With the best Bluetooth label printer, you can easily keep track of where you are going to be using your phone to help find things like your keys or see where you are going to be in a crowded space.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bluetooth Label Printer

When choosing a Bluetooth label printer, there are many factors to consider. For instance, where will it be stored? Who will use it most? What features would help make the process easier and more accurate? Read on for some of the top options available.

Bluetooth Capability

The ability to connect wirelessly is one of the strongest suits of Bluetooth technology, and its also one of the easiest features to use. After establishing a connection with a compatible device, users can pair the two devices and start using them together.

However, not every Bluetooth label printer supports pairing. Some models either come predisposed to paired devices or require manual setup. Check to see if the model youre considering has Bluetooth connectivity, as this could be an important differentiator between similar products.


Establishing a connection with another Bluetooth-enabled device is usually pretty straightforward, but there are variations in how Bluetooth label printers handle pairing. Some models simply display a notification that the connection was successful, while others might need to enter a pairing code.

If there are multiple users in a household, each with their own Bluetooth label printer, there may be a desire to keep them separate. Luckily, most Bluetooth label printers allow for this kind of separation, with some models having a setting to toggle whether they want to accept connections from other devices.


Similar to Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth label printers have a range that indicates the distance over which they can transmit data and receive commands. This is typically measured in meters, though some models give a more specific figure like feet or inches.

For small offices or homes, the range might not be an issue. However, for larger spaces or multiple rooms, it can become inconvenient to establish a connection with a Bluetooth label printer that is stored in a different room.

Fortunately, most Bluetooth label printers have a setting to increase the range, which can be helpful in these situations. However, there is a trade-off with increased range: The transfer speed drops, so this feature should be used with care.

Print Speed

Bluetooth label printers vary in their print speeds, which is affected by several factors. These include the type of paper used, the age of the printer, and the experience of the person doing the printing.

For the best results, always use the fastest print speed supported by the printer. Otherwise, the label may not get applied correctly, leaving behind streaks or blobs.

Some Bluetooth label printers have settings for both print speed and range, so users can choose the fastest possible printing speed for a given range.


One of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth label printers is that they’re incredibly easy to set up. Usually, all a user needs to do is follow the instructions in the owners manual to successfully connect to the printer.

Once connected, users can begin printing almost immediately. However, even with the simplest models, there can still be a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to finding the correct codes or entering letters on the keyboard. Fortunately, most manufacturers include detailed instruction manuals to help new users get started.


Bluetooth label printers are designed to be compact and portable, with many fitting into a shirt pocket or easily storing in a desk drawer. However, there are differences in size and shape, so its prudent to check what the actual dimensions are before buying. Also consider how much storage space is available, as some Bluetooth label printers take up a fair amount of space when fully charged.

Also think about where the unit will be stored and maintained. Many Bluetooth label printers require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent damage or degradation of the ink tanks, sensors, and other internal parts. Keeping these devices clean and properly maintained can help ensure that they last longer and provide better service.

Ease of Use

Another area that can affect the usability of a Bluetooth label printer is the screen. It might seem that a large touchscreen display would add a lot of bulk and possibly even weight, but modern Bluetooth label printers often have surprisingly lightweight models that can still pack a punch. In fact, many Bluetooth label printers dont even have a screen at all; They connect directly to a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for a secondary display.

However, a screen can still be useful for those who want to confirm settings or read instructions without accessing their phone. Finding a Bluetooth label printer with a built-in screen can be a great convenience.