Micro-hertz LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

The Micro-Hertz LED Desk Lamp with Clamp is a great choice for those who want a little extra oomph in their workspace. With its five color modes and adjustable brightness, it’s sure to find the perfect lighting for whatever project you’re working on. And the clamp that keeps it in place is strong enough to hold up to 2.2 inches of weight!

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  • The lamp has 5 color modes that can be changed with the touch panel.
  • It has a memory function so the user can set the mode they want to use.
  • The lamp is made of LED beads that emit soft light and have a high CRI rating.
  • The surface light emission type makes the light less glaring and prevents shadows.
  • The lamp has a swing arm structure that allows it to be placed at any angle and still remain stable.


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  • Super Bright
  • 5 Brightness Modes
  • Control Panel Is Nice
  • Can Be Used For Large Desks


  • May Not Fit All Desks
Micro-hertz LED Desk Lamp with Clamp