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Wholesale Credit Card Processing

Our Top Picks for The Best Wholesale Business Payment Processing

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. Helcim
  3. CDG Commerce
  4. PaymentCloud
  5. Mynt POS

1. Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct is a highly adaptable company that works with all types of businesses, including high-risk ventures. EPD believes that it shouldn't be difficult to find a merchant processor as a high risk business. They make finding a merchant account easy. EPD will take the time to learn about your business's individual needs in order to find the services right for your company. Join the 60,000 merchants already served by EPD and get your business the services it needs.

2. Helcim

Helcim claims to have the best exchange rate on every transaction. They provide 100% transparent pricing along with no contracts or hidden fees. With just one free Helcim account you get unlimited access to all of the tools you need to process transactions smoothly. Helcim world well with small businesses but no business is too big for them to handle. Start feeling good about your payments and start working with Helcim.

3. CDG Commerce

GDG Commerce is a great option for wholesale distributors because it is easy to set up, has fixed transaction rates, and provides a variety of service options. You will be able to swipe payments and process transactions either in store or online while working with them. They offer specialized solutions no matter the type of industry you are in. You will have flexible options when choosing the type of system you would like to use whether a professional POS system or a regular tablet. CDG offers versatile options to your business.

4. PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud has many different services that they will tailor accordingly to fit your business. They don't just offer merchant services, they excel at them. PaymentCloud can provide you with the protection you need against chargebacks and fraud. They are your full suite merchant service provider. Low, medium, and high risk merchant accounts can find the services they need by using PaymentCloud.

5. Mynt POS

Mynt POS is optimized for your business. Their state of the art POS system will have you processing transactions with ease. They will guide you every step of the way during the setup process with free remote installation and training. Every Mynt account comes with a lifetime warranty and free support. Mynt has everything you need for your point of sale.

As a wholesaler, you understand the importance of accepting a variety of payment methods. Wholesale businesses buy and sell a large number of items at the same time. They either buy in bulk or manufacture the product themselves, then resell it to retailers for a profit. Large orders are frequently placed by retailers, making it difficult to buy and sell with only cash or checks. Wholesalers must accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards.

You can process all non-cash payments with a merchant account. Credit, debit, check/ACH, online, and mobile app payments are all accepted. You can use a merchant account to connect to a payment gateway and accept credit cards in person or online. It will also supply you with physical credit card processing equipment.

Through your merchant account, you can obtain POS systems and credit card terminals. You can also use virtual terminals, which are easily integrated into your tablet or smartphone. These terminals are easy to set up. A merchant account is required if you want to allow your customers to pay in any way they want.

What is Wholesale Credit Card Processing?

It's difficult to understand everything that goes on behind the scenes in order for credit cards to work.

How Credit Card Processing Works

To accept credit cards, a business must have a merchant account. When a customer swipes their credit card or enters their credit card information online through a payment gateway, this occurs. The transaction details are sent to the business's merchant account. The merchant account examines the transaction details and sends a funds request to the cardholder's bank, which transfers the funds to the merchant account. Before releasing the requested amount, the cardholder's issuing bank, such as Visa or MasterCard, will confirm that the transaction is valid and the funds are available.

Finally, the majority of businesses send all of their requests to their merchant account at the same time. The funds are deposited into the merchant account when a transaction is completed. This starts the procedure. Because each merchant account is unique, the time it takes for funds to reach the business may vary.

Some people may have to wait one to two business days for their money to arrive. Merchant accounts will be able to accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as a variety of other popular credit card types. They will also be able to accept debit cards, checks, gift cards, and payments made via the PayPal or Apple Wallet apps. They will also be able to accept payments through these apps.

Pricing and Fees

When you use your credit card, a significant amount of work is performed behind the scenes. Individuals who buy items from businesses usually pay a little more because they are paying for a service. Using a credit card incurs an average fee of 1.8 percent, or 1.8 percent. If you pay with debit, the rate is 0.3 percent.

They can also vary greatly depending on how the merchant account is set up and which card is used, making these fees highly variable. A fixed rate is one that is set by the merchant account provider. A flat rate is a rate set by the merchant account provider. A fee is added to the interchange rate. There is almost always a good reason to use a credit card.

Issues Unique to Wholesale Businesses

Wholesale businesses must deal with a high volume of transactions because they buy and sell in bulk. Wholesalers, who act as middlemen between manufacturers and retailers, can also make a pittance. This means that getting a good credit card processing rate is critical, as is avoiding extra fees like early termination fees.

Why Your Wholesale Business Needs Payment Processing

You must accept credit cards in order to run a modern business. The wholesale industry is no different.

Customer Convenience

Because wholesale businesses typically sell a large volume of goods, using cash or even checks is impractical. Individuals who work in retail may benefit from using business credit cards that provide benefits such as cashback. Individuals prefer to use credit cards because they are more convenient. Those who pay a high price, in particular.

Online Payments

Your business is not dormant as long as customers can buy items from your website and pay with a credit card through a payment gateway. Customers who pay with a credit card on your website can set up recurring payments or save their credit card information for faster and easier checkout.

Digital Record

When you use a credit card to make a purchase, the transaction is digitally recorded. This simplifies the tracking of payments and refunds. Keeping track of your payments to each customer is simple in tax preparation software such as Quickbooks.

Chargeback Protection

When a customer disputes an item on their credit card bill, a chargeback occurs. By informing you of the disputed claim, a merchant account can help you reduce chargebacks. It will be easier for you to contact the customer if you are aware of the disputed charges as soon as possible so that you can assist them.

This could be accomplished through the issuance of a refund or the replacement of a misplaced item or package. Chargeback protection is included with certain merchant accounts. They will mediate the dispute on your behalf.


It will also be able to process debit cards, checks, as well as online and mobile payments through your merchant account. Physical items such as a point-of-sale system or credit card terminal may be included in a merchant account. It can also provide you with a virtual terminal that you can set up on your own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A payment gateway will be provided by your merchant account provider. Accepting credit cards can be done in a variety of ways. They can be accepted in-person, online, through a credit card terminal, or on a tablet.

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

With a merchant account, you can provide subscriptions, payment programs, gift cards, and loyalty programs to your customers. These are all common strategies for increasing customer retention and, as a result, revenue.

Data and Analytics

When you swipe your customer's credit card in the store, you can gather a lot of information about them. This is especially true when shopping online. In the majority of merchant accounts, analytics can help you make sense of all the data you've collected. You will gain a better understanding of your customers and how to improve service and increase sales in this manner. All of these factors, and more, contribute to how easily your wholesale business can accept credit cards. 

Types of Credit Card Processing

Payment aggregators such as Square or Stripe are preferred by businesses. Payment aggregators are available that are extremely simple to set up and use. They charge a flat rate for each transaction, which is very simple to read and understand. Larger businesses that have been in operation for a while may want to set up their own merchant account that is only used by them. Learn more about the two options below so you can decide which is best for your company.

Payment Aggregator

This is a third-party payment processor, also known as a payment aggregator. A payment processor manages a single merchant account and allows multiple businesses to use it to process credit card transactions. Furthermore, merchant account providers can work with payment aggregators to ensure they have the necessary physical equipment as well as a method of processing online payments.

Payment aggregators make applying for and receiving funding incredibly simple. They also make the process easier. They charge a flat fee for transactions, which can be more expensive than a variable rate in the long run. A flat rate, on the other hand, is preferable because it is easier to calculate and plan for. Because they have a single account for multiple businesses, payment aggregators have a difficult time dealing with chargebacks and other suspicious or risky transactions.

If you submit an excessive number of chargebacks, payment aggregators may suspend or terminate your account. If your company processes a high volume of transactions or frequently receives chargebacks, a payment aggregator is a risky choice.

Merchant Account Provider

In most cases, applying for a merchant account provider is a much more involved and time-consuming process. The merchant account provider works with a number of different merchant account service providers to ensure that you receive the best merchant account service possible. Following approval, you will have a merchant account dedicated to your company.

You can avoid fraud and chargebacks by choosing the right merchant account. The appropriate account will understand your business and will work with you to reduce fraud and chargebacks. Merchant accounts frequently charge a higher rate for credit card transactions. This pricing model can frequently save money for businesses with a high volume of transactions.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Credit Card Processing for Your Needs

Is Your Business High Risk?

While no one enjoys being labeled as high-risk, the reality is that more businesses than ever before are classified as such. This is due to the fact that high risk is more about how your product is sold than it is about the product itself. Banks and other financial institutions consider a merchant who accepts card-not-present payments to be a high-risk merchant. This means that any business that accepts online or mobile payments is extremely likely to be shut down by the government. This could be the case with your wholesale company.

Card-not-present transactions are more likely to result in fraud, chargebacks, and disputed claims. As a result, they are regarded as more dangerous. Certain merchant account providers will not work with businesses that are prone to fraud. Those who do, on the other hand, can help to reduce fraud and chargebacks.


Before choosing the best merchant account for your company, consider how much money you'll lose due to credit card transaction fees. Individuals looking to open a merchant account should look for one that has low transaction fees and no hidden fees. Businesses that conduct a high volume of transactions benefit from variable rates. This may enable them to benefit from lower rates on certain transactions.

Some merchant accounts charge additional fees for each transaction in addition to the transaction fee. Among the fees you may encounter are the following:

  • Early termination fees
  • Annual fees
  • Set up fees
  • Monthly statement fees
  • PCI compliance fees

You can avoid hidden fees by carefully reading the fine print of your contract.

Customer Service

It is critical to find an account that is easy to set up and use right away, without the need for extensive training or orientation. Businesses that accept online payments should provide live customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is especially important for businesses that accept online payments.


Any company that accepts payments online or by credit or debit card from customers who are not physically present should be concerned about the security of those transactions. Before you open a merchant account, make sure it is fully PCI-compliant, which means the processor follows Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. 

Before You Apply

Get Your Information Ready

Having everything you need to apply in order as soon as possible will help speed up the process. Among them are the following:

  • An explanation of any problems in your credit history
  • Information about your business and what you sell
  • Bank or financial statements
  • Business licenses and permits

Set Up Your Website

If you want to set up an online payment gateway, you should first get your website up and running. You will be able to set up online payments more quickly if you follow these steps.

Final Thoughts

While Payment Aggregators are convenient, businesses with large sums of money or a high level of risk are usually better off with their own merchant account. The application process for a merchant account provider will be more complicated and will take significantly longer to complete. Furthermore, the provider will take an inordinate amount of time to process the application.

In any case, the end result will be a merchant account that is tailored to your business model and aids in its growth. Finally, the wholesale business owner must choose a credit card processor that meets their needs while not jeopardizing other critical factors, such as security, that are also important to them.

Our Top Picks for The Best Wholesale Merchant Account Providers

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. Helcim
  3. CDG Commerce
  4. PaymentCloud
  5. Mynt POS

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