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Web Hosting for Students

Choosing the Best Student Web Hosting Providers

The leading student hosting companies have been vetted by us to help you establish a website on a tight budget. 

To be noticed, earn cash, or pass their classes, students around the world are acting on a gut-level instinct. There are numerous advantages to setting up a website, whether you're developing an online portfolio or a business, or it's part of a course.

Because there are many hosting providers who won't charge you a monthly fee just to keep your site online, this is a wonderful thing. We've compiled a list of service providers that can meet the needs of even the most budget-conscious customers:

Leading Web Hosts for Students

  1. Bluehost – the greatest web hosting company
  2. HostGator – best uptime
  3. InMotion – ideal for both shared and virtual private server hosting
  4. iPage – the most cost-effective options available but, at the cost of speed
  5. DreamHost – best in terms of storage

We'll present you with an assessment of each supplier, including pricing information, insights into how it scored in our research, and suggestions on who qualified for the lowest costs. " The clock is ticking, so let's get started.

Are you seeking anything more simple?

Check out Squarespace if you're looking for a website builder that also offers managed hosting. Plans start at $12 monthly, and the initial year of your current Squarespace plan will save you 50%.

An email address from your school will do just fine.

No other offers or discounts may be combined with this one, but up to three different websites may receive the discount under the same school email address.

Get started today by searching for your school on Squarespace!

Are you prepared to save money with Squarespace??

In the first year of every Squarespace plan, you can get a 50% discount. Make sure you search for your institution and have your scholastic email ready to get your discount.

The Best Web Hosting Companies for Students

You don't have much opportunity to rest while researching the finer benefits and downsides of different hosting when you have deadlines to meet and parties to attend.

#1. Bluehost

The Best All-Around Web Host

4.4 out of 5

  • For those who utilize WordPress.
  • Unbeatable cost-effectiveness
  • There are numerous freebies to have.

Cost: $2.95 to $209.99 monthly


  • The best host for WordPress users currently available
  • Nothing to lose, money-back after 30 days
  • Huge amounts of free stuff are included with generous programs.


  • More expensive than competitive brands.
  • On the cheapest subscription, you get just five email accounts.
  • The cheapest plan offers just 50 GB of storage space.

Bluehost is our top pick and gets us off to a great start. In terms of both reputation and track record, it's safe to say this provider can be counted on. Overall, it came out on top in our investigation and impressed us with the WordPress capabilities. This isn't surprising, given that WordPress itself recommends them highly!

Bluehost is the best web server we've found, and WordPress even recommends it!

Setting up your personal website couldn't be easier than it is with Bluehost, a user-friendly web hosting service.

Bluehost's $2.95/month Basic plan may not be the cheapest on the market, and it's a wonderful deal.

Bluehost's Basic shared plan, which costs $2.95 per month, is the company's most affordable option.

Unmetered bandwidth & 50 GB storage are included for $2.95 per month. With this plan, you get one website, a free domain name, and backups for free. Bluehost has a wide selection of options that make it a good option for those who want to grow with their website.

You receive a lot of value for your investment – not many providers offer free domains & backups – as well as a consistently solid and dependable service. Basic shared plan renews at $7.99 per month after the first term, which isn't bad.

It is because of this that we recommend Bluehost as a web hosting provider. Bluehost is worth the money, especially if you're just starting out with a WordPress blog and would like to give it the greatest possible start in the virtual world!

Is WordPress something you use?

If that's the case, Bluehost is the clear choice. Plus, it's a wonderful deal at just $2.95 each month!

#2. HostGator

Best Uptime

4.6 out of 5

  • With uptime guarantee of 99.99%
  • Extraordinary characteristics
  • Unlimited e-mails can be sent

Cost: $2.65 to $139.99 monthly


  • Unlimited storage and e-mails are included.
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee means there's no danger.
  • A high uptime helps to avoid system failures.


  • A control panel with an out-of-date aesthetic
  • A better return on investment could be had.
  • No free CDN is included.

HostGator covers all the basics when it comes to the best uptime available on the market. A wide range of hosting options, from shared until dedicated, is available and it's competent in its field. That student who doesn't always have the best grades, but is still loved by the teacher is HostGator. It fared exceptionally well in a dedicated hosting environment, according to our analysis.

You can rest easy knowing that your website will be fully up and running practically all of the time because of HostGator's incredible uptime.

With $2.75 per month, HostGator's shared plans are a decent budget option.

In terms of power and flexibility, HostGator is an excellent choice.

HostGator's shared hosting plans start from $2.75 per month, which is in line with most other providers. The Hatchling plan offers a 60% discount on the initial price, as well as a slew of additional benefits. This is what's included:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSL
  • One-click installs
  • Unmetered storage
  • Limitless email addresses

With the exception of not including free backups or even a free domain, HostGator's shared hosting plans check all the requirements. Our Hatchling plan renews for $6.95 a month after your initial term ends.

How Do You Feel About HostGator?

Hosting superpower HostGator has a starting price of $2.75 per month that's hard to ignore!

#3. InMotion

Hosts VPS and Shared Web Sites

4.5 out of 5

  • Students get a discount.
  • As much as a 58% decrease
  • Enhancing the features

Cost: $2.29 to $739.99 monthly


  • Plans that are both powerful and packed with features
  • Money-back guarantee within the first 90 days
  • The best VPS and shared hosting provider.


  • For those without a university email address, the process becomes more difficult.
  • Renewal fees are expensive.
  • No free CDN is included.

InMotion is a top-notch web hosting service that offers a wide range of options. We found it to be the top choice for both shared & VPS hosting in our investigation. It's a good place to start if you're looking for either.

Students can save up to 50% on shared hosting plans with InMotion Hosting, which offers rates tailored to their needs.

InMotion's shared hosting options are the best we've ever seen, plus students get a 50% discount!

Each of the shared plans offered by InMotion comes with SSD storage, 1 domain, one-click installations, and unlimited bandwidth.

On InMotion's shared hosting Power package, students get a discount. A monthly savings of $5.99 is typical when comparing this to the standard price of $13.99. However, if you're a reader of ours, you'll pay just $2.49 a month instead!

When it comes to shared hosting, InMotion has a middle-of-the-road package called Power that's ideal for small enterprises.

In addition to a year of free domain registration and free SSL security, the Power plan offers unrestricted disk space, unrestricted bandwidth, and unrestricted email. It also comes with marketing tools & 24/7 assistance, so you'll never be alone if the site goes down at 4am.

If you're looking to expand your website, the Power plan from InMotion will put you on the fast track to success.

How much of a savings can you expect? The six-month plan costs $2.49 per month, while the 12-month plan costs $2.49 per month. When you register for a year, you'll save 58%!

In order to receive the discount, you must purchase the Power plan for the first time. After that, you will be charged the usual $13.99 monthly pricing. The one-year free trial is followed by a $15.99 yearly renewal fee.

When signing up for a service, it's always a good idea to see whether there are any current promotions. Sometimes the new user discount can be less expensive than the student rate for up to 3 years, and you can typically lock in that price for that long. In other words, shop around to see if you can find a better offer.

Simply use your.edu email address to get a discount on InMotion's student programs. Call the Confirmations Team having your student ID in hand and they'll get you set up with an.edu email account.

Need a Shared Host with a Lot of Power?

With InMotion's exclusive student discount, you can save more than half off the standard price on the best shared hosting available.

#4. iPage

Best for Cheap Prices, but at the Expense of Speed

3.6 out of 5

  • The uptime is only 99.94%.
  • Low-cost web hosting
  • Plan that works for everyone.

Cost: $1.99 monthly


  • Domain names and email addresses are among the perks offered as freebies.
  • So many benefits at such a low cost.
  • Thirty days of guaranteed money back


  • Hosting that isn't particularly powerful or fast
  • Scalability is limited.
  • Backups and CDN are not included in the price of the service.

iPage's shared hosting plans have a very straightforward and appealing pricing structure — in fact, there is just one fee. Everyone will pay $1.99 a month for its 'one-size-fits-all' shared hosting plan, till the introductory period ends. At 75% off, this is a great deal!

If you're on a budget, iPage is the best option for student web hosting on this list!

A single shared hosting plan is available from iPage, which is highly cost-effective!

Considering the low price of its plan, iPage offers a lot of value for the money.

iPage isn't the fastest or most powerful hosting service, but it's one of the most affordable. There are features for both tiny and expanding sites in its single shared plan, which starts at $1.99 per month.

Many freebies are included as part of this package, which is ideal for students.You can get a free domain name, free SSL certificate, free dragging website builder, domain transfer, 24/7 support, email address, and so much more.

In fact, iPage is proud to say that all of its plans come with over $500 in free bonuses.

After your first term, the discounted price expires and automatically renews at $7.99 per month. Your free domain will expire after one year and will be renewed at a cost of $14.99 per year. If you've lost your identity Card, you can still join this plan!

You're Looking for the Lowest Web Host!

Only $1.99 a month, iPage's one-size-fits-all plan isn't the fastest or the most powerful, but it's the cheapest!

#5. DreamHost

Best for Storage Space

3.1 out of 5

  • It's possible that assistance might be improved.
  • The best WordPress plans
  • Ample room for growth in storage

Cost: $2.95 - $379 monthly


  • WordPress users should consider this option as well.
  • There's no risk because you're covered by a 97-day money back guarantee.
  • Large sites benefit greatly from SSD storage.


  • On the cheapest package, SSL is not pre-installed.
  • It's not as good as the competition's support.
  • You won't get free emails or a CDN with this deal.

For those looking for hosting that is officially suggested by WordPress, DreamHost comes highly recommended on this list. We found that it has the most storage space of any layout we reviewed.

Starting fees are low, and DreamHost has been approved by WordPress itself!

The $2.59/month Shared Starter plan from DreamHost is the company's most budget-friendly option.

In terms of price, the inexpensive plan is the most enticing; nevertheless, the following level up has superior features.

Starting at just $2.59 per month, DreamHost's Shared Basic hosting plan is the company's most affordable option. A free domain name, SSL security, plus WordPress pre-installed are included with that price. Each one of these features has been included to make maintaining your website a breeze.

A 97-day money refund guarantee is also included in DreamHost's shared hosting plans. This means that you may sign up risk-free.

The three-year plan costs $2.59 a month; therefore, this pricing is only valid for three years before increasing to the standard rate of $4.95 per month.

Do you want to be able to expand your abilities?

WordPress users will appreciate DreamHost's plans, which include a lot of storage space. It's a great deal for $2.59 a month!

For Students, Are There Other Web Hosts?

Based on our extensive research, we've narrowed down the top web hosts for students.

In addition to these two, we've also included two of the greatest (and free) web hosting for you to check out, as well. Because we haven't conducted our thorough study on them yet, we haven't featured them within the main body of this evaluation.

In terms of free web hosting, these are the top 2 providers:

  • AccuWeb
  • InterServer.net

The fact that most hosting services want you to pay for your service after a set period of time is worth remembering before you can get too excited.

Taking a closer look at these companies and the free university web hosting they offer, let's see what you receive.

#1. AccuWeb

Free Student Hosting at its Finest

With over a decade of experience in the web hosting industry, AccuWeb Hosting now offers a wide range of hosting services such as cloud, shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated server hosting. Several services, like domain registration & SSL certificates, are also available through this company.

At AccuWeb Hosting, we pride ourselves on our good customer interactions, providing 99.99% uptime, hassle-free cancellations, & 100% customer satisfaction with our services. That's a big one, isn't it?


  • Until you graduate, you are entitled to a free subscription.
  • a large number of features


  • To apply, you'll need to put in some effort.
  • Student hosting does not offer a free SSL certificate.

This is a shared hosting plan from AccuWeb, but with student-friendly pricing. These are only a few examples:

  • Backups  – There will be no downtime or data loss on your website.
  • 30 GB bandwidth – Data transfer between your site to its visitors — the quantity of data that can be exchanged – defines how much volume your site can handle.
  • 2 GB SSD storage – the ability to store data on a fast SSD for optimal performance on your website.
  • Free 25 email addresses  – perfectly fit to start your own company
  • CloudFlare  – increases site performance while ensuring its safety against cyber-threats

With a free student plan, you may host a single website without having to worry about annoying adverts, pop-ups, or banners. Although 2GB of storage may not sound like enough, it should be plenty for most medium-sized websites.

Any website you now own can be transferred for no charge to AccuWeb's student plan if you choose to do so. With cPanel as its backend, AccuWeb makes it simple to add third-party applications like WordPress with a click.

AccuWeb's hosting plan does not provide a free SSL certificate, which is a drawback. All websites use SSL to secure sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

AccuWeb sells its own SSL certificates for $49 a year, but you may also buy them through a registrar such as GoDaddy for a lower price.

Fortunately, your hosting will stay free until you complete your degree.

You can apply if you're a current or upcoming student in a well-known school and can provide proof of your enrollment.

The actual application procedure is a little more time-consuming, but it shouldn't eat up much more of your day. In order to get started, go to AccuWeb's social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube and follow them.

Once you've completed that, you'll need to make a two-minute film detailing your predictions for the next major technological development in the next decade. After you've posted it to a social media platform like YouTube, send an email to AccuWeb using your school email account.

AccuWeb claims to give out two to three free hosting accounts to students each day. The best way to see other people's videos is to YouTube Search for 'AccuWeb Hosting Free Web host for Students'. In order to get your account approved, AccuWeb appears to prefer that customers provide comments on their experience.

Once a student has applied and met the requirements, AccuWeb Hosting will provide them with free hosting till they graduate.

#2. InterServer.net

The best option for features

From shared hosting towards dedicated server hosting, InterServer.net provides a broad array of services. With a 24/7 customer service team, it's known for being an affordable option.


  • E-mail and website storage are both unrestricted.
  • You know exactly what you're getting up for if you have a clear price plan.


  • The annual renewal fee of $5 is excessive when compared to similar offers.
  • For the first year, it's free.

InterServer.net's free university hosting plan includes a wide range of thoughtful extras. The Basic Web Hosting package, that normally costs $5 per month, is the reason for this discount. You'll be able to host an unlimited number of websites and send an unlimited number of emails. Isn't that a lot of free space?

All of this is included at no additional charge, so there are no hidden fees at all. SSD storage is used by InterServer.net, and the user-friendly cPanel control interface is included as standard.

For the first year, InterServer.net's student plan is completely free of charge for students. At $5 a month after that, it's not too awful if you shop about to see if there are any better prices available.

If you'd like to take advantage of InterServer's free student hosting for the next academic year, all you have to do is register using your undergraduate email address (ending in.edu).

Students can get a year of free web hosting from InterServer.net's Standard Web Hosting package.


What is the cheapest web hosting service?

If your application is accepted, the free student plan from AccuWeb Hosting is the finest deal around. Otherwise, iPage's $1.99 monthly plan is the most cost-effective option available.

Is it important if my hosting provider uses cPanel?

It's all up to you! Managing your servers, accounts, and websites can all be done through the control panel. Since it's so simple and trustworthy, cPanel has become a popular choice for web hosting control panels since it provides a clean and easy-to-use platform for managing your site. However, not all service providers employ it, and that's fine — it's all about personal preference!

Where can I get the lowest web hosting service?

Because you share services with other websites on the same server, shared hosting is the most affordable option. As the most basic of all hosting options, it's also the most affordable and widely available! In our analysis, InMotion was the top shared hosting company, while DreamHost was the greatest value for the money.


From free plans to high-quality hero hosting providers, this post has examined the finest options for students. We've compared and contrasted them to help you decide which one is ideal for your situation.


  1. Bluehost – the greatest web hosting company
  2. HostGator – best uptime
  3. InMotion – ideal for both shared and virtual private server hosting
  4. iPage – the most cost-effective options available but, at the cost of speed
  5. DreamHost – best in terms of storage

Bluehost is the best web hosting service for students. As the finest overall host, you should start with Bluehost's shared plans if you're unclear which one is right for you. When making your decision, keep in mind that it's the popular WordPress host as well.

With HostGator's excellent uptime and InMotion's extensive feature set, both are excellent options especially on its shared and VPS plans.

A film for AccuWeb Hosting is the ideal way to receive free web hosting, as you won't have to pay till you graduate from college or university. Your application may or may not be accepted, however you will be responsible for purchasing your own SSL certificate.

Periodic sales for new clients offered by almost all hosting providers may actually offer the greatest bargain. To put it another way, it's like getting a great deal at an established brand store instead of a charity shop. Unlike student discounts, which often expire after one year, your sale price can be locked in for up to 3 years.

These suppliers all offer inexpensive pricing and excellent services, but which one will be best for your needs?

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