The best splatter ball guns can easily put a new spin to your painting or crafting project. Discover the different varieties to choose the best one for you.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Splatter Ball Gun

When shopping for a splatter ball gun, there are many factors to consider. The following section will outline some of the most important considerations to keep in mind while on the hunt for the best splatter ball gun.

Intended Use

The main use for splatter ball guns is to make a mess. However, that doesnt mean all messes created with these toys have to be fun and games. In fact, safety should be the first concern when it comes to playtime.

While most of these guns do leave a bit of a mark, they’re not designed to clean up after themselves. Instead, their sole purpose is to create as much slop as possible, so parents can wipe down the surface afterward. For that reason, its crucial to choose a toy that your kids are comfortable with and wont be afraid to use.

Power Source

Splatter ball guns run off either electricity or gas. They include a variety of power options, from rechargeable batteries to a plug-in adapter.

  • Electricity: This type of power source is typically used for low-cost, low-tech toys. However, it can also be a factor in more advanced products if the battery is removable and replaceable.
  • Gasoline/Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG): This is another common power source for lawn and garden tools but can also be found in some high-powered vacuums and pressure washers. The LPG option requires a fuel source, such as a gallon of gasoline or a bottle of liquid propane, to operate.
  • Solar: Found mainly in camping gear, solar-powered toys rely on exposure to sunlight to charge their internal batteries. Unlike other power options, there is no need to worry about changing a discharged battery or running out of fuel mid-project.
  • Battery: Battery power is commonly used in a wide range of products, including pressure washers, weed whackers, and even some vacuums. However, it can be difficult to determine how much runtime is left before needing to change the battery. Some brands will indicate how many charges are remaining, but thats not always the case.

Size and Weight

Splatter ball guns come in a variety of sizes and weights, ranging from small handheld models to large floor-standing units. Handheld models are lightweight and easy to handle, whereas larger floor-standing units may be more durable but are bulkier to move around.

Smaller handheld models are often powered by batteries, though some may include a plug-in adapter for direct connection to a power outlet. These models tend to weigh less than 10 pounds, which is ideal for carrying and moving around.

Larger floor-standing units are usually powered by gas or electricity and can weigh 50 pounds or more. While these units are generally more durable, they can be bulky and heavy.

Spray Pattern

The spray pattern varies depending on the type of splatter ball gun. Units with adjustable spray patterns allow users to change the amount of spray, from a light mist to a narrow, high-pressure stream. This feature allows users to control the amount of lubricant or cleaner they put out into the world.

Other types of splatter ball guns have fixed spray patterns, which means theres only one setting available.

However, even within a fixed spray pattern, the amount of lubricant or cleaner can be changed by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the trigger. This allows users to adjust the output based on the project at hand.


The main function of a splatter ball gun is to spray a lubricant or cleaner onto an object to reduce friction and wear. However, some units also offer additional functions, such as air purification or water-quality testing.

  • Air purification: In addition to creating a lot of slop, lubricants and cleaners also put out small particles that can end up in the air. With some units, users can select a mode that removes these particles.
  • Water quality testing: Similar to some purifiers, some of these guns test the water quality of tap water by using indicators to reveal whether contaminants are present.

Additional Features

Some splatter ball guns have several additional features that add functionality, such as built-in lights, hose attachments, and metal detectors.

  • Built-in lights: As long as there has been technology, inventors have been trying to improve visibility during outdoor activities. One way they have done this is by adding lights to the handles and nozzle of their splatter ball guns.
  • Hose attachments: A flexible hose allows users to direct the flow of lubricant or cleaner where they want it instead of having to aim the nozzle directly.
  • Metal detectors: Metal detectors have become a popular feature in electronics over the last decade or so, and now, they’re making their way into the home tool market. These devices scan for metal objects buried beneath the user.