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Our Top Picks for Gaming Merchant Accounts

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. CDG Commerce
  3. Helcim
  4. PaymentCloud
  5. Dharma Merchant Services

1. Easy Pay Direct

Gaming businesses are already considered high risk due to the nature of their business. EPD specializes in working with high risk merchant accounts. Easy Pay Direct will provide merchant accounts specifically tailored to your industry. EPD helps you with the application process and limits the number of applications you have out there, decreasing the risk of potential merchant accounts perceiving you as desperate because of being a high risk business.

2. CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce also specializes in working with businesses that are considered high risk. They offer chargeback protection services for your peace of mind. CDG also offers fraud loss reimbursement so you can rest assured that your funds are protected. They can also provide you with a Mobile App that can help you accept and process payments through a mobile device.

3. Helcim

Helcim sells point-of-sale systems and claims to be able to show each customer exactly what they are getting into. They offer in-person, digital, and remote sales. They work hard to ensure that each customer receives a one-of-a-kind set of services. Their fees are transparent and they do not require a monthly payment. With Helcim the more you process, the less you pay for their services.

4. PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud specializes in delivering high risk payment processing solutions to merchant processors nationwide. They offer PCI compliance, chargeback protection, and fraud prevention. They also offer high risk merchants instant approval which may seem too good to be true, but it is. You will also receive payment options for mobile and retail payment options. With their dedicated customer support, any questions or concerns you may have will be answered quickly.

5. Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma offers great rates for online transactions. There are no long term agreements or termination fees if you decide to quit working with Dharma. Virtual and online credit card transactions are always assessed at the same rate when using Dharma. They will provide you with equipment at a low and fair cost. Their 24/7 customer service is also available when you have any questions or concerns.

Games are a natural part of human life. Games, whether dice, cards, or screens, have always been a way to escape from daily life. Video games became ingrained in popular culture around the turn of the twentieth century. The majority of households had some kind of video game console.

People now play games on their phones, and the pay-to-play model has gained traction. Users can now connect their cards to the game and use them to pay for special events that occur in the game, thanks to a new feature.

If you're a gamer, you spend an average of $166 per year on in-game goods. This money must be handled in the same way that money in any other business is handled. It has to be done digitally.

With slightly more than 180 million gamers in the United States, this is a sizable market that is constantly changing due to the release of new games. They also moved their chance games to a digital platform, such as the internet.

In the past, the slots were quite far apart. You can now get them through an app.

What is a Gaming Merchant Account?

More and more online games, whether video games or gambling, are devising strategies to keep customers investing money in the platform even when they lose. In a nutshell, a gaming merchant account is a high-risk account that accepts credit card payments directly from the game.

The account serves as a holding tank, ensuring that funds are clear before being transferred to your business bank account. Chargebacks and fraud can be expensive for you and your product, which is why a gaming merchant account provider can help you protect both.

Why Would I Want a Gaming Merchant Account?

Protection. A third-party account acts as a safety net. You would be liable for customer chargebacks or refunds if you did not have one. Furthermore, the company will assist you in fully connecting the accounts to your platform, thereby simplifying the payment process for your customers.

There will be some distinctions between credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment, despite the fact that they will all be digital.

Types of Gaming Merchant Accounts

There are two types of gaming accounts: casual gaming and gambling. Casual gaming, also known as social gaming, includes both phone apps and full-fledged MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. Both of these categories can be subdivided further, but they can be grouped together as non-gambling games with in-game purchases. These are not profitable games.

The purchaser of the game receives some kind of in-game boost or reward. While games are less likely to be charged back than restaurants or bookstores, they do happen more frequently.

Gambling accounts would be the other type of account in this case. This is due to the fact that a number of states have legalized online gambling. As a result, this market has grown significantly. It doesn't matter what kind of business it is, as long as there are cash prizes for games.

Money will be poured into the game, but only a few people will be compensated. At the end of the day, the house is always victorious. The processing company, on the other hand, ensures that payouts are made without incurring losses.

They ensure that having a different amount of money in the account does not harm your overall profits. Both types of online gaming will be high-risk accounts due to the constant outflow of funds. The good news is that there are a number of payment processors that specialize in online games and can help you earn money.

What’s the Difference Between Online Gaming and Gambling?

There are numerous differences between these two online platforms, but the most important are those concerning content, support, and returns. Online games are generally more expensive to start and maintain.

A game will fail if its story, art, and entertainment do not entice players to play it. This means that game designers and content managers must continue to cater to those who have invested time and money in the game.

The support staff is the same, but their job is to make sure the game runs smoothly. They are constantly looking for glitches, bugs, and other issues that prevent players from fully enjoying the game. A typical video game company employs about 1. 2 people. This figure, however, is skewed toward games set in the real world. Because the game necessitates a large number of players to keep it running and add new content,

Different types of games necessitate the addition of additional personnel. The benefit of having more employees is that turnover is reduced. Online gambling carries a higher risk of refunds and chargebacks, but it is not as high as in-person gambling.

When it comes to gambling games, on the other hand, they can be quite simple to play. When someone downloads a slot machine app, they are not looking for an engaging story or visually appealing artwork. They are on the lookout for limited resources.

A single person can operate a gambling game on a phone. Often, a single person will be in charge of a number of different games. To maintain a healthy income stream, you don't need to do much updating. In the beta version, bugs and glitches have been ironed out. The cost is included in the reward in this case.

Gamblers need a few wins to keep their appetites whet. In the end, the gambler will lose, while the house (or app developer) will profit.

However, the player receives more money in terms of percentages than in other types of games, such as slots. A developer's overall financial success can influence the type of game on which they are willing to spend money.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Online Gaming:


Certain online games will become popular and continue to generate revenue for years to come, thanks to regular updates and the addition of new content. Other games are never even published in the app store. An online game typically lasts a few months.

Many people play games until they are drawn to something newer and more flashy. If you want to make a game that will last a long time, you must invest in the company that makes the game. You must make certain that the customer is properly fed.

You must be organized to be a creator. Are you looking for a one-and-done game that will generate revenue for a few months while you work on your next project or a long-term project that will necessitate your assistance? A game can help you figure out whether it belongs in the gambling or online game families.

Initial Investment

Your start-up capital may also have an impact on the path you take. With $50,000, you can start and run an online casino. The majority of online casinos earn between $70,000 and $75,000 per day. There are, however, over 3000 online casinos and a plethora of mobile applications. This is the typical number of applications received (in the thousands).

People working on games on the opposite end of the spectrum may be left out in the cold. Large-scale pay-to-play games, such as Raid: Shadow Legends and Clash of Clans, can be prohibitively expensive to create.

To begin with, Raid: Shadow Legends is an expensive game. In its first year, it made $250 million. Both of these online games can be made at a lower cost, but the payoff is also lower.


Casino support is not as good as support for online multiplayer games. Once a gambling game is up and running, there are few changes that must be made to keep it running smoothly. A gambling application, in general, can be maintained by a small team of technologists.

Raid: Shadow Legends is developed by a team of over 1600 people. The majority of businesses in both types of gaming start small and then grow, but this is not the case for all.

Never be afraid to use small games to assist you in achieving a larger goal. A typical company employs about 1. 2 people. While most businesses start small and grow from there, this is not always the case. Allow your mind and body to work together to generate new ideas that will broaden your vision.


Everything comes down to the designer's mental vision. Do they intend to create a game with a narrative and substance, or are they merely offering a chance for people to gamble? Both game development methods are equally effective. They provide both entertainment and the potential for revenue for those who participate.

Setting goals for your online business can help you determine the best way to get it started.

How to Choose the Best Merchant Account for Your Needs

On both sides of the online gaming industry, a merchant account is required. The next step is to find the best person to help you achieve your goals. This person should be a good match for you. Processing companies frequently specialize in order to provide their customers with the best service possible. These people must understand the nature of your business in order to help you navigate it successfully.

The best companies will have a department or individual working in the background to ensure that money flows smoothly. You should incorporate the processor subtly into your game to keep your customers' interest and prevent them from purchasing what they want.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Recognize your ability to begin again. Be honest with yourself about your initial capabilities. Before becoming profitable, video games frequently go through a series of stages.
  • Individuals who process your food should understand your goals and be able to work with you to achieve them.
  • As a result, getting started in the gaming industry can be more difficult than getting started in a less risky business.

In Conclusion

The world of online gaming, like many startups, can be quite subjective. Your game will fail if the public does not enjoy it. With the right combination of advertising help and industry knowledge, you'll be able to put yourself in the best position to win. The more you learn about setting and achieving realistic goals, the easier it will be to do so.

This vision is the starting point for all dreams. Every dream begins with a vision, whether it is to create an online casino or a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that draws people into your world. Determine what will help you achieve your objectives, and keep in mind that every business takes time to become profitable.

The structure you've created for yourself is an important part of getting to this point. Choosing the right processor will help you keep transactions moving and give you more time to play your game. The best processing company will provide the best cost-benefit ratio. This must be done in a non-obtrusive manner and at a cost that is not detrimental to your bottom line.

As an online retailer, you will conduct all of your transactions digitally at some point. Every gamer is aware that a credit card or other form of payment must be linked. Customers are more likely to continue playing the game you're developing if payment options are seamless. This allows them to keep having fun.

Maintain a proper support structure for your game, no matter what you decide to do with it. You will have the best chance of success if you understand how the company's finances work.

Before you dive in, do your homework and find the best credit card processing company for your company.

These are some of the top picks:

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. CDG Commerce
  3. Helcim
  4. PaymentCloud
  5. Dharma Merchant Services

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