Paradise Diced Citron, 8 Ounce

The Paradise Diced Citron is a delicious and unique treat that combines the sweet flavor of the cherry with the bitter taste of the citrus peel. This saccade is perfect for any baker who wants to add a touch of creativity to their cooking.

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  • The citron fruit is a bit larger and has a more bitter taste than its popular citrus counterparts.
  • Citron is widely known and used for its wonderful, potent aroma.
  • Paradise Foods takes the thick peel of the outer portion, candies it, and turns it into a fantastic part of a traditional fruitcake, German Stollen cake for the holidays and Hot Cross Buns.
  • This saccade has a distinct taste because it combines the bitter taste of the fruit rind with the sweetness of the sugar for a truly mouthwatering experience.


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Paradise Diced Citron, 8 Ounce