The best mini soccer net can help you teach your children to kick, dribble, and play with the best of the current soccer players.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mini Soccer Net

Before you start shopping for a mini soccer net, there are some important decisions to make. The following sections will outline the most crucial considerations to keep in mind while on the hunt for the best mini soccer net.

Type of Game and Environment

When choosing a mini soccer net, the type of game and environment are two critical factors to consider. The size of the area in which you plan to set up your goal net matters because it can impact where you position the net and how sturdy the connection between the net and the ground is. It can also determine how much space you need to place the net and if you should use an anchor net or not.

  • Indoor nets work great indoors, but they’re probably not the best pick for outdoor games since they may not be able to withstand the elements. However, indoor nets often dont have the same weight restrictions that outdoor nets do.
  • A-frame nets are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor play. They come in different styles, but all A-frame nets feature a triangular frame with one apex pointed toward the center of the triangle and the other two sides meeting at the base of the triangle. An A-frame net can either stand alone or be attached to a weighted base.
  • Pool nets are another option for those looking for a full-size pool table net experience in the backyard. These nets are usually large enough to accommodate a regulation size pool table (9 by 13 inches), though they may not be as durable as an A-frame net.
  • Rope nets are a classic style of mini soccer net that consists of a length of rope with a couple of knots tied in it. The free end of the rope is then threaded through holes in the crossbar of the net and knotted on the far side, forming a loop. This style of net offers a bit of give, so its suitable for more than just kicking balls.
  • Chaise nets are similar to rope nets in that the ropes are held together by a couple of knots, but this style employs a chaise lounge design. The netting material wraps around the metal legs of the chaise lounge, creating a sturdy base on which to place your goal net.
  • Mounted nets are designed to attach directly to a wall or fence. Most mounted nets consist of a steel frame with a couple of mounting holes that screw onto a wall stud. Some models may include anchors to secure the net even more strongly.


The materials used to make the frame, sturdiness, and mesh of a mini soccer net can influence its durability, weight, and resistance to the elements. Steel is still a popular material choice for net frames; however, plastic frames are becoming more popular as they tend to be lighter and more affordable.

The material of the net mesh is also important to consider. Standard mesh for mini soccer nets is made of polypropylene, which is a heavy-duty synthetic thread that can withstand constant stretching without tearing. There also are nylon and polyethylene meshes that offer a bit of stretch to them, but polypropylene is the strongest and most durable.

Mesh Size

The size of the mesh openings in a mini soccer net affects how well air and water can seep through the netting, which can in turn affect how well the net keeps out bugs and debris. The majority of nets use a -inch mesh opening, which allows for plenty of airflow and water drainage while still providing a measure of bug and debris exclusion.

Some manufacturers use a -inch mesh size instead, which reduces the number of holes but could cause problems with ventilation and water drainage. A-frame nets tend to use a -inch mesh size since they’re often positioned outdoors, where water drainage is more of a concern.

Frame Material

Just as there are different materials used to create the frames of mini soccer nets, there are also variations in the quality of those frames. Cheap mini soccer nets may use flimsy plastic components, while high-quality nets may use thick steel tubing.

If youre looking for a long-lasting mini soccer net, focus on purchasing a model that uses steel tubing. While these frames are heavier than plastic, they’re also stronger and more durable over time. Look for nets that use powder-coated steel or painted steel frames to increase their weather resistance.

Height and Weight Capacity

The height and weight capacity are important features to consider when selecting a mini soccer net. If youre looking for a net that can support multiple players simultaneously, height and weight capacity are two critical features to investigate.

Weight capacity varies from net to net, but most mini soccer nets can comfortably support a player who weighs between 40 and 50 pounds. Of course, the actual weight capacity may vary based on the specific model.

The height capacity of a mini soccer net depends on the length of the stilts that raise and lower the net. Many nets feature telescoping stilts, which allow for adjustments in height from about 3 feet to 6 feet.