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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Nail Art

Before you start shopping for nail art supplies, there are a few things you should know about how they work and what you can accomplish with them. The following section will point out some of the most important considerations to keep in mind while choosing the right product for you.


There are several types of nail art that you can do, from simple monograms to intricate designs that cover an entire nail. Some methods require more skill than others, so be sure to choose a kit thats within your ability.

  • Templates: This is one of the simpler forms of nail art. Using templates, you can create nearly any design you can imagine on your nails. To use a template, simply find the shape that you want to replicate (a chevron, a letter, or a number) and trace it onto your nail using a black permanent marker. Then, using a clear nail polish as directed by the manufacturer, paint over the top of the design.
  • Image transfer: With this technique, you can transfer an image from a transfer paper plate to your nail. The image will adhere to the surface of the nail, allowing you to paint over it if you wish. This method requires more skill than templates, and the results are not as durable.
  • Acrylics: Acrylic nails are very strong and can support elaborate designs. They also have a smooth surface that doesnt hold dirt or oils as easily as a polished nail does. However, acrylic nails do dry out more quickly than polished nails do. For this reason, they may not be ideal for those who like to engage in detailed handiwork in the garage or workshop.
  • Pasteurization: This process requires you to boil water in a microwave-safe container until it reaches 240 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point you can pour it into a separate dishwasher-safe container that contains your nails. Then, using a clean brush, apply a thin coat of liquid rubber to the nails, which will then cool and harden into a gel-like state. Finally, remove the nails from the pasteurizer and place them, still wet, into a mold that has the desired design. Once the nails are set, remove them from the mold and rinse them off with running water. The result should be a perfectly formed nail design that wont lift when you run your fingers along it.
  • Spray painting: You can also create custom nails with spray paint. First, find a nail that is free from debris and partially dried out (this will make it easier to paint). Next, spray the nail with two or three coats of the color you want, allowing each coat to fully cure before applying the next. The final step is to file the nails to the required shape and length, and then paint over the tops of the colors with a single coat of clear polish.

Nail Length and Shape

The length and shape of your nails can impact the look of your manicure. Longer nails tend to have a thicker layer of material at the tip than the rest of the nail, while round tips are more common on shorter nails. Shorter nails are easier to handle, and theyll give you a cleaner line and sharper angle where the nail meets the cuticle.

If youre looking for a new style, you might consider choosing a manicure with longer nails or different-shaped tips. But remember that any change to the length or shape of your nails will likely require filing after completion of the design, so be sure that you like the outcome before making a purchase decision.

Number of Pieces Included

When you buy a nail art kit, you’ll get all the materials you need to complete the project, including a step-by-step instruction manual. However, some kits come predesigned and premeasured, eliminating the need to measure or estimate lengths and angles before starting your project. These kits are often pretty pricey, so be sure to weigh out the cost versus the benefit of having a kit you already know works before investing in one of its kind.


Some nail art kits include accessories that can help make your job easier. For instance, a typical kit might contain a bottle of adhesive, a mixing pallet, a toothpick, files, and clippers. If you already own some of these items, buying a kit with them could save you some money.

Also, keep in mind that some kits might include nonstandard tools like tweezers or wire cutters. If youre not comfortable using these tools, finding a kit that includes them might be important.

Skill Level

If youre looking for a challenge, you might consider doing a DIY project that requires more skill and experience. While it might take longer to finish, the end result could be a unique and beautiful design that stands out among friends and colleagues.

However, if youre not comfortable tackling a project like this, you might want to choose a kit with easy-to-follow instructions and a manageable level of difficulty.