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Most Reliable and Affordable Shared Web Hosting Providers

The top shared hosting services will be covered in detail in this post. Hosting your website on a shared server is the cheapest option. Your website will be hosted on the same machine as other people's websites if you choose this option. To keep prices down, everyone gets a slice of that server!

Using shared hosting has several drawbacks, the most obvious of which being the resource limitations. While each person has their own private room, they nevertheless share things like dish soap, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. In the event that your housemate has a large number of guests and consumes all of the household supplies.

If another website consumes an excessive amount of your open resources, your website's performance may suffer and it may even crash. If another site experiences a rapid increase in traffic, this can occur.

For one-page or static websites, shared hosting is the ideal option. Think of blogs or company websites that don't necessitate a lot of user engagement.

It's not a good option if you desire high-quality material, such as a large image gallery, or you want to sell products online. VPS hosting is a better option for this.

It's common for web hosts to provide shared hosting plans. So, how can you choose the best when there are so many options? We're here to help. In order to find the finest shared hosting services, we've done our own exhaustive study.

Take a glance at these 8 shared hosting services and see which one is ideal for your website:

  1. Overall, InMotion is the best shared hosting service on the market.
  2. HostGator - The best customer service and assistance.
  3. Bluehost is the best option for freebies.
  4. Best customer service: A2 Hosting.
  5. In terms of value for money, DreamHost is the best option.
  6. For reliability, SiteGround is the best option.
  7. GreenGeeks – The greenest web hosting company.
  8. If you're on a budget, Hostgator is the best.

Just keep in mind that once the promotion period is finished, prices will be renewed at higher cost. To be on the safe side, it's always wise to double-check the length of any promotional period before signing up for anything.

On a shared server, your website's disk space tells you how much data is stored there. In order to accommodate all of the website's information on the disk, this is a very crucial function.

A server's " uptime " is the length of time it is operational. This tells you how frequently the site you own will be online, then unavailable due to a bad server. HostGator's 99.99 percent uptime is great, yet achieving 100% uptime is unrealistic.

On a shared hosting plan, the term " amount of sites " means the total list of sites you can host! If you want more than one to two sites, you'll need to switch to a more expensive plan to get access to unlimited sites.

The amount of monthly visits is a good indicator of how busy your site will be on a shared hosting plan. If your site's traffic surpasses a certain limit, it will slow down and crash, depending on the shared hosting package.

#1: InMotion

The Best All-Around Shared Web Hosting Company

4.6 out of 5

Money Worth 4.15 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 5 out of 5 stars

Features 5 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 5 out of 5 stars

Uptime 3.5 out of 5 stars


  • Exceptional shared hosting options
  • Overall, the best shared hosting company.


  • Other providers' uptime isn't quite as great as ours.
  • There are more affordable options available.

Overall, InMotion is the greatest shared hosting company. With limitless disk space & higher uptime, a shared hosting plan that includes free backups & a free name suffices.

Launch, Power, & Pro are the only shared hosting plans offered by InMotion. This includes a freebie domain name as well as an unlimited number of mailboxes and disk space. All three also offer free security suites, SSL security, and marketing tools.

In terms of price, Lite is the cheapest priced $2.49 monthly. You can get 6 websites and twice the performance with InMotion's Power plan, which costs $7.99 a month. Limitless websites, expert support and four times greater performance are included on the Pro plan at $12.99 per month.

#2: HostGator

Assistive or Helpful

4.6 out of 5

Money Worth 0 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 0 out of 5 stars

Features 0 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 5 out of 5 stars

Uptime 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • A 99.99% rate for uptime.
  • Exceptional assistance and support options.


  • Having a back-up isn't free; it costs extra.
  • There are no free domain names.

In the realm of web hosting, HostGator is a powerhouse name. If you're looking for an all-around hosting company on the marketplace, you'll find it at HostGator.

All 3 of its own shared hosting plans include with unmetered bandwidth, a freebie SSL certificate, and one-click installation. To make matters even better, this shared hosting provider has an incredible uptime of 99.99%!

It costs $2.75 a month for HostGator's Hatchling plan, which includes 1 domain and some basic tools. Baby plan, which unlocks an unlimited number of domains for $3.95 monthly, is the next step up. You can upgrade to Business plan, which costs $5.95 per month, for more advanced features including a complimentary dedicated IP address & SEO tools.

All the shared hosting options are available at HostGator. Its emphasis on convenience and price makes it a great option!

#3: Bluehost

Best at Providing Free Bonuses

4.5 out of 5

Money Worth 3 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 4 out of 5 stars

Features 5 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 5 out of 5 stars

Uptime 4 out of 5 stars


  • The plans all feature numerous freebies.
  • One of WordPress's most well regarded service providers.


  • Can't compete with its rivals in terms of value for money
  • Free SSL protection is only available with the Pro package.

In comparison to its competitors, Bluehost provides a bunch of useful extras, like domain confidentiality, yet it may be a better bargain. The uptime score of 99.98 percent puts it on par with InMotion for features, but it trails only by a hair behind HostGator's.

Domain manager, spam specialist, and CloudFlare's content delivery network are just some of the extras that come with this plan.

In the end, the Basic plan does the talking. A single website, 50GB of SSD storage, unlimited, & SSL security are all included in the $2.95 monthly fee for shared hosting.

Plus plan costs additional $3 per month than the Basic plan, but it provides significantly higher restrictions. In addition to the unrestricted number of domains and limitless storage, you also receive $200 in market offers and the services of a spam specialist.

Bluehost's Choice Plus plan is the one that's most often recommended. Have promotional pricing, you receive all the features of the Plus plan, plus domain privacy & Basic CodeGuard site copies for just $5.95.

There is a monthly fee of $13.95 if you'd like to upgrade to Pro plan. The advanced capabilities, such as a high-performance server, provide you more clout than the other three tiers.

WordPress has ranked Bluehost as the best shared hosting provider, so if you've got a modest WordPress site, it could be a good fit.

Bluehost offers four different shared hosting plans, each with its own set of standard and add-on capabilities. 

#4: A2 Hosting

The best in terms of customer support

4.1 out of 5

Money Worth 3.85 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 5 out of 5 stars

Features 4.4 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 5 out of 5 stars

Uptime 2.5 out of 5 stars


  • Exceptional customer support
  • a money-back guarantee that can be used at any moment


  • There are no free domain names.
  • Only the Turbo package comes with free backups.

In terms of shared hosting, A2 Hosting is a respectable option that provides excellent value for the money. Free site migration and limitless disk space are only 2 of the perks that set this company apart from the competition.

If there's an issue with your servers, A2 Hosting will notify you immediately so that you won't get left in a gloom, struggling to figure out what's wrong.

A2 hosting places a high importance on speed, dependability, and customer service, all of which are represented in the company's three different pricing tiers. Free SSL security & SSD storage are included in the $3.92 monthly fee for the Lite version of the plan. This, plus limitless database and websites, is included in the Swift plan's $4.90 per month price.

The most expensive option is Turbo, which comes in at $9.31 monthly. An A2 Site Accelerator & Turbo Server, that can increase page loading rates by 20 times, are included in this package.

With A2 Hosting's shared hosting services, you can rest assured that your website will run smoothly.

#5: DreamHost

Highest Relative Cost

4.1 out of 5

Money Worth 4.85 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 4 out of 5 stars

Features 4.4 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 3.35 out of 5 stars

Uptime 2.5 out of 5 stars


  • The most cost-effective option available.
  • Ideal for small WordPress blogs and sites


  • Lack of assistance and support
  • 99.95% uptime

DreamHost is one of the recommended hosting companies by WordPress and offers a broad array of shared hosting options.

DreamHost may not be the best in terms of customer service or uptime, and with a guaranteed 97-day money-back and extremely low costs, it's hard to argue with the company's value.

A Shared Starter plan has a monthly cost of $2.59. Free SSL, free domain and fast SSD are just a few of the perks you'll receive. WordPress is already pre-installed, so you don't have to do anything.

Upgrades to a Shared Unlimited plan cost $7.95 a month. In addition to the features of the Starter plan, you'll have access to an unlimited number of websites and emails that use your domain.

DreamHost has earned the distinction of a 'provider with greatest value for the money' thanks to the services it offers at these costs. Aside from the fact that DreamHost is regarded by WordPress, shared plans are also suited for WordPress websites.

WordPress-approved DreamHost provides excellent value for the money.

#6: SiteGround

The most dependable option

3.9 out of 5

Money Worth 2.15 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 1.5 out of 5 stars

Features 4.4 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 5 out of 5 stars

Uptime 4 out of 5 stars


  • Hosts that you can trust
  • All mentioned shared plans come with free backups.


  • Disk space is at a premium.
  • There are no free domain names.

With its emphasis on speed and security, SiteGround is an attractive choice for personal & small-business web sites. SiteGround's 99.98 percent uptime guarantee is among the best in the industry for shared hosting.

In terms of disk space and money worth, it falls short of the competition. SiteGround's maximum disk space is 40 GB, compared to comparable hosting services that offer limitless disk space.

StartUp, GrowBig, & GoGeek are 3 shared hosting plans offered by SiteGround. For all plans, SiteGround includes its "essential" features, which are free as follows:

  • SSL Security
  • website builder
  • email accounts
  • daily backups

You can get all of these vital services for $6.99 monthly, plus 1 website, 10GB of storage space, and 10 000 monthly visitors with StartUp.

Unlimited websites & 20GB of disk space are included as part of GrowBig's $9.99 monthly subscription. Additionally, it includes "premium" services, including such free backup restores, plus 25,000 monthly visitors to your site.

For $14.99 a month, you can get 40GB of disk space with the GoGeek plan. Essential & premium features are included in the lesser tiers with 'Geeky' extras like PCI compliant servers. GoGeek's package can now handle up to 100 000 monthly users.

As a third-party recommendation from WordPress, this is an excellent shared hosting option. SiteGround, on the other hand, is not a good choice for individuals who require a lot of storage space.

SiteGround's shared hosting is ideal for personal and small-scale company websites since it is stable and secure.

#7: GreenGeeks

The greenest web hosting company

3.8 out of 5

Money Worth 2.65 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 5 out of 5 stars

Features 4.4 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 4.15 out of 5 stars

Uptime 4 out of 5 stars


  • An eco-friendly web host company that offsets its carbon emissions by more than three times.
  • The company provides a free site transfer to their servers.


  • Just after the initial discount time, the product is somewhat pricey.
  • Once a month, you're limited to one free backup/restore.

One site at a time, GreenGeeks is trying to clean up the web hosting industry, which is surprisingly polluting. GreenGeeks offsets their carbon impact by more than 300 percent by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. Site migration is also available for free, with no strings attached.

Overall, GreenGeeks is a dependable web hosting service with comparable features to those found at the top of this list. However, a few factors prevent it from achieving the highest rankings.

First and foremost, it's expensive. This is a more significant starting price than most of the other providers on this list, with a price bracket of $9.95 – $24.95 monthly. Another drawback is that you only get 1 free backup each month; additional backups cost $25 each, which is prohibitively expensive for a website with often updated material.

#8: Hostinger

Cheapest in terms of price

3.5 out of 5

Money Worth 3.35 out of 5 stars

Disk Space 1.5 out of 5 stars

Features 3.75 out of 5 stars

Support and Help 1.65 out of 5 stars

Uptime 3.5 out of 5 stars


  • Introductory prices are really cheap.
  • There are seven data centers all across the world.


  • Features have been pared back.
  • The guaranteed low level uptime

There is a lot to like about Hostinger's price. With our lowest priced shared hosting plan, you'll pay $0.99 monthly, far less than our nearest competitor's cheapest package. If you don't mind signing up for four years in advance, you can even get a plan for $2.15 monthly after the promotional period has ended. Hostgator's data centers are scattered across the globe, making it possible for worldwide audiences to experience fast loading times.

You have what you bargained for with Hostinger's shared hosting options. No phone assistance is available, and the amenities aren't quite as generous as they may be, such as limited storage. Hostinger also offers the poorest uptime guarantee list, which implies that your site has a higher chance to be offline for longer than with another provider. A nice choice if you're looking for a low-cost alternative for a tiny site, but we wouldn't suggest it for businesses or sites with large traffic.

Despite DreamHost's rock-bottom costs, iPage hasn't been able to take DreamHost's title of "best value for money" away despite offering only one website, no freebie backups, & lowest uptime with 99.94 percent. 

How Do You Decide on a Shared Hosting Company to Use?

  • What if neither of the hosting providers on our list piqued your interest? You may be asking how you're supposed to pick. With so many freebies being thrown at you, it's easy to get confused.
  • There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a shared hosting company, but the following are the three most important:
  • So far, we've heard quite a bit about " uptime ," A high uptime % is something you're looking for in a hosting provider. It's impossible to grow a successful website if the website is constantly unavailable. Nobody buys a piece of art if you put it in a gloomy room and then wonder why no one wants to buy it.
  • What amount are you investing, and what value are you getting in return for your investment? Start by comparing DreamHost, which gives the best money worth on the marketplace. Shop around & compare other providers. Check out Hostinger's plans if you're only looking to keep your expenditures down.
  • How large data can be stored on your web server's hard drive and what amount of data can be transported between your server & your website are two different concepts. Your website's size (the amount of material you have) and traffic (the amount of visitors your site receives) will determine how much of these you'll need to purchase.

Even if you're a novice web developer, money’s value, uptime, and storage space & bandwidth are critical to the success of your website.

It's always a good idea to look into support and help, but this is more of a personal decision; make absolutely sure there are aid alternatives available that you're comfortable with in the event that something goes wrong.

Look at the provider's ability to integrate with WordPress if you have a blog on the platform. For WordPress users, DreamHost, Bluehost and SiteGround remain the top three shared hosting providers.

If you're struggling to keep track of all the freebie add-ons available, focus on the ones that are most important to you. Free domains, backup, and guaranteed money-back are all things to keep an eye out for when shopping around.


What is the finest shared hosting company for a WordPress website?

DreamHost is a better option for shared hosting than Bluehost, according to WordPress itself. Both WordPress and our shared testing show that it's better than the other options we tested.

Is shared hosting better than other hosting options?

Honestly, I don't think so! VPS hosting, which is more scalable than shared hosting, is required by most websites. However, this does not rule out shared hosting as a viable option for those with a simple blog or one-page website. 

Linux vs Windows hosting: Which is better?

Most customers will benefit greatly from Linux hosting because it is both faster and generally less expensive. This type of hosting solution is not necessary unless you have unique requirements for it.


We've taken a deep look at eight of the top shared hosting services available today in this post. Each shared hosting company has been examined in detail, along with their benefits, drawbacks and rates. We've also provided our best advice on how to pick the right one for your needs.


In terms of shared hosting, these are the best:

  • Overall, InMotion is the best shared hosting service on the market.
  • HostGator - The best customer service and assistance.
  • Bluehost is the best option for freebies.
  • Best customer service: A2 Hosting.
  • In terms of value for money, DreamHost is the best option.
  • For reliability, SiteGround is the best option.
  • GreenGeeks – The greenest web hosting company.
  • If you're on a budget, Hostinger is the best.

Always keep an eye out for necessities, such as uptime, disk space, money value, and bandwidth, and the extras that cater to your special requirements, such as free domains or customer support.

It's time to get started with your shared hosting plan, because your digital housemates are eagerly awaiting!

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