When youre looking to buy a promise ring, you need to know the key things to look for and how to choose them.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Promise Rings

While shopping for a promise ring, there are many things to think about. The style of the band, the materials used, how much space is available on the finger, and even the color of the band can be important. But perhaps the most critical decision is picking the right kind of promise ring to give to your fiancé.


There are several different styles of promise rings, each with its own characteristics and purposes. Some types will work better than others for specific situations or relationships.

  • Solitaire: This classic style features an individual diamond in the center of the ring. It can be a round or oval-shaped stone, but it typically has a high enough karatage (carat) to be considered a diamond engagement ring.
  • Engagement Ring: An engagement ring typically has two stones: one larger round diamond in the center and a smaller stone(s) around it. The smaller stone is called an accent diamond.
  • Cluster: A cluster ring features multiple small diamonds grouped together, typically in a circle or a square pattern.
  • Chandelier: Similar to a cluster ring, chandelier rings feature multiple small diamonds, but they’re spaced farther apart than in a cluster ring. These rings also tend to have a more dramatic look with large gaps between the diamonds.
  • Bezel: Rather than having small diamonds, a bezel ring has a large circular cutout that may contain a single diamond or a cluster of smaller diamonds.
  • Cubic: This type of promise ring uses cubic zirconia stones rather than diamonds. While these cubic zirconia stones are less expensive than real diamonds, they’re not as durable or long lasting, and they’re not as attractive a design element.

Stone Type

The three main types of stones that can be in a promise ring are diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Of these three stone types, diamonds are by far the most popular choice.

While all three of these stones are made of carbon, only diamond promises are treated to be completely stable. All three of these stones can be treated to increase their durability if they’re not properly cared for, but a diamond is the most resilient option.


While titanium is the ideal metal for a promise ring because its corrosion resistant and its strong enough to support a large diamond, titanium isnt as popular a choice as stainless steel or platinum.

Stainless steel is a heavy-duty material thats both strong and ductile, making it highly resistant to impact damage. Its also flexible enough to accommodate large diamonds without cracking. Platinum is another popular option; this metal is strong enough to support large stones but tends to prefer lighter stones because it easily scratches. Titanium and stainless steel are often chosen when the couple wants a simple, straightforward ring rather than something flashy or ornate.


While some couples stick with traditional solitaire designs for their promise rings, others choose more elaborate options like clusters, chandeliers, or bezel rings.

A style that is unique to the couple can be a great way to show off their personalities while also creating a meaningful symbol of their future together. For example, a bohemian couple might choose a colorful chandelier style ring with small diamonds or a quirky cluster ring with nonstandard shapes or patterns.


When choosing a promise ring, the first thing to consider is how much space is available for the band. After that, decide what style you want and what kind of stone you’d like best.

If the couple is looking for a ring that fits tightly, they should consider going with a smaller size rather than a larger one. While a larger ring takes up more room, a smaller one will likely slip down the fingershouldersarxistheprejudiceagainstsmallerringsarelongstandingandtheycanbeverytightfillingaroundthefinger.


White is still the predominant color for engagement rings, but other colors are becoming more popular. Blue and yellow are classic vintage wedding ring colors, and red, orange, and pink are also popular modern choices.

Since the purpose of a promise ring is to be a symbol of eternal love, the color of the band doesnt really matter all that muchas long as it represents stability and trustworthinessto the intended recipient.

Additional Features

While most promise rings include some kind of stone, there are additional features that can make a ring more special. One of the most common additions is a setting: a clear glass or crystal setting that holds the stone above or beside the knuckle instead of inside the hand.

Another popular addition is a protective cover for the stone: either a silicone sleeve or a hard plastic housingto prevent slipping, dropping, or any accidental contactwith the stone.