A good box braids is a fun, versatile piece of clothing to have on hand for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Box Braids

While shopping for a box braids, there are many things to consider. The length, gauge, and style of the box braid will all affect its functionality in your sewing room, so be sure to choose what is best for you.


The length of the box braid can vary depending on the project you are making. For quilted blankets or baby gear, a longer box braid (between 16 and 24 inches) might work better than a shorter one (around 12 inches). Longer braids tend to be stiffer and stronger, while shorter ones may have more give.

For garment boxes, a medium-length box braid (around 14 or 16 inches) might be ideal since they are long enough to cover most sewn-together garments but short enough to fit comfortably inside a garment bag. If you are looking for a high level of organization for multiple tools, a longer box braid (more than 24 inches) could be the way to go.


The gauge of a box braid refers to how tightly or loosely the braid is twisted. Gauges can run from 0 to 5, with 0 being no twist and 5 being a very tight twist. The higher the number, the more tightly the braid is twisted.

For example, a 3 on the gauge scale would mean that the braid has a moderate amount of twist. A 4 on the gauge scale would indicate a fairly tight weave, and a 5 would be on the extreme end of the tight spectrum.

Since box braids are usually constructed with a few different materials, the gauges of those components will differ. Generally speaking, the outside fabric should have a looser gauge, while the interiors fibers should be tighter.


While most box braids are black, some manufacturers also offer colored versions. Since these boxes are designed to organize and hold various items, it makes sense that they come in a variety of colors.

If youre looking for a black box braid to match other furniture in your sewing room, a black version is easier to keep clean. However, if the main focus is to create an organizational tool, a colored box braid might be a better option since it will blend in with other items around the house.


Zippers are a vital component of a box braid, as they are what allow you to open and close the box. While it is possible to sew a zipper into a box braid, it is not recommended to do so since they can become dislodged over time.

Instead, look for a box braid with metal zippers or buttons. These are much more reliable and durable.

Interior Fabric

The interior fabric of a box braid is often a thick, sturdy woven material that offers plenty of cushioning and insulation for the contents within. This could be a single layer or a multi-layer fabric.

However, this padding could also be nothing more than a thin coating meant to provide a bit of cushioning between the box braid and the contents. In this case, the box braid could easily make its way out of the packaging and onto the floor, where it would then be damaged.

Look for a box braid with a label indicating what the interior fabric is made of and what its thickness is.

Top/Bottom Seams

While box braids are typically constructed with two top and two bottom layers, some include three or four layers. Regardless of the number of layers, all box braids should have strong seam lines along their edges to prevent leaking.

Check to see which seams are sewn and which are glued. Glues can become loose over time, especially if the garment is washed regularly. Sewed seams will hold much more firmly, even after years of wear.


The weight of a box braid can influence its portability and suitability for particular projects. Generally speaking, the heavier the box braid, the less comfortable it will be to carry around and the more likely it is that the seams will leak.

However, the weight of the box braid isnt just related to how well it holds up against moisture. The materials used to make the box braid can also affect its weight. For example, a heavy-duty polyester box braid can weigh considerably less than a silk box braid.


One great thing about box braids is that they can fulfill several different needs with one purchase. For instance, they can serve as both a storage bin and a portable cooler by allowing you to pack them full of warm clothes, snacks, and drinks.

They also make great presentation boxes for a shower gift or a small wedding present since they are generally quite large yet can fit neatly into a smaller space. And, of course, they can organize and store sewing supplies.