SHASHIBO Bundle of 2 – Elements and Blue Planet

The ShashiBundle of 2-Elements and Blue Planet is a unique and innovative way to stimulate the senses. Made of premium injection-mold plastic, it features 36 rare earth magnets that transform into over 70 shapes. The set includes 4 unique, artistically patternsed magnetic puzzle cubes that can be connected to form larger structures or sculptured into beautiful 3D art!

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  • The product is a bundle of two elements and blue planet.
  • The product is made of premium injection mold plastic with rare earth magnets.
  • Each element has four unique patterns.
  • The product makes for a great sensory stimulation toy or brain teaser.
  • It is designed in the U.S. and Germany


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  • Unique And Fun
  • Comes In A Variety Of Colors
  • Can Be Used As A Toy Or For Small Projects


  • May Not Be Suitable For Large Scale Project
SHASHIBO Bundle of 2 – Elements and Blue Planet