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Best cPanel Hosting Providers: Take Control of Your Hosting Today

Along with it's own user-friendly design and dependability, cPanel is a prominent control panel. For this reason, many hosting companies employ cPanel, making it difficult to determine which one to use. Now you can contrast the finest cPanel hosts next to each other, learn about their benefits and drawbacks, and decide which one is ideal for you.

Most hosting companies provide their customers with a control panel. Consider your control panel to be a dashboard — it's the interface through which you manage the hosting services, accounts, and server functions all in one location. It simplifies the management of domains, emails, backups, and other items.

Since it provides simple operation for your website, cPanel is among the most popular control panel options. It has a plethora of tools and, most significantly for your comfort of mind, it is incredibly dependable.

Selecting the perfect cPanel for you might be difficult because it is so readily accessible from a variety of hosting companies. We conducted our own expert study and identified the top seven cPanel hosting companies.

Whether you select number one and number seven, we can be confident that you are getting the best of the best in the cPanel industry. And, if you want to brush up on the fundamentals of cPanel before diving in.

Things To Consider When Choosing cPanel Hosting

Disk space

Disk space, often known as storage space, is the amount of space available for storing your website's content. Consider files, photos, pages, and all the other wonderful elements that comprise your website — they all want a home! If your space is insufficient, it's simple to envision the problems you'll have as you continue to add material to your site.


Uptime is the proportion of time a server is operational, implying that the websites it supports are likewise operational. Will anybody ever come to your website if your servers are always down? Uptime is critical for staying ahead of the competition, so maintain it as close to 100 percent as feasible. HostGator, for example, boasts a 99.99 percent uptime!


The rates ahead reflect the discounts that these providers are offering to new clients. That is the lowest amount you can anticipate to spend if you join up for the most basic hosting service.

The price & disk space available will vary based on the kind of hosting you select and the plan you register for.

Compare the Best cPanel Hosting Providers

#1. Bluehost

Overall, The Best Hosting Company

  • Ideal for WordPress websites
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Refunds are issued within 30 days.
  • Price Range: $2.95 - $209.99 / month


  • WordPress recommends the best.
  • Plans with a lot of features at a low price
  • 99.98 percent uptime is guaranteed.


  • Be wary of checkout add-ons.
  • There are no cloud hosting options available.
  • The lowest package only includes 50GB of storage.

Bluehost goes the extra mile for its customers. Bluehost's managed WordPress plans, for example, include:

  • A free domain name to offer your website a more distinct personality.
  • Automatic software upgrades to keep your site secure and up to date
  • Backups are provided for free to provide a stress-free experience.
  • Storage is unlimited, allowing your site to develop at its own pace.
  • Unmetered bandwidth allows you to experience high traffic volumes.
  • Bluehost's WooCommerce plans for online businesses include a pre-installed ecommerce theme as well as one-click installation of major payment processing technologies.

#2. HostGator

Best Uptime

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.99 percent
  • Exceptional characteristics
  • Refunds are issued within 45 days.
  • Paid plans range from $2.65 to $139.99 per month.


  • Control panel is simple to use.
  • The highest uptime of any host on this list.
  • Outstanding option for dedicated hosting


  • The Support Portal might be overwhelming.
  • It's not the cheapest host available
  • The control panel style is a touch old.

HostGator not only wins the top uptime score, but also the best dedicated hosting service award.

So, what exactly makes this so good? To begin with, it debuts with an amazing 99.99 percent uptime. Due to minor upgrades and server failures, it is the greatest uptime rating you can reasonably anticipate from any service.

HostGator is a distant contender to Bluehost, combining a good uptime rating with a wide range of support choices, a wide variety of hosting kinds, and a slew of amazing features ( eg. CodeGuard).

Furthermore, HostGator has tailored its cPanel at all to make it easier to use — simple to explore and locate everything you need. In case you get lost, there are lots of videos, blogs, and tips in the HostGator help page!

HostGator did very well in the dedicated hosting category. You receive a strong set of features, such as:

  • SSL security is included to keep visitors secure and Google satisfied.
  • 1TB of storage space for storing a large amount of data
  • To meet your requirements, you may choose between Linux and Windows hosting.
  • Unmetered bandwidth is available to accommodate excessive traffic.
  • 8GB RAM is required to keep things working properly.

That's only for the most basic dedicated plan!

The lowest dedicated plan from HostGator is the appropriately called Value Server plan, which costs $89.98 monthly for new users. If you're not ready for dedicated hosting services, HostGator's smallest shared plan costs little enough as $2.75 per month.

#3. InMotion

Best Shared And Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • WBE readers receive a discount on optimized VPS cPanel.
  • Refunds are issued within 90 days.
  • Paid Plans range from $2.29 to $739.99 per month.


  • High-quality features On all VPS plans, we tested VPS optimized cPanel.
  • The best shared hosting available on the market


  • Plans that are too expensive lower the value for money.
  • 99.97 percent uptime might be improved.
  • There will be no Windows hosting for specialized users.

Whenever it comes to hosting services and VPS hosting, InMotion is unrivaled. It won the title for both forms of hosting, with high marks for features, storage capacity, and assistance and support.

Most people begin with shared hosting since it is the most basic choice, and InMotion provides a variety of tools to ensure your site gets off to the best possible start. The $2.49 monthly Lite plan, which includes unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate, is an excellent starting point. Site Builder Experts readers receive additional InMotion savings - simply go to InMotion's website but these will be added instantly.

When it comes time to upgrade your site's hosting, you can rely on InMotion and provide excellent VPS hosting as well. Plans begin at $29.19 a month and include features like root access (for complete control and customization of your server), free backup system (for tranquility), and up to 260GB storage to allow your site to grow.

InMotion's cPanel is simple and straightforward, with everything on a single page.

This makes it simple to administer different portions of your site and track information such as bandwidth use. You may either browse or use the menu link at the top to go to the section you seek, or you can just use the search function to narrow down your list.

One of the additional benefits of utilizing cPanel with InMotion is that you receive a truly personalized service, while cPanel can be properly designed for VPS hosting. cPanel VPS Optimized ensures that resources are used as efficiently as possible, enhancing performance and speed.

This version of cPanel is offered in all of InMotion's VPS plans — when you combine that highly optimized service with InMotion's top-tier features, you've got a winning combo!

#4. A2 Hosting

Best for Cloud Hosting

  • Flexible cloud hosting
  • Low uptime
  • Refund within 90 days
  • Paid Plans: $2.99 - $349.99 / month


  • A strong emphasis is placed on speed and security.
  • VPS cloud hosting is quick and adaptable.
  • Policy of generous money-back guarantee


  • Worst uptime assurance at 99.95%
  • The clumsy sign-up procedure might be improved.
  • Doesn't live up to our support standards.

Poor customer service is among the most aggravating aspects of the business - you don't want to become the last person to hear when something bad happens with your website! With A2 Hosting, you won't have to worry about it. A2 Hosting's customer care is lightning fast and eager to assist!

A2 Hosting particularly stood out in our investigation for its excellent cloud hosting, which allows you to modify your plan resources based on your demands.

A2 Hosting uses cPanel due to its straightforward design and simple interface. It powers its shared, VPS, devoted, and reseller servers with this popular control panel, and it combines cPanel and high-performance SwiftServers to offer your site the power and speed it requires.

What about hosting? A2 Hosting is a good option; in our analysis, it received 4.3 stars out of 5. It offers a comprehensive range of assistance and support solutions, and a diverse choice of hosting alternatives.

A2 Hosting's downfall, however, was its relatively low uptime score of 99.95 percent. Despite this problem, it was among the top three companies for shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, & managed WordPress hosting.

A2 Hosting's lowest shared hosting plan is $3.92, and it comes with a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

There are lots of videos and blogs in the A2 Hosting support area to help you come to grips with cPanel, and you can easily contact them in person if you have any issues.

#5. SiteGround

Best in Terms of Dependability

  • Excellent assistance
  • Disk space is limited.
  • Refunds are issued within 30 days.
  • Paid Plans range from $6.99 to $240 per month.


  • WordPress-recommended hosting provider
  • Hosting that is dependable and has essential characteristics
  • Daily backups are free and automatic.


  • Another WordPress-recommended web host
  • Hosting that is trustworthy and includes important features
  • Backups are free and automated on a daily basis.

If your primary concern is consistent, stress-free, and dependable hosting, SiteGround is the right solution for you. To make maintaining your account easier, all SiteGround plans feature cPanel. SiteGround's management panel allows you to manage your domains, view your payments, and even contact support.

SiteGround provides a plethora of hosting alternatives. It did not stick out in our analysis for various reasons — it is securely positioned among its competitors, receiving 4 out of 5 stars.

SiteGround provides six different types of hosting. Its dedicated WordPress hosting is the most powerful of these. It is not the number one hosting provider (that title belongs to Bluehost), but it is suggested by WordPress due to its specialized features.

You can receive important WordPress features like free installation & migration, automatic upgrades, daily backups, and expert WordPress support starting at $6.99 per month. It's not quite on the same level as Bluehost, but it's a secure and dependable option.

#6. GoDaddy Hosting

Extra Features are the best

  • A plethora of other services
  • Poor monetary value
  • There are no money-back guarantees.
  • Paid Plans range from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.


  • It is simple to manage various services from a single location.
  • Benefits include a free domain and email.
  • There are several tools and accessories to pick from.


  • Inadequate aid and support alternatives
  • Renewal fees are very expensive.
  • Not all options have free SSL.

 GoDaddy provides an all-in-one package that includes domain names, hosting, email, marketing, and more. It isn't the most complex hosting company available, but it does give you a slew of extra features.

GoDaddy offers a plethora of choices, all of which can be simply managed in one location. As a result, it is a popular, albeit not especially strong, option.

During our assessment, GoDaddy received high scores for features of their shared hosting options. Even on its most basic Economy plan, you can get free backups, free business email for the first year, a free domain, and other perks.

GoDaddy scored well for features in the assessment because of all of those cool extras.

However, when it comes to value for money, GoDaddy was at the bottom of the list. With no money-back guarantee over most hosting plans (even shared hosting) and somewhat high renewal fees, GoDaddy isn't the best value for money.

Because cPanel does not support Windows hosting, you can only receive it from GoDaddy if you join up for one of their Linux hosting plans. We often prefer Linux hosting since it is quicker and generally less expensive, whereas Windows is more particular and isn't required by most customers.

#7. HostPapa

Best for Excessive Renewal Fees

  • Expensive renewal fees
  • Inadequate assistance and support
  • Refunds are issued within 30 days.
  • Paid Plans range from $3.95 to $249.99 per month.


  • A free domain is available.
  • On the lowest plans, bandwidth is unmetered.
  • cPanel is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly control panel.


  • Short-term contracts have a cancellation period of 48 hours.
  • Renewal fees are very expensive.
  • Worst support we've ever encountered.

HostPapa provides a great set of features, and its shared WordPress hosting options rated a record high in our research. You obtain a number of benefits, including:

  • Updates to software for free domains
  • SSL Protection
  • Unrestricted bandwidth

We believe it is better to be transparent and honest, which is why you've been informed that HostPapa does have some quite high renewal fees. While it may have tempting sales incentives for new subscribers, HostPapa isn't so appealing when it comes to renewal time.

As long as you are mindful of the long-term expenditures, HostPapa might be a good option.

HostPapa's three WordPress hosting plans have promotional rates ranging from $3.95 monthly to $12.95 per month. With 99.97 percent uptime, enough storage space, and an user-friendly cPanel, HostPapa provides advantages worth considering.

Other cPanel Hosting Providers

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels on the market, owing to its ease of use. Of course, it stands to reason that there are more providers employing cPanel than the seven on our list - but these are the top seven!

Other providers, who we have examined and can suggest, use their own version of cPanel. These service providers are ideal if you're after a little different yet still user-friendly


Without a doubt, iPage provides the best value for money. On its shared hosting plan, you may host for as little as $1.99 per month, which is 75% off the standard price and provides free domain registration!

The most important thing to understand about iPage is that it does not utilize cPanel; instead, it has its own iPage Interface. The goal of adopting this customized control panel would be to reduce the complexity more than cPanel, keeping it as user-friendly as possible for beginners. This dashboard also enables quick and simple access to all of your administration tools, and its look may be customized to fit iPage.

Overall, iPage is an excellent, low-cost hosting company that is ideal if you want to keep things simple. Its "one-size-fits-all" shared hosting plan eliminates the need to worry about rising prices as your website expands.


DreamHost is the greatest storage space hosting supplier. DreamHost uses a bespoke control panel named DreamHost Panel instead of cPanel.

DreamHost Panel is comparable to cPanel in that it gives you control on everything from servers to your account and payments, access support, and more. It includes straightforward menus, useful connections, and all search boxes for rapid repairs.

DreamHost is another WordPress-recommended service that offers an excellent set of features.


WPEngine caters to WordPress users, offering four WordPress Hosting services.

It's no surprise that this WordPress expert bundle includes first-rate guidance and support. You'll need to sign up for the $115 per month Growth plan to get access to 24/7 phone assistance, or opt for the Custom plan to get consultative onboarding (ooh).

WPEngine employs its own variant of cPanel, which it developed in order to provide users with the greatest WPEngine experience possible. This control panel is known as User Portal, and it gives you access to all essential functions such as visitor statistics, storage and bandwidth consumption, and domain management.

Comparing cPanel and Custom Control Panel

For the sake of simplicity, all control panels will do the same thing – you'll have a centralized, all-in-one location to manage your site's critical features.

While various providers may tweak their cPanel, the fundamentals remain the same. You have access to normal cPanel guidelines and manuals online, and moving between providers is simple.

Custom control panels offer a more personalized and customized solution, complete with the provider's own data and layout to benefit you or your site. There is, however, additional risk — you don't know how easy or tough it will be to use, and switching providers later on may be more complicated.

Some companies even provide a control panel demo, which is a wonderful way to verify if it ticks all of your boxes before signing up.

Best cPanel Hosting Providers: FAQs

Is cPanel completely free?

cPanel is not a free service on its own; it starts at $15 per month. However, most hosting companies provide it as part of your hosting package for free, so you won't have to pay anything more! Some will provide it to you for free for the first year, but will charge you extra after that, so always double-check your plan before signing up.

Is my control panel private?

Yes! To access any control panel, whether cPanel or a custom one, you must first log in. It's critical to keep your control panel safe since it contains all of your website's vital information and settings. You don't want a random stranger to break into your account and start messing with your domains or emails!

Is cPanel suitable for all forms of hosting?

cPanel can solely be used for Linux hosting; it cannot be used for Windows hosting. Most individuals should have no trouble with this because Linux is the most common and frequently recommended kind of hosting. It's quicker, less expensive, and more up to date. If you do require Windows hosting, you may use Plesk instead of cPanel — many providers provide both, so no one is left out.


This post has compiled the seven greatest cPanel providers, as well as exposed you to several that have gone their own approach but may still be strongly recommended.

cPanel is a control panel that helps to manage and administer your domains, website, email accounts, server settings, and more from a single location. It's a well-known, user-friendly control panel that's utilized by the majority of hosting companies.

How about the rest of it? These aren't the only high-quality providers — we looked at others that utilize their own proprietary control panels, and iPage, DreamHost, and WPEngine have all worked hard to deliver you a control panel that can compete with cPanel.

Overall, we'd have to say that Bluehost is the finest company to go with. It has the features, the costs, and the dependable control panel. Bluehost, the clear champion of WordPress hosting and the finest overall hosting company, doesn't leave much space for competitors.

Don't let the things settle after this contest — choose your winner, take charge of your cPanel, and have a pleasant hosting experience!

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