Lepro LED Desk Light 9W 550lm

The Lepro LED Desk Lamp is a modern and sleek addition to any workspace. With three different lighting modes and five different brightness levels, this lamp provides plenty of options for whatever you’re working on. The frosted shade and long lamp head effectively reduce the contrast between your monitor and the surrounding area, making it a comfortable environment for your eyes. The sleek design and adjustable angle make this lamp easy to use, while the energy-saving features keep your electricity bill low.

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  • The Lepro LED Desk Lamp has three lighting options and five brightness levels.
  • It has an energy saving LED design without overheating.
  • The lamp has a sleek and minimalist look with a metal frame and plastic base.
  • The angle of the light is fully adjustable.
  • There is a touch responsive dimming feature that changes the light intensity and color temperature.


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  • Very Compact
  • Light
  • Foldable
  • Affordable


  • May Not Put Out As Much Light As A Traditional Bulb
Lepro LED Desk Light 9W 550lm