The best box tapes secure your boxes and keep your contents safe, while also making it easier to transport.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Box Tape

Before you start shopping for the best box tape, there are a few things you should know. The following sections will outline the most important considerations to keep in mind while on your hunt for the best box tape.

Intended Use

The main use of box tape is to seal boxes and crates, but its not just any box tape that will do the trick. Each type has its own benefits, which we will now discuss.

  • Carton sealing tape is used to seal the boxes and crates before they are loaded onto a truck or shipped someplace. This kind of tape is very strong and can withstand heavy loads, though it does have some weaknesses.
  • Lock sealing tape uses barcodes or other identification methods to allow users to securely lock boxes and crates. These locks can be electronic, which means the user needs an electronic key to open them, or traditional manual locks that require a key.
  • Event sealing tape is typically used at events like trade shows or conferences to seal off exhibit spaces. This tape is usually less durable than carton sealing tape since the locking mechanism is often not as robust.
  • Rolling box sealing tape is designed to be wound around a reel and then inserted into a machine to create a perfect seal. This kind of tape is not meant for repeated use, so its more of a temporary fix.

Adhesive Strength

When it comes to adhesion strength, which is the amount of force required to separate two surfaces, box tape isnt always the strongest suit. Thats why carton sealing tape, with its superior grip and stronger adhesive, is the preferred method for many professionals.

However, even lock sealing tape, which requires the least amount of effort to apply, has its share of fans. Its not as strong as carton sealing tape, but its still a significant improvement over nothing at all.


A quality seal is crucial to keeping contents secure during transport. To achieve a proper seal, you need to compress the surface you are sealing between two layers of tape for the appropriate amount of time.

Too little pressure will result in a poor seal, which could lead to moisture leaking into the package. But applying too much pressure will also degrade the seal. Finding the right middle ground is essential.

Most box tapes will include instructions detailing how long to compress the seal for, but some brands may differ. Look over the manufacturers recommendations carefully before purchasing.


One benefit of buying box tape online is that you get to choose from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal.

Paper tape is becoming less popular because the material is not as reliable or durable as plastic or metal. However, some brands still use paper, which can be confusing. Be sure to check the label before buying to make sure youre getting quality product.

Plastic and metal are the most versatile options. While these materials are both strong enough to handle heavy loads, plastic is lighter and therefore easier to pack, store, and move. Keep in mind that while metal is heavier, its also significantly more durable.

Ease of Use

Applying box tape isnt the most difficult task in the world, but it does take a bit of practice. Youll find that each application is a bit different, depending on the brand and style of tape you purchase.

Some boxes will require several applications of tape because the tape is either too short or too wide. Applying too much tape will also cause difficulties. Before long, you’ll find yourself practicing tacks instead of dots, as in no-tape boxing.

Also, keep in mind that while box tape is easy to remove, reapplication is not always as simple.


Box tape is not as durable as other types of tape, such as rubber band or glue, but it is still a step up from having none at all. If a box falls to the ground and cracks open, the weakest point is almost always where the box tape was peeling awayfrom the wood or metal it was applied to.

While this may not seem like a big deal, if the contents inside are expensive, this can be a problem. If the contents are perishable, this is especially true. Even non-perishable items can be damaged if the box is opened too soon and the items are still in their original packaging.

Environmental Factors

No matter what type of box tape you buy, theres one environmental factor you shouldnt forget to consider: temperature. High temperatures can weaken the adhesive considerably, resulting in boxes falling out of packages, opening at an odd angle, or worse.

Check the product information and manufacturers recommendations to determine whether the tape is suitable for high temperatures. Also, keep in mind that while some box tapes can remain sticky after exposure to high temperatures, others may become completely dry and unable to hold together.