Premier Protein Shake, Caramel, 11.5 Fl. Oz (Pack of 12)

The Premier Protein Shake is perfect for those who want to keep their diets on point and their workouts on schedule. This drink features a blend of proteins that will help you stay full and keep your muscles from getting too sore. It also includes all of the essential amino acids so it will provide you with the best possible nutritional profile. The only sugar in this drink is natural fructose so it won’t cause any blood sugar issues.

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  • The product is a readyto drink protein shake that includes all essential amino acids.
  • It has a 30g protein content
  • The product is non caffeinated and has 24 vitamins and minerals.
  • It comes in 9 different flavors
  • The company that makes the product is premier protein


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  • Tastes Like Coffee
  • More Protein Than Other Brands
  • Can Be Used As A Weight Loss Shake


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Premier Protein Shake, Caramel, 11.5 Fl. Oz (Pack of 12)