GetResponse’s email marketing platform as well, you can segment your lists and create ultra-targeted webinars for people at certain levels of the buying ladder. 

Now, most email marketing solutions don’t charge a base price; it usually consists of how many emails are on your list. This is how the pricing is for this as well. This can get confusing depending on how many subscribers you have. 

Even though the platform’s primary focus is on email marketing, this is a good option for a company that wants decent webinar features while also keeping it simple and using one automation tool to run everything. 


  • Ability to integrate with email lists for specific targeting. 
  • Whiteboards for notes and polls and surveys for feedback
  • In Depth reporting and AB testing for analytics
  • Page and email templates for webinar sign-ups


  • Pricing is dynamic. Could become more in the long run.  
  • Not as many bells and whistles as other options. 


  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Basic Plan doesn’t come with webinar features
  • Plus plan comes with webinar features up to 100 attendees. Starts at $49/month.
  • Professional plan is up to 300 attendees and starts at $99/month. 
  • If you need more attendees, you can contact them and get a specified quote. 

Choosing The Best Webinar Software for You

With the five different software, there are some awesome features and benefits to each one. Now you just have to decide which one is best for your goals and budget. 

Here are a few things you need to ask to decide which one you would pick:

  1. Do you need a certain software for more live webinars, or automated, or both?
  2. Do you know how many attendees you can get? Some software has limits. 
  3. Do you like the extra things like polls, pop-ups, and more?
  4. Do you enjoy looking at analytics? Some platforms are better than others. 
  5. Maybe most important, but what’s your budget? Could rule out some of these. 

Even if the last one does rule some out, every webinar software on here comes with a free trial or a $1 trial. So nothing is stopping you from trying any of these that you think would be a good fit. 

If you have questions about deciding on any of these webinar platforms, leave a comment below, and we’d love to help you out. 


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