SHASHIBO Bundle of 2 – Mystic Ocean and Spaced Out

The ShashiB ou Bundle of 2 is perfect for anyone who loves to keep their hands busy. This bundle includes two of our best selling products in one package: the Mystic Ocean and Spaced Out puzzles. The strong internal magnet system allows you to connect multiple magnets to build even larger structures. The puzzle also features four unique patterns that will never be repeated.

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  • The ShashiBo bundle includes 2 fidget boxes that are designed to be played sequentially.
  • Each box contains 36 rare earth magnets that will cause the box to transform into various shapes.
  • The boxes are made of premium injection molded plastic and have a matte or glossy surface.
  • The artwork on each box is unique and will change based on which transformation the box goes through.
  • These boxes make for great sensory stimulation puzzles or gifts for friends and family members who enjoy playing with their minds.


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  • Inexpensive
  • Fits A Variety Of Figures
  • Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways


  • May Not Be Suitable For Small Children
SHASHIBO Bundle of 2 – Mystic Ocean and Spaced Out