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The Best Data Migration Software

Data migration is a process that many companies need to go through when they are upgrading their systems or moving to new servers. Data migration is often an unpleasant and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be! 

There are plenty of software programs available that can make this process much easier for you. This software helps businesses easily move data from one system into another by using automated methods. 

In this article, we will review some of the most popular data migration software on the market today so you can decide which one best suits your needs!

Our Top Picks For The Best Data Migration Software

Reviews Of The Best Data Migration Software From Our Research

PC Trans

PC Trans by EaseUS is a popular choice for data migration software. This program is designed to help you migrate your files from one PC to another, and it can even move them between different operating systems like Windows XP and Vista PCs. 

PC Trans also has backup capabilities that will allow you to create an image of your hard drive so if something goes wrong, you can easily restore your PC to its original state. 

With this software, you can transfer your data in three different ways. 

  • Transfer via Network Connection - Connecting two different computers to the same LAN and transfer the files and apps over with account settings through the network. 
  • Transfer locally - Migrating your applications among local disks with the same computer. 
  • Transfer via Image Files - Create images of your files, programs, and account and automatically export them to your new PC or drive. 
Screen shot of PC Trans by EaseUS Dashboard

Pros - One of the pros that come with using PC Trans is that if your computer is non-bootable or broken, you can still transfer your files to the new working PC. You don’t need to download or purchase any other tools besides downloading PC Trans.

Two more pros are that it is beginner-friendly and you can choose from three different methods to transfer your data. 

Cons - There’s only one con when it comes to using PC Trans and that con is that you are limited to only 500 MB of data if you are using the free version. This means that if you are moving more than just a small laptop over you need the paid version. 

PC Trans Pricing 

PC Trans has a free version and a paid version. The free version allows you to transfer up to 500MB of data and two programs. The Professional version allows you to transfer unlimited amounts of data and programs and also transfer user accounts over. 

You can also scan and export program keys and recover data from dead computers using a professional license. 

Now if you only need to migrate a small amount over, the free version wouldn’t be a bad idea but most of us are transferring over a lot more than 500Mb of data. That’s where you would choose the professional plan. 

PC Trans is a great choice for people who want the ability to both migrate their files and create an easy backup plan.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a popular data migration software because it is very easy to use and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. It is a professional disk and partition management program.

This program will allow you to resize a hard drive, move files around on your computer more easily, and perform other helpful tasks related to disk management. It can also help you migrate an OS from HDD to SSD and vice versa. 

Along with doing all of these other things, MiniTool Partition Wizard is also a management program which means it can help manage your disk better. It can test disk performance, check and repair disk problems along with resizing partitions. 

Screenshot of MiniTool Partition Wizard Dashboard

It can also manage volume, make bootable media, recover deleted files or recover data from lost or formatted disks. 

Pros - Some pros when it comes to Minitool Partition Wizard are how easy it is to use and it has a portable version so you can run it on any PC without having to install it to make changes to the hard drive. 

Cons - One con that comes with this tool is that there are a lot of options and if you don’t know exactly what you want to do, you could get overwhelmed by all the different things within the program and become counterproductive. 

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pricing

Just like with most of these data migration tools, they have a free version and then some paid versions of the software which both allow you to migrate data. 

The free version comes with everything you need to transfer data and individual files like we’re looking for out of these tools but the paid version allows you to do more things like data recovery, recover lost or deleted partitions, or dynamic disk management. 

The free program is more than enough to get you started and if you do need other tools, you can always upgrade when the time comes. 

If you're looking for an inexpensive but effective data migration software, then MiniTool Partition Wizard is an excellent choice.

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Acronis True Image

If you need a tool that is designed to migrate your files from one PC to another, then Acronis True Image might be the best data migration software for you. Acronis is an All-in-one Cyber Protection system and helps protect all of your data, applications, and systems. 

This program will allow you to move both personal and business information seamlessly between computers, ensuring a quick and easy transition. 

Acronis True Image restores the previously captured image to another disk, replicating the structure and contents. It also clones the disk and resizes the partition so you can add the data to your new disk even if it has a different capacity. 

Screenshot of Acronis True Image Dashboard

If you choose True Image though, you are getting a lot more than just a data migration tool. You’re getting an All-in-One Cyber Protection System. You can create a full image backup in two clicks, easily restore your system to the same or new hardware, sync and share files, and more. 

Pros - A few pros with Acronis True Image is that it has a great desktop interface, you can backup data locally and to the cloud, and you get ransomware and malicious URL protection. 

Cons - One con that we did find while using this tool is that it did have some performance issues with mobile apps and the desktop interface is great but if you use the tool in a browser, it’s not very good. 

Acronis True Image Pricing

Acronis offers three different pricing packages for you to choose from. The first one is their Essential package and it comes out to $49.99/ year and comes with backups, disk cloning, quick recovery/universal restore, and ransomware protection. 

The Advanced package is $89.99/year and has everything that the Essential package has but also comes with cloud backup and automatic replication of your data to the cloud. 

The final package, called their Premium package, has everything from the Advanced package and also comes with blockchain certification of your files and electronic signatures on files. Plus an ability to add up to 5TB of cloud storage. 

Acronis’s data migration tool is the perfect choice for people who are looking to integrate their company’s systems or need data migration software that will support multiple operating systems. 

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Laplink PCmover is a great choice for anybody who wants to migrate their files between different operating systems. 

PCMover will allow you to move your data from Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 2000 without any difficulty! One of the best things about Laplink is the ability to transfer your applications to the new drive installed and ready-to-use so there is no need to find old CDs, previously downloaded programs, serial numbers, or license codes. 

In just three easy steps, Laplink’s PCmover will move everything from your old drive or PC into your new one. 

  1. Install the Laplink PCmover tool on both the new system or drive and the old one. 
  2. Transfer the data by clicking through the easy-to-use wizard to select which type of transfer works best for you. 
  3. Press start and walk away. PCmover does the rest for you. After it's done, your new PC or drive will be exactly like the old one. 
Screenshot of Laplink Dashboard

Pros - If something happens with the migration process and transferring files, LapLink PCmover gives you the option to undo the transfer. PCmover’s interface also helps walk you through every step of the process making it easy for beginners. 

Cons - One con with LapLink PCmover is all of their different pricing options and not being able to tell clearly what each option does or which one is best for you. 

Laplink has a couple of different pricing options but we’re only going to talk about the ones that benefit you the most. 

The most popular option and the one we recommend most is PCmover Professional. It’s $59.95 whether you want the download link or the physical copy of the software. This comes with all the bells and whistles including things like application selectivity, restoring the old PC image to the new OS, and rescuing hard drive content. 

Now there is a home version for $39.95 but if you click on that tab, you’ll see a big exclamation point saying that there are limitations with this package and we think that these aren’t worth getting. 

With the home package, you can only move C drives from one PC to another. So if you have any data on any other drives on your old PC, you won’t be able to transfer them over to your new PC. 

If this doesn’t affect you and you only have your data on one drive then you might be able to select this option but it also comes with other limitations like not being able to restore your old drive or PC and this makes a difference too. 

No matter what type of computer or OS you're using, PCMover has a package that will work for you. This program is also very affordable, so it's the perfect choice if you don't have a lot of money to spend but still want one of the best data migration software on the market!

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Buyer's Guide For Data Migration Software

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system or device to another.

Data can be transferred between two servers, a database, and an application, or even just moving files from your desktop computer to backup drives.

Interpretation of Data Migration

Data migration should only be undertaken when necessary because it often causes large amounts of downtime for users who are not expecting it.

When it comes down to it, data migration can be seen as difficult or risky based on how much data or storage has to be transferred over. That is why understanding the different types of data migration can be important and also the best software to use to migrate safely. 

Types of Data Migration

There are three main types of data migration.

Screenshot of the Types of Data Migration

Storage migration is when data is moved from one storage device to another, such as moving your email and contacts to a new phone. When you perform this type of migration, you can usually see a huge increase in performance.

Application Migration is the process of moving data from one application to another, like transferring your address book and calendar from Google Drive to Microsoft Office. A new application migration may require transformation to fit into the requirements of the new application.

Cloud Migration is the process of moving data from one cloud storage provider to another. Data is often transferred regularly in this case because the migration might be for a disaster recovery plan or backup purposes.

Benefits of Data Migration

There are many benefits to performing data migrations. Data migration can help with the following:

- Data Consolidation - Data consolidation is a process in which you combine all of your company’s files and documents into one location, making them easier to manage. Data migration software makes this process much easier because it will automatically move duplicate or near-duplicate files into one location.

- Data Reduction - Data reduction software is used to remove unnecessary information and details from a database or file, which can help with data storage costs.

Screenshot of the One of the Benefits of Data Migration

- Data Protection - Data protection software allows you to monitor the status of your network in order to detect intrusions as well as unauthorized access to data. Data migration can also help with this process by ensuring that your backup copies of files are protected from unwanted changes and deletions.

- Data Integration - Data integration software is used to move information between different systems, databases, or applications without losing any important content in the process. Data migration allows you to integrate all of your company’s systems, which will make it easier for your employees to work on projects.

- Data Recovery - Data recovery software is used to restore data that has been lost or damaged by a virus infection or other natural disaster. Data migration allows you to quickly recover any important files in the event of an emergency!

Best Data Migration Tools for SSDs

If you buy a new storage drive, most of these drives come with software that can perform data migration themselves to move over your old OS and files to your new SSD. 

Samsung and Intel both have their own versions of data migration software that integrate easily with their products when you buy a new SSD to migrate all data from your existing device to theirs. 

Samsung Data Migration is the software to use when you buy a new Samsung SSD and want to quickly, easily, and safely migrate all of your data. It is designed to be able to move over your current operating system, application software, and user data. 

Screenshot of Samsung Data Migration Software

Intel Data Migration Software has the same effect as the Samsung Data Migration Software but, of course, only works for new Intel products. The Intel software will transfer all contents from one drive to another and can also make a Windows bootable on your new drive. 

They also have software to add the new drive onto your computer. 

With these two options, the caveat is that you need a Samsung or Intel SSD to be able to use this software. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Data Migration Software

What Is Data Migration? 

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system or device to another.

Data can be transferred between two servers, a database, and an application, or even just moving files from your desktop computer to backup drives.

How Do I Keep Data Secure During Data Migration? 

When it comes to sending data from one drive or PC to another, you need to ensure that data security is one of the top things on your mind. Here are some tips to make sure that you have a seamless data migration process. 

  • Create a Migration Plan - You should create a plan of exactly what data or files you are moving over from one drive to another. You should know exactly what’s being moved, where it’s going, and how it will get there. Also, if this is for more than just a home computer, there should be parameters set for who will have access to this plan and data. 
  • Test & Validate - After you migrate the data, you’ll want to ensure that all the data is where it should be. Make sure that all files and applications are back where you want them and check for any data leakage in the data migration process. 

Final Thoughts

Data migration can seem like a daunting task and can be very time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. With any of these tools, you can transfer your data over without any hiccups and start using your new PC or drive as soon as possible. 


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