Whether for a home game or a high-end gaming setup, the right gaming headset can help improve your efficiency and productivity.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gaming Headsets

Before you start shopping for a gaming headset, there are some important decisions to make. The following sections will outline the most critical considerations to keep in mind while on the hunt for the best gaming headset.

Computer Specs

The first thing to do is check to see if the computer youre thinking of buying a gaming headset for has the specs to run it. Fortunately, this isnt as difficult as it used to be. To find out whether or not your machine qualifies, you can check the systems requirements on the manufacturers website.

If you cant find any information about the machines capabilities, you can always contact the manufacturer directly to double-check. Be sure to identify who youre speaking with (i.e., customer service) and what information you would like to have verified.


Next, consider how many audio channels are needed for your games. This will depend on the type of game and your skill level. For instance, a racing game might require more audio output than a strategy game.

Many gaming headsets come with at least five channels so that players can switch between their ears and speakers as they play. Sixteen-channel or twenty-channel headsets are also available. These provide enough channels to use with a microphone and/or a second speaker.

Sound Quality

How well the sound quality of the gaming headset measures up to what the player expects is an important consideration. If a gamer purchases a headset with the idea that it will offer high-quality sound comparable to a dedicated sound card, but the actual sound quality is lacking, then the purchase may be a waste of time and money.

However, dont expect miracles just because its a gaming headset. Due to their compact nature, gaming headsets are often designed with less quality components and without the features found in higher-end models. Still, if the price is right and the features are there to meet the gamers needs, then it may be worth the risk.


Finally, factor in the comfort of the gaming headset. After all, spending several hours wearing a device isnt a fun experience, especially if the device isnt comfortable.

Gaming headsets are generally very small and lightweight, which helps them feel comfortable during extended use. However, factors such as head size, weight distribution, ear placement, and strap design can affect the overall comfort of the gaming headset. Also, users should try to find a gaming headset with padded ear cups to help prevent damage to their ears.


For those who enjoy switching out their monitors or using a multi-monitor setup, connectivity may be a feature to look for in a gaming headset. Some gaming headsets feature USB ports that allow for charging or syncing another device while playing. Others include built-in speakers, mic stands, and headphones connectors so that the user can plug into a separate set of headphones when connecting to a console or a PC.


Durability is an important feature to consider in a gaming headset. After all, these devices arent cheap, and neither are the parts inside of them. Look for a product with durable build materials and inner components to ensure that the device lasts as long as possible.

Also, think about how much wear and tear the device will face. Racing drivers, action gamers, and console players all experience a lot of movement and vibration. A device thats not built to withstand this type of usage will likely break long before the end of the season or the next online match.


One final consideration for purchasing a gaming headset is whether or not it comes with any accessories. Many companies will include a wired controller or a set of batteries with the purchase of a new gaming headset. However, some will only include the latter in a sale, so be sure to check the fine print.

Including other products may be a bonus for the buyer, allowing them to save money on items such as cables or chargers. However, it could also mean that the included accessories are of lower quality and thus have a shorter lifespan than usual.