OOWOLF Monitor Light Bar,CRI95 Desk Lamp for Eye-Caring

The OOWOLF Monitor Light Bar is a modern, sleek design that is perfect for any office or home workspace. With a high color rendering index, this bar provides excellent lighting conditions for any work or study session. The rear ambient lights help to reduce eye strain from constant blue-ray exposure, while the three color modes provide flexibility in any lighting situation.

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  • The monitor light bar has a CRI of 95 or higher
  • The light bar is made of LED beads that emit warm light
  • The light bar can dim or light the brightness
  • The light bar has a USB Type C powerline, USB outlet (5V 1A), Can power this light bar,include computer,phonecharger,laptop,USB charger,power bank and so on.
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  • Sturdy Box
  • Clear Instructions For Installation
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Touch Controls Are Very Responsive
  • Level Of Brightness Is Perfect For My Home Office Setup


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OOWOLF Monitor Light Bar,CRI95 Desk Lamp for Eye-Caring