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Cloud Hosting Providers

If you want to learn about cloud hosting then read reviews of the leading providers, this is definitely your place.

With its excellent features and anytime money-back guarantee, A2 Hosting is a top-rated cloud hosting provider. Cloudways or Kamatera are close behind, and we'll look into them lower down the road.

Cloud hosting is ideal for websites that experience huge volumes of traffic at various times. With all of the advantages that cloud hosting provides, you'll want to know which provider is perfect for you.

Cloud Hosting: What is it?

The storing of your website on multiple different servers, allowing you to access resources across multiple sources, is referred to as cloud hosting. As a result, cloud hosting have been a highly scalable, robust, and adaptive form of hosting, making it suitable for heavily trafficked websites, spikes and dips.

There are numerous hosting firms, making it tough to determine which one is best for you. That's why we've spent countless hours studying the perfect cloud hosting companies.

We've produced a list of our top 9 cloud hosting businesses, which were hand-picked for their outstanding features and 100% money-back guarantee.

A2 HostingOverall, the best cloud hosting provider.

  1. CloudwaysA good alternative.
  2. KamateraBest in personalization.
  3. SiteGround : Has incredible features.
  4. HostwindsHas perfect plan on a Budget.
  5. InMotionHas active customer support.
  6. HostGatorUnlimited storage
  7. DreamHostHas the lowest Cloud Hosting prices.
  8. HostingerMany Features In Control Panel.

And we didn't simply make this list up; we cross-referenced their characteristics,examined uptime and dependability, reviewed costs, even tested care and ensured we're providing you the best in the world.

Best Overall for Cloud Hosting

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of digital intelligence. It stores the data required by computers to execute operations. The higher number of RAM you have on your site, the more workload it can handle. 1 to 2 GB should suffice for most websites.

CPU (Computer Processing Unit) is the core of the server. They process information as if they were the brain. Obviously, the more you possess, the more effective your site will be.

Bandwidth is the volume of data that may be sent between servers (such as your website), the internet, or users. Bandwidth determines how much info can travel together in a network's connections and how quickly it can do it. Hosting with adequate bandwidth enables the site to handle significant traffic.

Root Access allows you to personalize the atmosphere of your server. You could install a specialized software, for additional security, and modify settings. This adds more flexibility to the hosting and allows you more control.

Uptime This actually refers to the period of time your website has been up and running. It is difficult to obtain 100 percent uptime, but the goal is to come as close as feasible. After all, if your website goes down, no one will be able to view it.

A2 Hosting

Best Overall for Cloud Hosting

  • Price : $4.99-$69.99
  • Storage : 20GB - 250GB
  • Bandwidth : 2TB - 9TB
  • Free domain name? : No
  • Root access : Yes
  • Money-back guarantee : Yes
  • Free backups : Yes

What to enjoy on A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is unrivaled. It came out on top in our feature search, and it also provides a 24/7 365 money-back guarantee, something no other service offers.

It's also expensive, with cloud options starting from $4.99 a month; though the uptime isn't the best at 99.95 percent, you do receive a slew of useful features.

Up to 12 CPU cores, 250 GB of space, with 32GB of RAM are among the features. You can also host an infinite number of websites, which is something that most cloud hosting services do not allow.

What to improve?

It's a little unpleasant to have to pay for an SSL certificate and not getting a free domain.

A2 Hosting came out top in research

You may also try it risk-free because it comes with a money-back guarantee that can be used at any time.


A Good Alternative

  • Price : $10 - $1290.04
  • Storage : 25GB - 3840GB
  • Bandwidth : 1TB - 10TB
  • Root access : No
  • Money-back guarantee : No
  • Free backups : No
  • Free domain name : No

What to enjoy about Cloudways

Cloudways is a solid second-place choice, and depending on your needs, it could be the top one. You can deploy cloud servers by one of over 25 global locations, and then you can select the region and city you desire.

Which means you'll never be far away from the servers, which is excellent for site speed. It also implies that Cloudways' plans are more adaptable than its competitors'. Prices vary depending on the data center you choose, but you may also choose among monthly and hourly price packages based on what works best for your business.

What to improve?

Cloudways provides excellent customer service on all of its plans, featuring 24/7 real time chat and a simple ticketing mechanism. If you want more than those basic services, you'll have to pay up for one or two paid plans. The Advanced support plan, which costs $100 per month, includes proactive site monitoring or investigations, as well as assistance with customization. If you want 24/7 phone customer help, you'll have to pay for an upgrade to the Premium support plan, that costs $500 per month.

Interested in Cloudways?

Cloudways is a robust and adaptable hosting solution. Could it be a good fit for you?


Best for Personalization

  • Price: $4 - $3700
  • Bandwidth: 1GB - 40GB
  • Storage: 20GB - 1000GB
  • Free backups: No
  • Free domain name: No
  • Root access: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: No

What we enjoy about Kamatera:

Kamatera is the first cloud hosting method that enables you full control over your hosting services, from selecting who has root access to your servers to allocating IP numbers.

Kamatera also provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scaling resources down or up. Server capacity may be raised or lowered in minutes, while components including RAM,CPU, storage space, or even firewalls could be added or removed with a single click on your end.

In summary, Kamatera is ideal if you want a highly customized hosting package.

What can be improved?

If availability is more important to you than personalization, beware that Kamatera can only guarantee 99.95 percent uptime. On average, this is still a high percentage, despite the fact that it only amounts to roughly 4.5 hours of downtime a year. However, when compared to HostGator's and Cloudways' 99.99 percent assurances, Kamatera's uptime falls a bit short.

Do you want complete control over your cloud site?

Kamatera is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows for total personalization.


Best Features

  • Price: $80 - $240
  • Bandwidth: 5TB
  • Storage: 40GB - 120GB
  • Free backups: Yes
  • Free domain name: No
  • Root access: No
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes – offered for 15 days

What we enjoy about SiteGround

You can't go wrong using SiteGround, which provides excellent customer support (from phone, live chat, and as well as email), as well as a 99.98 percent uptime guarantee and superb features. With an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5, our hosting analysis indicated that this is a fairly dependable firm.

What could be done better?

SiteGround dropped a few points in a few areas. For starters, it does not include a free domain name alongside its plans. If you don't already have a domain name, acquiring one for free is a nice perk that many other companies provide. Second, the beginning price of $80 is significantly more than that of other carriers - if you're coming from any shared plan, this will feel like a significant step up.

Having said that,SiteGround tends to perform well across the field, as well as its combination of increased uptime, great support, and low prices makes it an excellent choice and 5TB bandwidth makes it a standout in terms of features.

Siteground provides exceptional customer service.

When a helping hand is vital to you, Siteground is the place to be. With live chat and phone assistance available 24 hours a day, help is never far away.


Best on a Budget

  • Price: $4.99 - $328.99
  • Free backups: No
  • Bandwidth: 1TB - 9TB
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes – 60 days
  • Root access: Yes
  • Free domain name: No
  • Storage: 30GB - 750GB

What to enjoy about Hostwinds:

Hostwinds cloud services include adequate bandwidth, storage, and RAM, as well as one-click installation options for the majority of apps.

The best part of a Hostwinds bundle is the hourly pricing breakdown. For example, its basic cloud hosting plan would cost $0.006931/hour, and its highest cloud computing hosting plan cost around $0.456931/hour. That calculates out to $4.99 and $328.99 per month, respectively, and every Hostwind plan in between is affordable in comparison to the competitors (DreamHost will save you more money). The best part is that this provider's cash guarantee is good for 2 months, which really is longer than others.

How can it be improved?

Hostwinds is inexpensive, and you'll get good value for the money. However, you won't have the same breadth and depth of features as you would with an expensive service. This provider does not offer free domains, free backups, or server customization.

Looking for a low-cost hosting provider?

Hostwinds is an excellent solution for any budget website owner, with hourly pricing and a variety of plans to select from.


Best Help & Support

  • Price: $17.99 - $114.99
  • Storage: 75GB - 260GB
  • Free domain name: Yes (for 6 and 12 month plans)
  • Free backups: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes – 30 days (only for 6+ month plans)
  • Bandwidth: 4TB - 86TB
  • Root access: Yes

What to enjoy about InMotion

Its key selling point has been its customer care, which is available 24/7 by live chat or phone, as well as customer tickets and a thorough knowledge center.

It also performs well in terms of features. Some of the features include free domains with backups, limitless email accounts, websites, unlimited CPU cores, plus root access.

How could it be better?

In comparison to the other providers, InMotion's RAM is quite modest, with a maximum of 8GB. The bandwidth is also limited, which may leave you short if the site suffers unexpected spikes in traffic.


Unmetered Storage

  • Price: $4.95 - $9.95
  • Root access: No
  • Free backups: Yes
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes – 45 days
  • Storage: Unmetered
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • SFree domain name: No

What to enjoy about HostGator

HostGator came out on top in the investigation as the finest web hosting company. Although it is best recognized for its hosting plans, HostGator's 99.99 percent uptime applies to all types of hosting. If you got a huge website in terms of the number of web pages and high-quality content such as pictures – HostGator's unlimited storage will come in handy. Unmetered bandwidth will also assist you in serving varying traffic.

HostGator provides 3 hosting plans, all of which are priced between $4.95 or $9.95 per month. In addition, you'll get never ending email accounts and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

How could it be done better?

Your resources are fairly constrained due to the inexpensive cost. There is no free domain, backup, and root access, so consider whether these things are important to your needs.

HostGator is ideal for rapidly expanding websites.

HostGator provides unmetered storage & bandwidth, giving your site huge room to develop.


Cheapest Cloud Hosting

  • Price: $4.50 - $96
  • Storage: 100 GB
  • Free domain name: No
  • Root access: Yes
  • Free backups: Yes (WordPress sites)
  • Money-back guarantee: No
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

What to enjoy about DreamHost

A service may have excellent hosting capabilities in the world wide web, but if its cost is out of your price range, it will be unable to assist you. Fortunately, DreamHost made cloud hosting available to everyone. Plans start as low as $4.50, and the most costly one costs less than $100. You'll also be paying hourly instead of a fixed rate. Unlimited bandwidth, up to 16 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, as well as a freebie SSL security certificate are also included.

How could it be done better?

However, there are several serious drawbacks, like no domain registration, no personal chat or phone support, and also no refund guarantee (which is good if you're on the basic package, but concerning if there’s none for its $96 per month plan). You're also limited to 100 GB of storage on a DreamHost cloud plan, limiting your ability to fully build your website.

Dreamhost's plans are inexpensive.

Dreamhost is ideal for individuals on a tight budget, but you will have to make some sacrifices in terms of functionality and support.


Best User Friendly Control Panel

  • Price: $9.99 - $56.99
  • Root access: No
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes – 30 days
  • Free backups: Yes
  • Free domain name: Yes
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Storage: 100 - 200GB

What to enjoy about Hostinger

Hostinger is offering 3 low-cost plans with exceptional features such as unmetered bandwidth and speed enhancements from its made - to - order infrastructure, freebie of 1 domain name. Hostinger's security capabilities are particularly outstanding - providing a free SSL certificate for each plan, you can also integrate together with CloudFlare for enhanced protection against cyber attack.

Hostinger is also notable for its one-of-a-kind control interface, which was developed in-house. Hostinger's user-friendly control panel and straightforward for beginners to learn.

How could it be better?

Hostinger's uptime of 99.97 percent is excellent, but it's not the best on this list — if uptime is your main priority, you should look at providers including HostGator and Cloudways, who both give 99.99 percent uptime. Hostinger does not provide phone support — their 24/7 real time chat is excellent, but if you like to interact with the support personnel over the phone, you should search elsewhere.

This service has a solid feature set, and its bespoke control panel sets it apart from the competition.

How Do You Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Provider?

When selecting a cloud hosting company, there are several important variables to consider. We've made an effort to accommodate them here. Only you know what you require; we can only put you in the proper direction.

We propose emphasizing the following items:

Budget. How much money are you willing to invest in hosting?

Customer support. If you're new to web hosting, this can be a lifesaver. It will not only help you through any hosting issues, but it will also teach you how it works.

Money back guarantee. Make sure you're not locked into an 18-month contract for just a service you don't want. It allows you to observe a distributor real time.

Uptime. Is among the most critical aspects to consider. If the website goes down on a regular basis, it becomes a nightmare for everyone concerned, so choosing a provider with almost perfect uptime is a huge benefit.

Root access can be beneficial to those who are more technically savvy. Having control over the server's environment allows you to install additional applications that will directly benefit the site.

The Best Cloud Hosting Providers: Conclusion

Cloud storage is a modern, dependable type of hosting, so it's no surprise you're interested in it!

According to our analysis, there are nine outstanding cloud hosting providers. Each offers something unique to the table, so it's critical to know what you're looking for.

To summarize, let's go over the main suppliers and what they specialize in.

The 9 Best Cloud Hosting Providers: The Roundup

  1. A2 HostingOverall Winner for Cloud Hosting (starting at $5/month).
  2. CloudwaysBest Alternative (starting at $10/month).
  3. KamateraBest for Personalization ( starting at $4/month).
  4. SiteGround : Best Unique Features (starting at $80/month).
  5. HostwindsBest on a Budget (starting at $4.99/month).
  6. InMotionBest Assistance and Support (starting at $34.99/month).
  7. HostGatorUnmetered Storage (starting at $12.95/month).
  8. DreamHostLowest Cost Cloud Hosting (starting at $4.50/month).
  9. HostingerThe Most Effective Control Panel (starting at $29/month).

A2 Hosting is a must choose if you want the best of the best in cloud hosting. It has more features than any of the competitors and does not cost you a gold.

If you're on a tight budget, we recommend DreamHost as a hosting company. It provides the best budget value together with cloud hosting starting at $4.50 per month.

Aside from pricing, the key consideration should be features. Determine what is most critical to you — RAM, storage, uptime, and so on – and proceed from there.

The Best Cloud Hosting Providers: FAQs

What is the distinction between cloud hosting and shared?

Shared hosting has numerous sites using the same server. On the other hand cloud hosting entails several sites sharing the capabilities of numerous servers. Because cloud hosting isn't tied to a single location, it's less prone to being down - if one server fails, another server can pick up the burden.

What is the cost of cloud hosting?

Because cloud hosting is so adaptable, the price paid is determined by the quantity of resources you use. Cloud hosting typically costs approximately $5 per month and can range into the hundreds of bucks (or even thousands). However, most sites would only need to pay between $5 to $50.

Is it possible for me to switch hosting providers?

Yes. It's similar to moving house: you sign up with a new provider, transfer your digital goods to your new location, and then cancel your plan with the previous provider. This may appear difficult, but you'd be shocked at how simple it is. Some companies, such as HostGator, offer to handle the transfer for you.

Can I host my own website?

It is conceivable, but we do not advise it. Excellent hosting is about accessibility — everyone, everywhere, at any time, should be able to access the website. Hosting your own server necessitates a high level of technical knowledge, and you may end up paying more for a less stable server.

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