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Arvixe Company Overview

Arvixe was established in 2003 and provides high-quality, reliable web hosting services at an affordable price.

Santa Rosa, CA 95405, United States

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24/7 Support

Arvixe Plans & Pricing

Wordpress Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

WordPress Hosting

$ 7/mo

Exclusive WordPress Optimized Environment

Unlimited Space & Bandwidth

100% Risk Free for 45 days

24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support

Reseller Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Reseller Class


50GB Disk Space

500GB Monthly Data Transfer

Free Domain Name

Free SSL Certificate For Life

Unmetered Domain Aliases

Unmetered Subdomains

Reseller Class Pro


200GB Disk Space

2000GB Monthly Data Transfer

Free Domain Name

Free SSL Certificate For Life

Unmetered Domain Aliases

Unmetered Subdomains

Arvixe Full Review

Arvixe was established in 2003 and provides high-quality, reliable web hosting services at an affordable price.

Their objective is to provide cheap costs while maintaining the quality and dependability of their services.

They are also one of the fastest-growing hosting companies, well known among their three million members worldwide.

Arvixe is an award-winning hosting service that says volumes about its credibility in the business and among the public.

Arvixe currently runs data servers in two locations: Dallas, TX, and Hong Kong. Both data centers include several backups at all potential failure areas to guarantee that your website experiences as little downtime as possible.

Avixe was sold to Endurance International Group in 2014, which also owns iPage, A Small Orange, BlueHost, and many other renowned web hosting companies.

In this Arvixe Review, we'll take an in-depth look at its performance, reliability, and pricing.

Is it really worth your money hosting your website with this provider? Read on to find out!

Getting Started With Arvixe

To get started, head on to the Arvixe website.

On the homepage, you will immediately see their Superior Web Hosting plan priced at $8.47 per month - assuming that this is their cheapest shared hosting plan. Above this banner are the other web hosting options that you can choose from.

Personal Class - a Linux shared web hosting

Business Class - a business web hosting service

Reseller Class - begin by building, operating, and branding your own web hosting company.

VPS Class - a VPS hosting service

Dedicated Class - a managed dedicated server hosting plan

For this Arvixe Review, we'll explore their shared hosting plan - Personal Class.

With this plan, you get unlimited disk space, unmetered data transfers, six websites, a free domain name, and a lot more.

Once you have browsed and decided the hosting plan you're going for, click Order Now.

Doing this will take you to your shopping cart.

Here, you have to register your domain, or if you already have an existing domain, you can transfer it here as well. Afterward, click Continue.

The next step would take you to the Configure tab. Here, you can choose your preferred billing cycle from a monthly to a 24-month option.

Additionally, you can purchase add-ons to enhance the security and performance of your websites, such as CodeGuard Website Backup, Ad Credits, and SSL Certificates.

Next would be the Domains Configuration. Here, you can purchase add-ons for your domain names, such as DNS Management and ID Protection.

Proceeding to the Review and Checkout tab. Here, you may view your plan and add-ons, as well as your total bill upon signing up.

Additionally, if you have a promo code, you can type that here. I mean, who doesn't love discounts.

The last step would be the Checkout page. You have a few sections to fill up here.

Personal Information - in this section, you have to provide your name, email address, and phone number.

Billing Address - as the name suggests, the address where you want your invoices to be sent.

Additional Required Information - here, you may opt to include your VAT type, business, and number.

Account Security - this is where you set up your password.

Lastly, the payment options. You have two payment alternatives here - via Credit Card or through PayPal.

Once you clicked Complete Order, you should receive an email from Arvixe asking for verification.

After you're done verifying your email, you are now ready to log in to your Arvixe account!

Using and Managing Your Website on Arvixe

You can find the Login button on the upper right part of the Arvixe homepage.

Here, you need to key in the login information that you registered upon signing up.

The dashboard of Arvixe is easy to use. You may manage your billings, domains, active services, and contact support from here. You'll also get a rundown of usage statistics and handy shortcuts. The login to cPanel can be found on the left side under "Actions."

Arvixe CPanel

cPanel is the most widely used control panel in the hosting industry, and for a good reason: it is simple to use. You may manage your files, databases, email accounts, and other website hosting-related tasks from the control panel.

Consider cPanel to be your web hosting platform's command center, as that is where you would go to perform operations such as:

  • Keep track of your website's resources usage.
  • Control your email accounts.
  • To upload files, use FTP.
  • Make backups of your website.
  • Manage your account's payments.

If you're familiar with cPanel, you'll be right at home with Arvixe; the company makes no changes to their cPanel interface.


One advantage of hosting your domain with a cPanel-enabled web host is the option to create custom email accounts for that domain.

As you can see, there are a variety of tools accessible, such as those for creating new emails, configuring forwarders and autoresponders, dealing with spam, and more.

Access to an email server is included with your Arvixe hosting plan. You can create email accounts with your website's domain name, a free web-based email client, or your chosen email program.

File Management

Through the files section of cPanel, you may backup your cPanel account, view and modify files stored in your account, evaluate your disk usage, even create and manage FTP accounts.

File Manager

The cPanel File Manager allows you to control your website via HTTP, much like a web browser, instead of an FTP client.

The File Manager, as the name implies, is where you may manage your files. This tab allows you to transfer, edit, upload, change, remove, and restore your documents.


Using the Backup tool, you can store and save your files, databases, forwarders, and filters to a backup file. Alternatively, if you're not comfortable with cPanel or file backups, you could use the Backup Wizard interface.

Disk Usage

The overall disk space used by your account includes all data, comprising website files, MySQL databases, and email messages. Once you log into cPanel, you'll find a summary of your disk space consumption on the right side.

FTP Accounts

You can use FTP to enable or disable users from accessing your hosting account. FTP can be used to upload files to your site. You can define which directories the new user will be able to access and how much space they will utilize.


In the Domains area of cPanel, you may add new domains to your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, configure redirects, and much more.

You must first have a domain registered and pointed to your server before you can configure cPanel. Consequently, simply adding it to cPanel will have no result.

Adding another domain in cPanel is straightforward, but the process can be frightening the first time. In general, you'll need to register the new domain, connect it to the proper nameservers, and then add the domain to cPanel so it can be identified.


Numerous modern websites would struggle to exist without a database, which works quietly behind the scenes to manage the website's content.

Simply said, the database contains all of the data on your website, including all pages, posts, and personal data.


Use the MySQL Databases tool to manage your MySQL databases and users. You can control database permissions for users as well as add, change, and delete databases and users.


Before you can manage databases with phpMyAdmin, you must first create a database. phpMyAdmin gives you complete control over the structure and data of your database. You can create and delete tables, import and export data, perform SQL queries, repair tables, and do a variety of other things.


Keeping track of various metrics for your website is critical for your business and marketing. In the Metrics section, you may examine a variety of statistics, track errors, and monitor bandwidth usage.

This section allows you to determine where your traffic is coming from, how many visitors you have, and which portions of your website are frequently accessed.


Among the most crucial matters you should do is keep your website protected. You can use the tools in this category to restrict SSH access, block IP addresses, and prevent your photos' hotlinking. This is also where you can manage your website's security certifications.


By navigating the software area, you can improve the features of your website. There are crucial tools available here to assist you in configuring software on your website.

Softaculous makes it easy to install popular website software like WordPress and Drupal. Softaculous can be used to test many sorts of software and to begin building WordPress sites.


This category includes actions that are not commonly performed but are useful for development. The Cron Jobs tool, for example, will allow you to create unique Error Pages and assign tasks.


Go to the Preferences window when you first log in to cPanel and update your contact information and password.

The Preferences section allows you to adjust various features of cPanel. You can change the display language, for example, under Change Language; you can also update your Contact Information and possibly reset your cPanel password in this section.

Arvixe Website Builder

RV Website Builder

To create an Arvixe test site, you would use RVSiteBuilder, a website builder bundled with Arvixe's hosting packages. RVSiteBuilder allows you to enter the name of your site, an optional motto, and page categories such as About Us, Contact, Home, and so forth. After you've saved your choices, click the Edit icon to start designing your website.

RVSitebuilder provides more site-building possibilities, yet it isn't overpowering. It's simple to add text, images and alter the template and color palette. RVSiteBuilder allows you to add your own code to the preset parts, allowing for a more personalized design.

Softaculous Apps Installer

Arvixe's Softaculous software collection also includes email marketing solutions like OpenNewsletter, which allows you to deliver email-based newsletters to a list of subscribers. Softaculous also includes Magento, an online shopping cart tool that enables users to establish a visually appealing store in only a few moments by dragging and dropping website elements.

Magento gives Arvixe more color and design options, but with that flexibility comes an additional layer of complexity that will require more of your attention.

WordPress Themes

If you install WordPress with the Softaculous App Installer, you have over 8,000 free themes to select from in a variety of styles and themes. However, if you prefer to start from scratch, you can do that as well.

Arvixe's Customer Support

Customer support is pretty restricted in terms of choices; however, it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get in touch with the Arvixe Support Team by live chat, email, or a support ticket.

In our case, we opted for live chat support to receive an instant response regarding our queries.

Here's how it went:

After filling out all the information needed to connect to the Arvixe chat support executives, we were asked to wait for 2-3 minutes.

At this point, we wanted to end the chat since we're not a fan of long waiting times and also wanted an instant reply.

They replied in precisely two minutes. We were glad that they answered our queries directly and did not ask further questions that could lead to sales talk. Thumbs up!

Additionally, if you want to solve problems independently, you can browse the extensive knowledge base.

Although there is a discussion board, the company primarily uses it to broadcast server status messages.

Buyer’s Guide For Arvixe

Arvixe offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting types. Unfortunately, managed WordPress is not available. There is also reseller hosting; however, it is simply a shared plan that you can resell.

Plans and Pricing

Personal Class - plans start at $8.47/month.

Arvixe's shared web hosting plans offer the possibility of hosting your website on a Linux or Windows-based server, giving you plenty of options for establishing the groundwork for your site. Arvixe charges monthly web hosting fees but also offers discounts if you commit to a multimonth or annual package.

Starting at $8.47 per month, the Linux-based PersonalClass shared web plan provides a free domain name that you may keep as long as you use Arvixe, a free domain transfer, unlimited monthly data transfers, unlimited storage, unlimited email, and the option to host six domains.

Business Class - plans start at #30.35/month.

Arvixe's Business plans are like the Shared Hosting ones, except they are specifically designed for businesses.

Reseller Class - plans start at $27.83/month.

Consider Arvixe's reseller hosting packages if you want to get into the web hosting company but don't want to bother with structural issues. Starting at $27.83 per month, all services include unlimited email and cPanel access. They also provide up to 200GB of storage and 2000GB of data transfers every month. Arvixe, unfortunately, only provides shared reseller hosting services.

On the bright side, Arvixe's reseller plans include a free domain and SSL certificate. Arvixe also allows you to trademark the servers you rent, and it offers tech support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VPS Class - plans start at $52.03/month.

Arvixe offers affordable VPS packages starting at $52.03 per month if you need a web hosting solution that is more robust than shared web hosting but significantly less expensive than dedicated web hosting.

Whichever plan you choose—there are six in total—you get unlimited email, domains, and monthly data transfers. Such flexibility is essential if you intend to expand your business over time. Arvixe's Linux VPS plans have a maximum of 3GB of RAM and 100GB of storage, while Windows VPS plans have a maximum of 4GB of RAM and 100GB of storage. If you intend to construct or move an ASP.NET-based website, Arvixe's Windows-based VPS packages will come in handy.

Dedicated Class - plans start at $89.98/month.

Arvixe's dedicated servers begin at $89.98 per month for cloud-based servers.

HostGator is similar to Arvixe in that it provides a diverse range of OS alternatives as well as competitive resource offerings. Arvixe has partnered with HostGator to boost its Dedicated Hosting services.

Arvixe's cloud servers can be configured with up to 8GB of RAM, 300GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. Typical servers can have up to 32GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD storage or 512GB of solid-state storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers.

Cloud Hosting plans start at $111/month.

Non-cloud hosting typically uses a single server's CPU, RAM, storage, and data transfers. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, draws resources from several servers. Arvixe has three dedicated cloud hosting plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium, all available in Linux and Windows variants.

Basic beginning at $111 per month offers an eight-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 150GB of storage, and monthly data transfers and email that are unrestricted. Pro, which starts at $132 a month, increases RAM to 6GB and storage to 6GB, while CPU cores climb to 12. Premium, beginning at $152 per month, expands on Pro by including 16 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, and 300GB of storage.

WordPress Hosting plans start at $7.00/month.

Arvixe also provides WordPress hosting from around $7 per month, or $4 per month with a two-year commitment, in the form of preinstalled managed WordPress hosting that offers white-glove attention to your setup. Arvixe maintains WordPress systems up to date, automatically backs up data, upgrades plug-ins, and provides security measures to keep fraudsters and viruses at bay.

Arvixe provides managed WordPress hosting with unlimited storage and monthly data transfers, so you never have to worry about exceeding a restriction. However, Arvixe has a limitation of its own: it can only host a maximum of six WordPress website domains.

Server Speed and Uptime

One of the most significant components of a hosting subscription is website uptime. Clients or consumers would be unable to discover your business or use your products or offerings while your site is down, and they might not even return.

In former years, Arvixe was notorious for its low uptime. From February 2019 to January 2020, their average uptime was 92.95 percent. As a result, people were excited to see if they might better their data in the future.

During the 12-month test period, WebsiteSetUp's test site on Arvixe maintained a 99.96 percent uptime with only about three and a half hours of downtime.

Proceeding with Arvixe's page loading times, we'd say that it is not as remarkable as their uptime.

Their average page load time over the last 12 months was 7321 ms. When compared to the average page loading speed of 890ms, this is the worst load time.

This is unfortunate, especially given how critical page speeds are to the performance of your website.

According to Google, if the page load time lowers from 1 to 5 seconds, the bounce likelihood increases by 90%.

That is how important site speed is. It has a negative impact on efficiency to the point where it costs you prospects.

Security and Backups

All plans include an excellent set of security features that appear to have been brought over from Arvixe's golden days.

Your server is safeguarded by a firewall, redundant power carriers, continuous network monitoring, and nightly security updates.

Arvixe provides distributed denial-of-service attack responses. It is a response system, not a prevention system, which means it can mitigate a DDoS attack once it has begun, but it does not take proactive actions to prevent it from the beginning.

SSL/TLS certificates are another example. SSL certificates were nearly solely bought a few years ago, but most web hosts now supply a low-level certificate for free.

However, there is a glimpse of modern amenities, such as free Cloudflare integration. The security is solid; however, some of the extras that other servers provide for free are not available at Arvixe.

On a brighter note, all of Arvixe's plans include daily automatic backups, which are frequently an extra expense with other web hosts. However, there is a significant restriction to this feature: Arvixe is not responsible for retaining your backups. You should always keep your own backups just in case.

Arvixe Features

  • Website building tools
  • 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  • Free website transfers
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Website building tools
  • Softaculous Apps Installer
  • Security features
  • cPanel
  • Daily backups
  • Instant account activation


  • Great uptime
  • 24/customer support
  • Linux and Windows-based servers
  • Offers a wide range of hosting plans
  • User-friendly
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • No hidden charges
  • Free domain
  • Free domain privacy for the first year
  • No renewal plan increase
  • No upsells
  • Easy to use backend


  • Expensive pricing - other web hosts offer lower prices
  • Slow page loading times
  • No free SSL certificate

Final Thoughts

Arvixe has some advantages going for them. For instance, they boast fast loading speeds, a variety of available features, and a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try out their services risk-free.

Now, do we recommend Arvixe hosting?

No. When we went to their website and saw their prices, and it was all red flags. Arvixe hosting plans are way too expensive, and besides, this web host does not have the best performance in the web hosting business.

You'd be better off looking at other high-performing hosts to find more dependable and affordable options.

We hope this review has helped find your hosting provider!

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