The best makeup vanity lights for your bathroom can help you prepare yourself for the day and help you wind down during your evening routine.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Makeup Vanity With Lights

When shopping for a makeup vanity with lights, there are several important features to consider. The best makeup vanity with lights for you will depend on your needs and how well it fits in with your style. Keep reading to learn more about these important considerations.


There are different types of makeup vanities with lights that can help make you look great before you head out the door. Some of the most popular types include freestanding, desk, table, and wall-mount options.

  • Freestanding makeup vanities with lights are large units that stand alone or can be placed against a wall. They typically have two countertops, one for cleansing and another for applying cosmetics. These units may also have a third countertop for storing items like brushes, tweezers, or other beauty accessories.
  • Desk makeup vanities with lights are similar to freestanding models but are smaller and designed to fit on a desktop or a table in the corner of an office. These units are much easier to clean up after use than a freestanding unit.
  • Table makeup vanities with lights are meant to store cosmetics while they’re in use. These units typically have only one countertop and may not accommodate all your beauty needs (for example, if you need a dedicated shaving surface). However, they are easy to move around when redoing your makeup routine.
  • Wall-mounted makeup vanities with lights are meant to be mounted on a wall in a prominent location such as above a mirror or in a walk-in closet. These units are larger than both desk and table units but smaller than a freestanding model.


The size of your makeup vanity with lights will determine where and how you use it. If you have small hands and limited space, a smaller unit might work better for you. Smaller units tend to be more portable than larger models and are ideal for travel or for moving from home to home.

Larger units are often more stationary, which is why they’re better for established locations. Large units can be more difficult to pack up and move, so they’re better suited for those who live in a larger household and have plenty of storage space available.

Storage Capacity

The amount of space you have available to dedicate to your makeup and grooming products will play a significant role in determining what kind of makeup vanity with lights you should purchase. Units that offer ample storage capacity tend to be pricier than those with less space, so its important to measure your current storage capacity and compare units accordingly.

If you have a large number of products and extensive product-cleaning requirements, a unit with more than one sink and enough space to organize and clean your products will likely suit you best. For those who dont have many products and simple cleansing routines, a smaller unit with a single sink and a clutter-free surface may be more suitable.


The number of sinks you need in a makeup vanity depends on how frequently you do your makeup and how long it takes you to complete your routine. Youll want at least one sink for washing your face and body and another for washing your hands.

Some units come with two sinks, one on either side of the unit, so you can wash yourself and your products while still wearing your favorite makeup.

Counter Space

Before you shop for a new makeup vanity with lights, take a moment to measure the available counter space in your bathroom. Ensure that the unit you choose has a sink and counterspace sufficient to accommodate your daily beauty routine.

Ideally, your counterspace will be deep enough for you to wash your face and apply moisturizer without having to crouch down. This depth will also allow you to submerge a brush or a sponge for a full cleanse.

For units that will double as a shower stall, ensure that the sinks are deep enough to comfortably rinse off shaving cream and conditioner and that the drain is wide enough to fit a large bath sponge.


The design of your makeup vanity with lights is an important factor to consider. While aesthetics may not be the most significant consideration for some shoppers, it could be critical for you. After all, if you dont like the way a particular unit looks, you cant put it in a prominent place in your bathroom.

Consider the overall aesthetic of the unit and how well it complements the rest of your bathroom fixtures and decor. A sleek metal unit will match well with modern bathrooms with high-end finishes. A glass unit will create a more contemporary feel. Units made from stone or wood will give a classic bathroom look.


While the overall appearance of a makeup vanity with lights is meant to complement your other bathroom fixtures and decor, there are a few factors you can control that may affect this goal.

  • The first thing people will see when entering your bathroom is your makeup vanity with lights. To ensure that the unit you select creates a good first impression, take a careful look at the units exterior finish. Glossy finishes and metallic finishes will give your bathroom a polished look, while matte finishes will give it a more modern feel.
  • The second thing people will see is your mirrors reflection. Ensure that your selected makeup vanity with lights includes a functional mirror for checking our makeup and applying cosmetics.
  • The last thing people will see is your lighting. Choose a makeup vanity with lights that includes bright and functional lights for illuminating your counters, sinks, and surfaces.