The best Orbeez guns will help you take on any task with ease. Check out this list of top models to choose the best Orbeez gun for your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Orbeez Gun

While its easy to assume that all Orbeez guns work the same way, a number of factors affect their functionality. The best Orbeez gun for you depends on how you intend to use it and your skill level.

Intended Use

Its important to consider who will be using an Orbeez gun and what they’re capable of doing. For instance, a 12-gauge shotgun is suitable for big game hunting but may not provide enough oomph for a home defense scenario.

For close quarters combat, a compact 9-millimeter handgun or submachine gun might be more appropriate. These weapons are lightweight, highly maneuverable, and have plenty of stopping power. Keep in mind that while submachine guns can be used as a primary weapon, they’re better suited as a backup if the main gun isnt firing.

Power Source

Orbeez guns come in two varieties: corded and cordless.

  • Corded Orbeez guns require an extension cord and a proper outlet. They typically run off 110/120-volt household power, though some run off diesel power (110/220-volt). While these cords can be somewhat bulky, they’re generally considered to be among the most powerful available for a range of applications.
  • Cordless Orbeez guns rely on rechargeable batteries for power. They can be a little lighter than corded models but might not offer as much punch.

Brushed vs. Brushless Motor

The difference between brushed and brushless motors is the presence of a brush. Only found in electrical motors, the brush refers to a set of carbon wires used to transmit electrical currents with minimal friction. In a brushed motor, the carbon wires rub against metal parts inside the motor, causing friction and reducing efficiency.

A brushless motor uses sensors and control boards to create virtual brushes. This minimizes friction and increases overall motor efficiency.


An Orbeez gun comes with two handlesone on each side of the gunthat serve different purposes depending on whether the gun is being held in your left or right hand.

  • Holding the Orbeez gun in your left hand, the front handle is primarily used for pulling the trigger. The back handle is for controlling the slide (similar to a revolver) so you can aim accurately.
  • If the gun is being held in your right hand, the front handle serves the same function as when the gun is being held in your left hand and is also used for applying pressure to the magazine to release shells.

Magazine Type and Capacity

All Orbeez guns come with detachable box magazines, and most have two magazines of equal size. However, a few have one larger magaizeithas greater capacityand a couple of smaller magazinesthat hold fewer rounds of ammunition.

The smallest Orbeez guns come with 15-round magazines, and the largest have 30-round magazines. If you’d like more than just a handful of ammo rounds, you’ll need to choose a model with a higher magazine capacity.


With a weight of around 3 pounds, an Orbeez gun is among the lightest firearms you can get your hands on. Though this might make it easier to handle, it wont help you defend your home if you accidentally drop it.

When comparing similar-size guns, the difference in weight can be quite significant. For example, a Smith & Wesson Model 686 .40-caliber pistol weighs around 4.5 pounds compared to a Ruger GP100 .44 Magnum revolver thats only 2.5 pounds.

Safety Features

All Orbeez guns come with safety features designed to prevent accidental discharge and injury. Most importantly, the trigger has a removable key that locks the trigger unless depressed. Other common safety features include a firing pin lock, a slide lock, and a loaded chamber indicator.

Youll also find a variety of other safety features including a decibel level sensor that prevents the gun from firing when the noise is too loud, a vibration sensor that prevents the gun from firing when the barrel is moving, and a light sensor that prevents the gun from firing in dim lighting conditions.

Additional Features

While all Orbeez guns share the characteristic of having large cartridges, there are still differences between models. Some additional features you’ll find include a reversible magazine (for left-handed shooters), a built-in flashlight, and a laser sight.

  • Reversible magazine: All Orbeez guns have removable box magazines, but a few come with a second magazine that is reversed (i.e., printed on the wrong side) for left-handed shooters.
  • Flashlight: Built into the handle, many Orbeez guns now come with a small LED flashlight for low-light video recording or gaming.
  • Laser sight: Aiming down sights is usually recommended for precision shooting, and some Orbeez guns now come with laser guides that project forward onto the target.