The best poker chip set will help you play a variety of different games while also enhancing your decor.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Poker Chip Sets

Poker chips are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. The best poker chip set for your needs depends on how you intend to use it and what suits your style.

Intended Use

The purpose of buying a poker chip set is to express support for a particular player or team, or perhaps just be a part of the fun. For that reason, its important to think about who will be using the chips and whether theyll be with the group at all times.

If youre looking for a more serious gaming session, you may want to consider investing in a set designed specifically for that purpose. But if youre looking for something a bit less intense, a general-purpose set with an assortment of chips could work.


There are a few different options when it comes to the shape of poker chips. Most common is the traditional square shape with a rectangular border. Other options include round, triangular, and diamond shapes.

  • Round chips are the classic table chip shape thats been around since the days of Monte Carlo. Theyre easy to hold and stack, though they may roll off a table slightly.
  • Triangular chips are similar to round chips but with a slightly smaller diameter and thinner design.
  • Square chips are the traditional poker chip shape with a rectangular design.
  • Diamond chips have a pointed tip on each corner.


Poker chips come in a variety of sizes to fit different hand ranges and suit different playing preferences. The smallest chips are just 2 inches across and 1 inch high, while the largest are 5 inches across and 2 inches high.

  • Two-inch chips are the smallest size commonly used for cash games at the lowest stakes.
  • Three-inch chips are the most common size used for medium stakes ($0.10-$0.25 buy-in) and up.
  • Four-inch chips are a popular choice for high stakes ($0.50-$1 buy-in).


While many poker chips are made from one continuous piece of metal, some manufacturers drill holes in areas of the chip where theyll create a color change. This allows the user to see through the hole to the other side, creating a more realistic visual experience.

These sets often contain red, blue, green, and yellow chips, allowing the user to customize the number of players, teams, or states represented. Since these chips are made from multiple pieces, they’re usually a bit thicker than single-piece chips.


While standard square-shaped chips are the most common, there are a few other designs worth mentioning.

  • Clubs are round with a dimple in the middle that represents a club face. These chips are typically blue.
  • Deuces are also round but without a dimple. These chips are red.
  • Hearts are heart-shaped chips that could be either red, white, or blue.
  • Spades are similarly shaped but with sharp points rather than a flat surface.
  • Diamonds are diamond-shaped chips with four small points rather than a flat surface.


When it comes to poker chips, durability is key. While some sets last longer than others, regardless of the quality of the chips, the following recommendations can help ensure your poker chips last as long as possible.

  • Avoid all-metal construction. While pure copper tends to be strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear, some manufacturers add zinc or tin to increase the chips longevity. These elements lower the melting point of the copper so that it doesnt become too hot during extended use.
  • Choose chips with a low-luster finish. A low-luster finish will reduce the amount of dust that collects on the chips and therefore extends their life.
  • Avoid abrasive materials in the handles. Plastic, rubber, and metal grips tend to wear faster than stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic handles.
  • Avoid stacking them. Stacking chips can cause uneven wear on both sides of the stack. Instead, try not to let them sit on top of one another for prolonged periods.