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Best Landing Page Optimization Tools

If your marketing doesn't make money, then you’re not gonna like marketing very much. Traffic doesn't equal sales. You also need conversions.

What a great quote that is, right?

If you aren’t optimizing your landing page for conversions, then you’re wasting your time.

Landing pages are such a critical element of your business.

You can’t just be chucking out blog posts every week and expect new customers.

Providing information is a key method to convert traffic from cold (strangers) to warm (potentially interested) - but convincing a person to take an action is only accomplished when you combine value with a call to action that works.

This is the foundation of conversions – you want every page on your site to have a specific goal. And you must optimize the page around that goal.

In this article, we are going to cover the best software & tools for optimizing your landing pages to improve conversions.

But landing page optimization can be intimidating.

Between SEO, design layout, fonts, images, and sales copy, it can all get a little bit messy if you don’t have the right kind of experience.

So today, that’s exactly where we are going to help you.

We have rounded up 9 of the best landing page optimization tools for you and included an in-depth look into each tool with links to the page if you like them.

And just to make life even easier for you, we have split it into 3 easy-to-follow sections:

  1. Tools for Design and Layout
  2. Tools to Analyze and Crunch the Data
  3. Additional Tools to set your page apart.
  4. BONUS: How To Marketing To Your Target Audience [ (Video)

And at the end of the article, we've added a video that breaks down the entire process of exactly How To Market To Your Target Audience - so you can send more high-quality traffic to your newly optimized landing pages.


The Best Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are often created for specific marketing purposes, like driving traffic to an offer, event, or product launch, and usually have a good number of visitors that come through on a regular basis.

With this in mind, and regardless of the size and popularity of your landing page, there are some basic rules you should follow to make sure that it's a successful lead generation tool - and one of them is optimizing for design & layout.

Here are some of the best tools for building landing pages that make improving your page design and layout a breeze:

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. Unbounce
  3. Leadpages


ClickFunnels is an "all-in-one sales funnel builder" that, within one website, allows small and large companies to create pages such as landing pages and squeeze pages. It is mainly used for eCommerce purposes or lead generation.

It has drag and drop elements that help you build your funnel in a way that will convert leads into customers.

ClickFunnels Main Features


So, kick us off with the landing page optimization tool that’s probably used on some of your favorite websites and blogs. 

In total, there are over 40,000 businesses on the Internet that use Leadpages to help design & optimize their landing page. When you see their list of features, it's no surprise either.

There are so many features that make Leadpages one of the best landing page-building tools on the Internet. 

The basic program (which starts at about $27.00 a month) is only really a landing page creator. 

But if you move to some of the higher tier plans, which start around $59 a month, you can get access to so many incredible features. For example, their A/B split testing and lead boxes features, which we will move onto in a second.

Leadpages is the tool that makes landing pages easy. A major factor of that is the template section. 

There is a seemingly endless supply offered to you (it's so advanced that on the marketplace, you can even sort by highest conversion rate, how cool is that?). It’s only an estimated conversion rate but still a useful tool, nonetheless.

The only thing you have to bear in mind is that landing pages aren't free. But most of these options will only set you back $15-20.

On top of that, the effective analytics section provides you with all the finer details and statistics to optimize your landing page to be more effective.

Although one of the most useful tools in Leadpages isn't the analytics section, and it isn't the templates available; it's the Leadboxes section.

If you've been around in digital marketing for a while, you are bound to have come across pop-ups that pop across your screen when you load up the website. This feature is available for your landing page on Leadboxes. 

So regardless of your industry, Leadpages will be one of the most effective tools for you to optimize your landing page.


Now there's no way we could talk about the best landing page optimization tools without mentioning Unbounce. It is undoubtedly one of the best landing page optimization tools in the industry, in my opinion.

Unbounce is quite like some of the options that were mentioned beforehand. What makes it so unique is its effective drag and drop systems, which allow you to instantly create beautiful landing pages - that convert!

What's beautiful about these landing pages is that they are responsive, which is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing.

This is like… you know when you log onto your favorite brand’s online store on your phone, and you find that the layout is all messed up? 

That's because they have created a landing page that is not responsive.

It's been shown in an Aberdeen Group study that responsive design showed a 10% increase in conversions per year, while design that didn't have a responsive design had below 3% yearly growth.

So, at this stage, you’re probably thinking, ‘Yeah, that's great, but this still sounds like most of the other landing very builders in the industry.’ Allow me to explain what makes Unbounce so unique.

Maybe what you need to convince you is the dynamic text replacement. This means you can match the content on your landing pages to search queries the visitors have Googled to maximize your conversions and increase the relevancy of your page.

Or maybe you want to benefit from the smart traffic feature. This is an AI-powered conversion tool that will send all your traffic to the most relevant landing page on your website. Not bad, isn't it?

Apart from these tools, the lead form builder reports and analytics testing, and pop-up features mean it can still match all of the competitors that we've come across beforehand in terms of quality.

The only kind of disadvantage is that existing landing pages created outside of Unbounce can’t be optimized, and you can't add a custom class with the buttons meaning you’re going to have to do it yourself or hire an expert for rebuilding it in HTML.

Best landing page optimization tools for: Tracking and Analysing

Now we're going to go through some of the best tracking tools for landing pages. As you will know, some of the options we've explored above contain their tracking features.

However, these options are going to take your ability to analyze your performance to the very next level. There will be no relevant detail that is left out from these three tools we suggest.


VWO is a tool for digital marketers and entrepreneurs. VWO helps you find opportunities in your marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversions through landing page optimization testing. With the VWO A/B Testing Tool, you can:

  • Test designs of your landing pages against each other
  • Optimize text content to convert more visitors into prospects or buyers
  • Try new CTAs or improve the ones you have (they offer full A/B testing)

When it comes down to personalized attention, this is something that most companies can't afford these days because they are struggling with too many channels like social media and email lists.

What their customer reviews have to say:

"I initially didn't think that VWO would work, but they have given us some great advice on how to improve our site. It's easy to use and their customer service is top notch."

"What I love about VWO is that it's so user-friendly. All you have to do is head over to the homepage and start optimizing your pages for your audience!"

"VWO has helped me out a lot with my Facebook ads by telling me how to create better headlines, new ad images, and long descriptions. Thanks VWO."


Hotjar is an analytics and feedback tool that helps us in understanding how visitors are really using our website.

It provides in-depth analytics on which parts of the landing page are working well, and where they need to improve.

HotJar also lets you know whether your page is being too pushy towards a certain action, or if you're neglecting another important conversion goal altogether.

At its core, HotJar is a user behavior analytics and feedback tool for websites, eCommerce platforms, mobile apps - but it really does much more.

Think of it as an expansion pack to Google Analytics - a tool that provides an overview of your site's user activity that you couldn't otherwise see through Google Analytics alone.

For example, Hotjar records visitor clicks, scrolls & hovers on web pages to detect their level of interest in what they see on the screen based on how far they scroll down the page or where they spend most of their time clicking on various elements on it.

This behavioral 'heat' map then gets sent back to your dashboard so that you can identify website issues and opportunities before it's too late.

It also has an excellent free plan!


Now to move on to our second tool, we've got a tool that is very similar to Leadpages, and this is one the most effective landing page builders on the web. Some of the most promising features of Optimizely are:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Simple Collaboration
  • High-tech security

Optimizely is a well-known CRO tool, and know for being one of the simplest (yet powerful) tools for experimenting and split-testing your pages.

Which is what it's all about, right?

Constantly testing to improve your conversion rates and get more customers.

Optimizely is extremely useful for businesses that operate on multiple channels.

So, for example, if your business offers a website, mobile apps, and other channels, then you might want to think about Optimizely as the best tool for you.

The features that Optimizely provides to its customers are mouth-watering. For example, the analytics and heat map integrations allow you to analyze the behavior of all the visitors that come to your site.

The awesome audience targeting allows you to narrow down your ideal audience, all the way down to narrow down the data to the user's IP Address!

Not to mention that you can have as many collaborators as you wish, and always with enhanced security controls via a two-step verification. Not bad!

And if you're worried about trusting a new landing page optimization tool, you don't have to worry. Optimizely is viewed as one of the market leaders in the industry.

The Co-creator of Optimizely, Dan Siroker, served as director of analytics for President Obama’s 2008 campaign. So, you don't need to worry about your data being in the wrong hands.

And if you are concerned about prices, you'll be glad to know that their free offering has some basic features for just a single website. 

However, enterprise plans vary quite a bit depending on your own needs, so in order to get a quote, you're going to have to call one of their team members.

Crazy Egg 

Crazy Egg is what allows you to examine how users interact with your website. 

It uses many tracking technologies so you can get an accurate representation of where your visitors are coming from, which parts of your website interest them the most, which parts they click on the most, and what bits are being ignored.

Like if you break your leg, you get an X-Ray for doctors to examine the problem. This is like getting an X-Ray which tells you how to fix a broken landing page.

So if you want a heat map view to see where people are clicking on your websites, you can get that with Crazy Egg. Using this feature, you're going to be able to find the most popular pages on your website that you can optimize.

Additionally, you could also get the scroll map view (a personal favorite of mine). The scroll-up shows where users spend most of their time on your page.

This becomes particularly useful in any long-form sales copy - or any long pages at all. Scroll maps show which parts visitors spend the most time on, and which parts they completely ignore.

As far as ease of use is concerned, Crazy Egg is up there with the very best in the industry. It only takes 2 minutes to set up following a three-step process. A 90-day free trial is offered at the end.

Given that Crazy Egg prices start at $9 a month for their own basic program, (which by the way, does have a heat map and scroll map report included). It is viewed as a bargain. 

The plans go all the way up to $99 per month, allowing larger businesses to pick the option that's best for them. If these sound reasonable, then you can check it out on the link in the title! 👆


Usertesting is one of my personal favorite tools for optimizing your landing page.

To put it simply, user testing enables you to get expert freelancers to review your websites and mobile apps for just $10.

In return, what you receive is a 20-minute video of an expert analyzing your website. They will tell you everything you can do to improve it and improve conversions.

Possibly the best thing about usertesting.com is that it is so easy to use.

To start with, all you must do is create a test plan to pose any kind of question. For you, this will probably relate to your landing page and how it could be made to be more effective. Usertesting will connect you with one of their experts to create a small video so you can discover and analyze your site on how to improve your landing page from the point of view of a customer.

As can be seen below, their process comes in 5 steps:

  1. Ask your Question
  2. Target your audience
  3. Engage 
  4. Discover new insights
  5. Share these exact insights.

Honestly, there's not that much more than I can say: The value of getting real-time customer feedback is priceless. Honest insights about how your content is performing in just a couple of hours can be invaluable.


Next up, we have another tool that allows you to analyze the performance of your website, Usabilla. It does this by using live user feedback and is trusted by some of the most famous brands in the world: including Booking.com and The Economist magazine.

With Usabilla you won't have to guess what customers want anymore because you will have it presented right to you on a plate. What more could you ask for?

Let's get straight into some of the benefits of the website. 

You can find out exactly what's working and what's not to optimize your landing page by collecting rich qualitative data from the people who use your digital channels the most.

And if that's not good enough for your website, you can get enough feedback on how you can improve your mobile app experience for users. 

It won't be difficult for you to uncover exactly what you need to get those five-star ratings on the App Store.

And if you still need help, you can check out Usabilla for emails. Always check that your emails are being delivered to the correct audience. 

You can examine how your customers perceive your messages and figure out more but why your customers are not clicking on your links.

This is going to help you reduce email unsubscribes and boost customer satisfaction - which is what we want in the end, right?

Over 20,000 businesses use Usabilla to help them improve customer satisfaction.

Other Awesome Landing Page Tools

ION Interactive Landing Page Assessment Tool

Now, this little tool is a bit different from the ones that we have already examined in this list, but that doesn't mean that it is still not as effective.

The ION interactive landing page assessment tool asks a range of multiple-choice questions about your landing page. There are 13 of them in total, and they will ask you about your content, trust factors, relevancy, and much more.

The survey only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to fill out on your own, and in the end, you'll get an overall score, with plenty of recommendations for improvement.

As you can guess, this assessment relies on self-report, which doesn’t make it the most accurate tool in the world. However, the perk of it is that it is completely free so, if you're in a small team lacking the money to run the experiments you want, this tool can help guide you.

As far as free tools to help you optimize your landing page go, this one is up there on the list.

Google Analytics

Next up, we have a very familiar tool for many business owners. Google Analytics allows you to analyze all the finer details of your website in one quick search.

The main problem with Google Analytics is that it can seem very intimidating to new users. All the fancy numbers and terms that the website uses can make users feel very uneasy. 

But for you, there’s no need to worry because Google Analytics is known for being overly complicated – so you aren’t alone.

In a nutshell, some of the benefits of Google Analytics are as follows: it allows you to measure the performance and speed of your website, you can see which type of content are the most effective the most appreciated by your audience, and you can optimize all your website pages in order to boost conversions with help on SEO.

It's very easy for you to set up. Just create a Google account by following their steps. 

Don’t forget that with Google Analytics, there are paid versions and free versions.

For the free version, just hit click measuring, and you can set up your free account.

For the paid version you're going to have to create an account and follow the specific steps outlined by Google.

Keep in mind the paid version of Google Analytics is only designed for medium to very large-sized companies, given that its price starts at $150,000 per year.

Here are some of the features which separate the paid version and the free version:

  • Data Capacity increases from 10 million hits per month to over 500 million.
  • Guaranteed 99% Accuracy in data received.
  • Use of Google’s big query system.

So, to summarise, unless you're a large corporate marketing manager, then the free version of Google Analytics should be more than enough for you to be able to optimize your landing page to get more clicks and conversions.

If you want to investigate it yourself, you can click the link above to find out more! 👆


Lastly, we have a review for a keyword explorer tool known as Ahrefs.

If you're serious about the SEO optimization of your landing page, including backlinks and keyword research, then this tool is a no-brainer. It's no myth that Ahrefs truly knocks it out of the ballpark when it comes to keyword research.

Experts even refer to it as the Swiss army knife SEO tool. 

Personally, I don't think I have come up with a better way to describe it myself.

The keyword explorer allows you to do keyword research on the biggest platforms in the world including YouTube, Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and more. 

This keyword explorer tool is made even better by the keyword list feature which allows you to see all the keywords you come across while you're still researching details, such as the keyword difficulty, search volume, and any parent existing keywords are also available on the tool.

In addition to that, the backlink audit feature is extremely popular. All you have to do is head over to the site explorer and enter the domain name for whichever website you want to examine. 

You can use the data that is presented to you to build broken links, to insert more internal backlinks and link intersections as well.

Or, if you want to take your SEO research further, you can apply for a site audit. It is one of the quickest ways to find major SEO concerns on your website.

The opportunities with this audit are truly endless. There is so much meaningful information that you can come across to improve SEO. 

For example: identify page loading times, find heavy images and broken links, and so much more than you can do to improve your landing page optimization.

If this sounds good, then you can check it out for yourself at the link above! 👆

Bonus: How To Market To Your Target Audience

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