The best Bratz dolls are easy to live with and fun to display in a chic, modern way.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bratz Dolls

When selecting your favorite Bratz doll, there are many factors to consider. The following section will outline some of the most important features to look for when shopping for a new Bratz doll.


Bratz dolls come in a range of sizes, from a small childs size up to an adult height. The smallest size is meant for infants and toddlers, while the larger sizes are designed with teens and adults in mind.

  • Smaller sizes are typically around 18 inches tall. This age group is suitable for children who have outgrown their baby dolls but still have interest in smaller-size characters.
  • Teens and adults tend to like the look of the larger sizes, which can be as tall as 28 inches.


Bratz dolls are made of either hard plastic or soft rubber. While both types of dolls can be durable, soft rubber tends to bend more easily than hard plastic.

  • Hard plastic is a durable option that is easy to clean and resistant to impact damage. It also holds its shape better than soft rubber, making it a good choice for kids who are prone to play with their toys too enthusiastically.
  • Soft rubber is more comfortable for cuddling and is easier to clean if you happen to spill something on it. However, this type of doll tends to flatten out over time, losing some of its shape and bounce. It also has a higher risk of puncturing holes in the fabric of clothing it wears.


Bratz dolls fall into two categories: traditional and modern.

  • Traditional dolls are popular because they’re affordable, easy to store, and come in a variety of styles and shapes. These dolls arent as lifelike as modern options but do a decent job of replicating the appearance of a human being.
  • Modern dolls are more realistic and are a step up from traditional options. They tend to be a little pricier but are often more durable and longer lasting. These dolls are a good choice for those looking for a more grownup version of a teddy bear or action figure.


Bratz dolls are available in several different styles, each of which has its own unique look and appeal:

  • Traditional bradettes have large eyes set off by bright red hair. Their classic bob cuts feature blunt edges and a rounded forehead.
  • Auburn-haired bradettes have deep brown hair that falls below the ears and curves forward at the ends. These dolls often wear wigs with natural color, which looks less fake.
  • Dark-haired bradettes have coiled hair that cascades down their backs and sometimes hangs in front of their faces. These dolls tend to wear headbands to hold back the hair that could otherwise cover their eyes.
  • Brunette bradettes have darker skin tones and slanted eyes. Their hair tends to be straight and long enough to braid or twist into a high ponytail.
  • Blonde bradettes have lighter skin and large blue eyes. Their hair tends to be light and wavy.
  • Multicolored bradettes can have any combination of brown, black, and white hair. These dolls may also have multicolored eyes.


Bratz dolls can include a range of features, such as movable arms, legs, eyes, and mouths. Some even have sensors that make them move and talk when you touch them.

  • Movable arms and legs are common features that allow you to pose the doll in various ways. A movable arm lets you grab the elbow or pull the hand toward your body to wave goodbye or shake hands with a friend.
  • Eyes that open and close naturally follow the movement of your fingers. Look for dolls with this feature if you want your child to be able to see and communicate with others while playing.
  • Mouths with moving parts arent always obvious, but these features can help the character say something if you want the doll to speak.


Bratz dolls can come with a range of accessories, including strollers, cars, houses, and furniture. Many of these accessories are designed to be taken apart and stored separately until needed.

  • Strollers are a convenient addition to have, especially if your child is old enough to need a pushchair. These accessories attach to the bottom of the doll and fold up when not in use, so theres no need to worry about accidentally leaving the doll behind.
  • Cars are another useful accessory to have; these doll versions of vehicles can be driven away in, or they can just sit in the garage or driveway. If your child is old enough to have a driver’s license, this is a great opportunity to teach them how to drive a car safely.
  • Houses are a big part of family life, and Bratz dolls can include houses of all shapes and sizes. Choose a house that comes with the doll if you’d like your child to play out scenarios such as having a tea party in your living room or watching a movie in front of a fireplace.
  • Furniture is another useful accessory to have, such as dining tables, chairs, and beds. Chairs and tables are particularly helpful if you want to set up a game of chess or a jigsaw puzzle.