Keep your essentials organized and in reach with a large pencil case thats perfect for your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Large Pencil Case

Before choosing a large pencil case, take a few minutes to think about what you will need it for and how much space is available in your office or school. The following sections will outline some of the most important features to consider when selecting the best large pencil case.


The purpose of the large pencil case will have a lot to do with which style you choose. If youre looking for a pencil box that can hold many pencils and other writing utensils, a sports utility pencil case may be your best bet. These cases are designed to hold many items and often come with elastic loops to organize smaller items such as business cards and note pads.

For a more focused storage solution, a vertical pencil case may be more suitable. These pencil boxes arent meant to hold many items, but rather provide a spot for storing multiple pencils in one area. They also offer better protection for the pencils inside than a horizontal pencil case.


Large pencil cases are commonly made of plastic, metal, or wood. Each material has its perks and downsides.

  • Plastic pencil cases are lightweight, affordable, and durable. However, they may not keep your pencils as well protected as a metal or wooden pencil case.
  • Metal pencil cases are generally constructed of steel or aluminum. This material is sturdy and resilient, making it difficult for a pencil to slip out of place. However, metal pencil cases can be heavy.
  • Wooden pencil cases are typically made from hardwoods like beechwood or hickory. While these pencil boxes are usually sturdy, they can be less resilient against moisture exposure.


A large pencil case should ideally be large enough for you to write without having to stretch over too far. Many large pencil cases are designed with elastic loops to help secure loose papers and keep them flat against the inner walls of the case. Some even come with small elastic loops to secure pencils individually.

The size of the pencil case will also determine how many pencils and other writing instruments it can hold. A large pencil case designed to hold many pencils may only be able to hold so many pencils due to the elastic loops being used to secure the pencils in place. In this case, the capacity would be based on the number of pencils before the elasticity of the loops caused the pencils to shift and fall out.

Pencil Shape/Size

While pencils come in all sizes, large pencils are easier to use for drawing and writing because their larger diameter makes it easier to grip the pencil firmly. Most large pencils will fit into a standard-size pencil sharpener, though there may be an adjustment period while the sharpener gets used to the larger pencil.

Standard pencils are also the most popular size for use with mechanical pencils. Any large pencil that is also a common size for mechanical pencils will work for organizing and storing mechanical pencils.

Zipper Closure

Zippers are a great way to secure a large pencil case closed because they’re easy to fasten and unfasten. However, if the zipper breaks or doesnt seal properly, it could lead to leaks or poor protection for your pencils. Its important to double-check that the zipper is properly attached and functioning correctly.

Some large pencil cases feature two separate zippers: One to close the top half of the case and another to zip the bottom half together. By separating the two parts of the case, you can ensure that each section closes properly and that the leak-free seal between the two sections is established and holding strong.


If security is a concern, look for a large pencil case that includes a locking system. Locking the case will prevent anyone from easily accessing your pencils, regardless of whether they know the code to the lock or not. There are a variety of different systems available, including dials, buttons, latches, snaps, and zippers with locks.

Locks can also be used to secure small objects inside the pencil case so that they dont fall out during transport. For example, a student might lock his business card holder in place inside a large pencil case to keep it from shifting around during class.

Storage Features

One of the biggest perks of a large pencil case is that it can store anything from a single pencil to a dozen pencils, pens, erasers, and markers. However, this advantage comes with a catch: Because of the varying sizes, the pockets and compartments inside the pencil case may be somewhat confusing until you get accustomed to them.

Many large pencil cases include elastic loops to organize smaller pencils and accessories such as business cards and note pads. These loops are usually sewn onto the interior of the case, which helps strengthen the structure and protect the contents.