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Drupal Hosting: A Curated List of The Best Drupal Hosts

  1. Acquia
  2. Nexcess
  3. FastComet
  4. Platform.sh
  5. SiteGround
  6. InMotion
  7. Hostinger
  8. A2 Hosting
  9. Kamatera
  10. Host Papa
  11. Green Geeks
  12. HostGator
  13. Cloudways
  14. Site5
  15. iPage
  16. JustHost
  17. Pair
  18. Rochen
  19. Vultr

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

The CMS allows users to manage their own content on their Web site without any technical knowledge of web design, databases, or programming languages.

In its most basic form, Drupal provides a way for you to input text and images onto a Web page. In its most complex form, Drupal provides a framework that allows you to build and manage an entire online community.

Benefits of Drupal

From a backend perspective, drupal is one of the easiest content management systems to build your own website without having any technical knowledge.

Drupal makes it easy to:

  • Add pages and content easily
  • Update your website with one click
  • Add pages and content to your site
  • View/update statistics about visits to individual pages via the admin dashboard
  • Make changes and customize what your website looks like with modules

Is Drupal hard to learn?

Drupal is easy to learn.

You can be up & running creating Drupal websites and modules within a few weeks of dabbling with the platform.

What are Drupal modules?

Drupal modules are add-ons that extend the core functionality of Drupal, such as an administration settings module that allows you to change what information is shown on your websites' admin pages.

Learning what Drupal modules are and what functions they provide will allow a person to customize their website according to what they need it for.

Does Drupal have a one-click install?

Yes, Drupal has what it calls an installation profile called "quick". This is what you'll want to use the first time you install.

You can also upgrade to a more robust Drupal installation later on if you so choose.

Does Drupal have an automatic update feature?

Yes, Drupal has what it calls a "code updater" that will check for any patches and upgrades to modules or the core code. It will provide what's called a "diff" (a difference) between what your site is and what the update will apply to.

It will roll back any changes that have been made to your site if you like (sometimes there are conflicts between what's currently on your site and what Drupal wants to install).

Drupal Web Hosting

Drupal was built for the LAMP stack — Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

  • Linux: An operating system that runs great on PC’s and servers.
  • Apache: A server software running these web sites or scripts.
  • MySQL: The database(s) of information that control the content on your site.
  • PHP: A very popular programming language that webpages and applications are written in.

Quality Drupal hosting providers will provide the best Linux server for Drupal, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stacks.

drupal 8

Drupal Installation Core Requirements

The core installation takes up 15 MB of space. Remember: you’ll need more disk space for themes, modules, and content to customize your website.

Drupal recommends 60 MB of free hard drive storage or higher for a complex site with many different features like yours (i.e., blogs/forums). Tip: Check the file paths in its configuration settings before proceeding (it should be an absolute path).

System Requirements - Drupal Version 8

Let's look at the system requirements for Drupal 8 - however, we recommend you check the official documentation from Drupal before choosing a hosting plan.

  • Supported Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • Mobile: Chrome (Android and iOS), Safari iOS, Opera Mini, Firefox ESR, Explorer,
  • Recommended Databases: MariaDB, Percona, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Recommended Web Servers: Nginx, Apache, Microsoft IIS
  • PHP Requirements: 7.2 or higher.

How to choose a hosting provider for a Drupal website?

There are two main things to keep in mind when choosing a Drupal hosting provider.

First, what type of website do you want to run?

Second, how much space does your website need?

Many drupal hosting providers will claim they can offer drupal hosting for your drupal website or CMS at low prices.

It is worth noting that Drupal hosting may be cheap but drupal can still be a resource hog if not configured correctly.

If you are just planning to run a smaller blog or website, then hosting will be easy — basically, any one of the popular hosting providers can work.

Will Drupal work on shared hosting?

While Drupal will work on shared hosting, you should be prepared to file in a few minutes after.

It's better to use a service that offers dedicated drupal websites and what is called "managed hosting" where someone else takes care of the technicalities.

This way, you don't have to worry about what is going on with the server.

An In-Depth Look At The Top Drupal Hosting Services

- Drupal.org: This is what I would use for my first installation. It's free but if you plan on going big with your website, you should invest in a more robust Drupal installation instead of using the quick Drupal install profile.

- Acquia: This is what I would recommend for agencies or teams who have a lot of clients that need websites built using different technologies and CMSs such as WordPress or Drupal.

- SiteGround: SiteGround offers what they call "Drupal Cloud Hosting" which automatically updates your Drupal installation.

- Pagely: This is what I recommend for larger, enterprise sites using what they call "managed Drupal hosting." They are also certified by the Acquia partnership network.

Acquia Web Hosting

I recommend Acquia for Drupal hosting if you need Drupal installations that are going to be used by more than one person all the time, or if your client has a large Drupal website that is used 24/7.

For example, Drupal websites powered by Acquia can handle high volumes of traffic and they can handle lots of updates in a secure environment.

Acquia Drupal Hosting also provides automatic cloud backups and the Drupal updates are performed by Acquia's team of Drupal experts, so if anything goes wrong you know that your Drupal site will be in good hands.

Be aware that because Drupal sites hosted on Acquia's servers are updated automatically, this means that they can take longer to start up after a Drupal core update.


FastComet Drupal hosting is really easy to set up and the Drupal installation process takes less than a minute.

This Drupal cloud hosting provider also offers automatic Drupal core updates and Drupal development tools for faster Drupal site-building.

If you have any issues with your FastComet Drupal host, their customer support will be able to help you out with any Drupal questions or Drupal problems you may have.


Platform.sh Drupal hosting is what I would use for Drupal sites that are going to be very complex or that are going to need a lot of server power and storage space, so I would recommend this Drupal cloud hosting platform for Drupal websites with big databases.

This Drupal host uses the latest version of Drupal 8 and they offer Drupal hosting for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.


I would recommend hosting from SiteGround for Drupal sites that will be used by one or two users, or I'd recommend it for Drupal sites that aren't going to experience a lot of traffic on them.

SiteGround is also the choice if you want a stripped-down Drupal installation without any extra features enabled.

Core updates are automatic with Drupal Hosting from SiteGround and the installation process takes less than a minute.

If you need any more resources or if you run into any problems, their customer support will be able to help out with any Drupal issues right away!


InMotion Drupal hosting is the way to go if you want Drupal cloud hosting that takes no more than a couple of minutes.

InMotion Drupal Hosting also has automatic core updates and Drupal development tools for faster site building, plus awesome customer support.


Hostinger is what I would recommend for Drupal sites that are going to be used by a few people or they want Drupal cloud hosting without all the bells and whistles of some Drupal cloud hosts.

It also provides automatic Drupal core updates and development tools for faster Drupal site-building. Their customer support can help out with issues as well.

A2 Hosting

A2 Drupal hosting offers Drupal hosting and has streamlined management for fast site-building.

Drupal core updates are automatic and Drupal development tools make Drupal site-building faster.

This cloud host is also a great choice if you want Drupal hosting without extra features like email configuration or backups.


Kamatera Drupal hosting is the Drupal cloud host that I would recommend if you want Drupal hosting with lots of access to Drupal experts.

With their Drupal experts and development tools, your site will be up faster than other Drupal sites hosted on other Drupal clouds.

If your website needs extra resources or helps getting set up Drupal cloud hosting from Kamatera Drupal is for you.

Host Papa

With HostPapa, you can have your Drupal site up and running in minutes.

Their MySQL servers are optimized for the most stable versions of PHP and provide ultimate performance and reliability.

Plus with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by our reliable MySQL hosting solutions - there’s no better place to host your Drupal website or web app

HostPapa's hosting platform includes many beneficial features for Drupal users including a free SSL within the hosting package, and it expands to meet your needs as well.

Green Geeks

GreenGeeks Drupal Cloud hosting is very affordable which makes it a great option for small Drupal websites and blogs.

Green Geeks Drupal cloud hosting has been created specifically for Drupal users with their fast loading time, easy installation process, and ability to scale up as your site does.

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