The best gags arent just for pulling anymore. These toys will have you laughing so hard you’ll forget to breathe.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gag Toys

Gag toys are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your next dental appointment. These toys can range from simple plastic models that fit in your mouth to more elaborate rubber or latex devices that stretch, twist, and pull at random. Before selecting any toy, consider how much force you want to apply, where you want to use it, and what will happen if the toy breaks.

Dental Office vs. Home

If you’d rather not bring a toy into the office, there are plenty of other ways to play dentist. Some offices have interactive games and apps that allow patients to practice different techniques on virtual patients. These programs can be very helpful for those who need extra training, but they’re usually pretty pricey. Another option is watching a movie or reading a book while doing a little role playing.

The classic tongue depressor is still a popular choice for many dentists. You can also buy small plastic replicas of teeth and gums to manipulate as needed during an exam. The best gag toys for your home are versatile enough to work both in the office and around the house.


Plastic is often the most affordable and durable option for a gag toy. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which makes it easy to match with whatever else you may have in your room. If you select a bright color, you’ll be able to see when its time for a change.

Teeth and gums are commonly made of hard plastic, wood, or metal materials. Metal and wood are the sturdiest choices, while plastic has the advantage of being lightweight and portable.

These materials can vary within a single product. For example, a wooden handle might be better suited for a heavy-duty gag than a thin plastic one.

Intended Use

A gag toy should make you laugh, so youre looking for something that does the job quickly and efficiently. Plastic options tend to be less expensive and more durable, while metal and wood typically provide a more luxurious experience.

For those who like to role play, a home-based gag toy allows for more flexibility. A latex or rubber dildo, for example, can be used as a gag or a tool. It can even be fashioned into a noose to hang someone in the future.

For those who just want to have a little fun, a plastic model is likely sufficient. Its less intimidating and more affordable than rubber or latex devices.


Length isnt always a good indicator of quality, but in this case, it really does matter. Longer pieces tend to be stronger and more durable than shorter ones, so its important to find a product thats suitable for your height.

For those who prefer a long-lasting gag, look for products with molded plastic handles. These handles can take a lot of wear and tear and still function properly.


One benefit of choosing a gag toy that looks like a regular household item is that you get to choose from a multitude of uses. Toothpaste tubes, for instance, can serve as a toilet paper holder or a shaker for powder or liquid toothpaste. A funnel allows you to pour liquids into a measuring cup. A pair of scissors can cut paper towels or dental floss. A lighter allows you to ignite a cigarette or a gas stovetop burner.

The point is, there are countless ways to use a gag toy that have nothing to do with dentistry. The best gag toys are versatile enough to work in several environments.


While aesthetics might not be a priority for you, it could be for others. If youre buying a gag gift for a child, for example, you’ll want to factor in their level of skill and imagination. A childs plastic model with bright colors will probably hold up better than a metal device with intricate details.

Adult gag gifts are often chosen for their functionality over their aesthetic appeal. But if youre in the market for a new office toy, a flashy plastic model with a removable head can act as a light bulb to illuminate a drab space.

Additional Features

There are a few features that you might find appealing, depending on your needs. Models with built-in handles are easier to grip and transport, while those with built-in lights or sounds will help create a more realistic atmosphere.

Some products feature removable parts, allowing users to take them with them when cleaning and sterilizing. This is a handy feature if youre going camping or to a remote location for an extended period of time.