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Church Credit Card Processing

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Church Credit Card Processors

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. Dharma Merchant Services
  3. PaymentCloud
  4. Helcim
  5. Mynt POS

1. Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct is known for working well with retail, high risk, and businesses with unique preferences. They have amazing customer service and will cater to your specific needs. EPD has worked with 60,000 different merchant accounts. With EPD you can be confident that your company will be taken care of. Easy Pay Direct can process transactions online, in store, and on mobile devices.

2. Dharma Merchant Services

Dharma is reasonable and will provide all of the tools and services required to accept payments quickly and easily. They do not require contracts and there are no hidden fees. 24 hour priority funding and 24 hour tech support is available to Dharma customers. They also pass 100% of processing fees to credit card paying customers. At Dharma they believe business can be a force meant for good.

3. PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud is suitable for low, medium, and high-risk businesses. They will tailor to your specific business needs. At PaymentCloud they don't just help with merchant services, they excel at it. PaymentCloud will help you protect your business from fraud and chargebacks. Accept payments for your business through credit cards, online, or on a mobile phone.

4. Helcim

Helcim is known for its amazing customer service and willingness to bend over backward for its clients. They offer 100% transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Every Helcim account comes with all of the tools you could possibly need to ensure seamless payment processing. You get the lowest interchange rates for every transaction processed. Helcim is known for also working well with small businesses.

5. Mynt POS

Mynt will accept all modern forms of payment to ensure a smooth transaction process. Every Mynt subscription is protected by a lifetime warranty and customer support. You are also provided with free remote installation and training. Mynt has everything you need for your point of sale. Mynt is optimized for your business.

If your church does not already have a credit card processor, it should think about getting one. Payment processing is essential for any church seeking to expand. It allows you to collect tithes, offerings, and other funds from your members and visitors using a credit card. You can also send money to specific campuses or groups of people. You can also contribute to fundraisers.

Your church may already have a credit card processing system in place. Please keep reading to see if there isn't a more capable company out there that can help you or save you money!

What is Church Credit Card Processing?

Church credit card processing makes it possible for your congregation and the people in your community to give in a variety of ways. Individuals can pay for items at churches in the same way that they do at other establishments.

Church credit card processing allows members of the community to pay for items such as tithes and donations with their credit cards. It also allows churches to issue refunds when necessary.

Payment processors can help you accept credit and debit cards, as well as alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. When working with them, you can accept these types of payments as well. To accept credit card payments, your church must have two bank accounts: a church bank account and a church merchant account, also known as "merchant accounts."

Having a merchant account is akin to putting a safety net around your money. Following a transaction, money is transferred to a merchant account. The funds are held in the merchant account until they are transferred to the business bank account of the church.

Many merchant service providers offer both merchant accounts and payment processing services. They work together to ensure that your money arrives safely in your bank account.

Credit card processing involves a large number of moving parts, making it extremely difficult to manage for any business or organization. When it comes to credit card processing for the church, nothing is different. Use a reputable company to oversee the process.

How Could Your Church Benefit from Credit Card Processing?

Convenience for Members

Giving is already a challenge for many churchgoers. If the process is complicated, they will not go out of their way to help and will thus refuse to help. Many church members want to give but are put off by the lengthy process. With the addition of credit cards, everyone will be able to give more easily.

Convenience for Staff

You are constantly on the lookout for funding as a church. A nonprofit organization must process payments on a regular basis, such as tithes, offerings, donations, and fundraisers, to name a few.

When you give with a card rather than cash, your team will spend less time counting and budgeting each dollar in the long run. Each card payment will also be automatically counted and processed for you.

Increased Giving

Many people no longer carry cash. More than just an identification card and a credit card may be found in someone's wallet. You may be unable to receive funds if you do not update your payment method. Accepting credit cards does not mean you can't accept cash as well. It simply provides payment options to your donors.

Options for Church Payment Processing

Credit card processing can be used for much more than simply accepting credit card payments at your church. Credit card specialists can help you with a variety of tasks that will allow your congregation to give in a variety of ways. Some possible actions are listed below.

Online Giving

Church is not for everyone. Certain people do not attend every week. Members will be able to give even if they are unable to attend in person if your church allows online giving.

Another benefit of online giving is that it allows for greater privacy. Some people do not want their church offerings to be visible to others, so they do not put money in the offering plate. It is advantageous to give these small donors a choice. When you work with a processing company, they can assist you in setting up a method for people to donate directly through your website.

Do you plan to sell T-shirts or books on your website? You could also make money by selling them on your website. You can choose which funds or projects your church supports based on your preferences, and everything can be tailored to your specifications.

Mobile Donations

For churches looking to streamline their giving and provide additional donation options to their members, mobile options are also available. While most churches will not require a mobile card reader, having a text-to-give option will be extremely beneficial.

Text-to-give is a service that allows church members to donate by simply texting their cell phone provider. In order to create an account, they must provide their credit card information. That, however, is not the end of the story. After that, it's as simple as texting a dollar amount to the appropriate number!

Recurring Giving

You can also set up recurring donations if your church has a website, which many people appreciate. Your members will configure everything as part of recurring giving, including the amount they wish to give, the frequency with which they wish to give, and the amount themselves.

Allowing your church to set up recurring giving ensures that people will never forget to give their tithes and offerings again. Certain people like how simple it is, and you'll like knowing how much money your church will earn each month.

e-Check Giving

Not everyone in the congregation wants to use a debit or credit card to make an offering. Checks are the most convenient way for many people to accomplish this. It's difficult to remember to bring checks to church every week in today's digital world.

E-checks are a more convenient option than paper checks. If your members choose this option, the amount specified will be deducted from their checking account.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Church Payment Processing Company


Credit card processing companies frequently hide a lot of information on their website, especially about payments, until you agree to work with them. This complicates budgeting and should be explained to people. You should make certain that you understand the price and the services that are included.

Cost and Fees

It is critical to select the most cost-effective company to ensure that the maximum amount of money is directed toward the donation's purpose. Check for early termination fees, hidden cancellation fees, and transaction fees before signing up for a new plan. Before agreeing to do something, such as move, you should also determine the cost of any necessary equipment.


Before agreeing to work with a company, you should do a number of things, including checking the company's ratings and reading reviews. Learn what other churches and nonprofits think about this payment processor.

Company Support

It may be difficult for your church to use your new payment processor at first. Ensure that you are working with a company that will not abandon you. The availability of a company's helplines, live chats, and how-to videos is critical.

Choosing the Best Processor for Your Church’s Specific Needs

Your church's credit card payment processing company should be able to perform all of the functions you require at a price that fits within your budget. There's no reason to pay for features that your church won't use.


Individuals who contribute financially to your church should not have their personal information stolen. Inquire about each company's fraud risk management procedures to ensure the security of their payment information.

Services Offered

Your church may need a "text-to-give" system, a method for profitably selling t-shirts, or an online payment system. On the other hand, your church may only need a basic credit card machine to sell coffee on Sunday mornings. Certain payment processors do not support all payment methods as well as others. Take your time and make certain that the one you select meets your needs!


Check that the payment processing company you choose provides simple-to-use equipment and a simple method of payment for your goods or services. People will be less likely to donate to your church if they find it difficult to do so.

Cost of Service

It is perfectly acceptable if your church operates on a different budget! Depending on the services you require, credit card processing companies charge a high fee. The good news is that a high-quality processor can be obtained at a reasonable price!

Additional Tips & Considerations

Choose a Transparent Company

You should make certain that you understand the price and the services that are included.

Choose a Versatile Company

It is critical to select a company that will help you start and grow your business. It may be difficult to find a replacement if you choose a payment processor that only works with small businesses or churches.

Stay in Budget

With so many credit card payment processors and plans to choose from, you have a lot of options. Spend the least amount of money possible to obtain what you require.


It can be difficult to start something new and unfamiliar. As previously stated, we hope you now have enough information to make an informed decision regarding which church credit card payment processor to use.

Credit card processing is likely to make giving easier at your church, resulting in more donations. You will not have to turn down donations from people who want to help but don't have the financial means.

You can also save time by making donations more quickly by incorporating a credit card processor into your giving system. Because each card payment is processed automatically, your staff or volunteers will have less cash to count at the end of each service.

Our Recommendations for the Top Church Merchant Account Providers

There are numerous reputable companies that can process payments for your church, but it's critical to find one that best meets your needs and fits your budget. As your company grows, you will notice that not all payment processing companies will treat you equally, no matter how large or well-known you are.

Before choosing a payment processor, review our recommendations on this page. You will enjoy collecting money from people if you have faith in your payment processor.

  1. Easy Pay Direct
  2. Dharma Merchant Services
  3. PaymentCloud
  4. Helcim
  5. Mynt POS

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