LS-211WHT Goosy Desk Lamp, White

The Lite Source LS-211WHT Goosy 15-Inch 60-Watt Desk Lamp is a stylish and functional addition to any room. The white metal base and shade are complimented by the black gooseneck, which provides a modern look with a touch of elegance. The lamp has an adjustable position that allows you to adjust it to any angle you wish. The lamp also features a desk lamp function that makes it easy to read at night or on the couch.

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  • The lamp has a white metal base and shade with a black gooseneck.
  • The lamp is 6x12x16inches and comes with no bulbs.
  • It is made by Lite Source, a brand owned by The Walt Disney Company.
  • The lamp can be adjusted to produce different colors and brightness settings.


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  • Exactly What Was Wanted
  • Reasonably Sturdy At This Price Point
  • Can Be Hid In Your TV Case
  • Nice Soft Light With No Reflections On The TV


  • None Found
LS-211WHT Goosy Desk Lamp, White