Keep your phone and mobile devices safe, easy to access, and in reach with the best IPhone Xr card case.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best IPhone Xr Card Case

The best iPhone Xr card case is one that keeps your phone safe from dust, moisture, and scratches. It should also be a good fit for your hand and comfortable to hold. Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best iPhone Xr card case.


Apple has made it easier than ever to find an appropriate iPhone Xr card case. The iPhone Xr is a smaller version of the iPhone X, so most iPhone Xr card cases will fit the older device as well. However, its important to check measurements before buying to make sure your phone is covered.

The iPhone Xr comes in four sizes: 4 inch screens, 4.5 inch screens, 5 inch screens, and 5.5 inch screens. To avoid purchasing the wrong size card case, take both your phones measurements and compare them to the measurements provided by the manufacturer.


Just as there are different screen sizes on the iPhone Xr, there are also several different materials used for the casing. These include polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum, and hard plastic.

  • Polycarbonate is a durable material commonly used for smartphone casings. Its tough, impact-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures, though it may soften at lower temps.
  • Stainless steel is a durable metal typically used for laptop and briefcase exteriors. This material is less prone to bending or denting, but it may scratch a phone if dropped.
  • Aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and available in a wide range of colors. Aluminum is more susceptible to scratching, dents, and bending, especially if left untreated after use. Keep in mind that anodized aluminum can be harder to dent.
  • Hard plastic is another popular material used for smartphone exteriors. This material is tougher than other options, though it may become brittle over time.

Screen Size

The iPhone Xr features two different screen sizes: 4 inch and 4.5 inch. While the 4-inch screen is smaller, it is still a relatively large display compared to many other smartphones. This means that even with the protective cover, users may still drop their phone and damage the screen.

For those who want the additional screen real estate offered by a 4.5-inch display, its better to get an iPhone Xr with a 5.5-inch screen rather than a 4.5-inch model. Not only does the larger screen provide more room for apps and games, but it can also reduce the likelihood of dropping a phone with a bigger display.


The iPhone Xr uses the same LCD display technology as the iPhone X, which produces vibrant color and sharp text. Just like the newer iPhone X, the Xr display is also compatible with the high-definition video standard known as HDR (high dynamic range).

While the screen size remains the same, the pixel density has been reduced. This means that while the pixels are still technically the same size, they are now closer together and thus have a greater impact on visibility. For those who struggle to see clearly without glasses, this may be a negative change.


The iPhone Xr camera remains unchanged from the iPhone X, featuring an advanced sensor and image processing system. As with previous models, the Xr camera is capable of taking photos in low light at the same quality as the iPhone XS Max.

One area where the Xr may improve on the X is in the number of lenses. On the iPhone X, users could choose from either single or dual-camera lenses. With the Xr, Apple has added a third option: a wide angle lens paired with a second telephoto lens.

This allows for more flexibility in capturing images and videos, particularly for group shots or events.


The battery on the iPhone Xr is non-removable, just like the iPhone X. However, unlike the removable batteries on some other devices, the Xr battery is designed to be easily replaced if it wears out. This is because Apple believes that if the phone is expensive, then the battery shouldnt be an easy replacement.

In terms of amp hours (Ah), the Xr battery is similar to that of the iPhone X. Starting at 1.8 Ah, the battery gradually increases in capacity until reaching a maximum of 13.5 Ah. Given that this is an entry-level device, this seems reasonable.


Like the iPhone X, the Xr includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, unlike the X, the Xr doesnt support cellular data.

Instead, the Xr includes GPS and GLONASS for location services and A-GPS for more accurate positioning. This is a handy feature for drivers who need to know exactly where they are located at all times.


The audio on the iPhone Xr is handled by the same amplifier and speaker system as the iPhone X. As a result, the sound quality is very good, especially considering the small footprint of the Xr.

However, just as with the screen, the Xr has seen some changes. The headphone jack has moved from the bottom of the phone to the top, while the speaker grille has been simplified into a single hole.

Additional Features

There are a few additional features worth mentioning that come built into the iPhone Xr card case.

  • A screen protector is always a good idea, no matter what phone youre using. The iPhone Xr comes with a screen protector included in the box, but it may wear away sooner than expected.
  • An AppleCare+ warranty covers any repairs or replacements for two years.
  • A micro USB charging port is a convenient addition, allowing users to charge their phone while also providing a little extra power (around 1.5 amps) to help with the longevity of the battery.
  • A built-in stand is useful for watching videos or playing games, but it may not be ideal for everyone. Those with smaller hands may find it difficult to use this feature.