HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator

The HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator is a sophisticated and user-friendly calculator that is perfect for any math or science student. With a linear display and a workable keyboard, this calculator provides a comfortable and convenient way to do calculations. The HP 300s+ also features four-line LCD display and a battery-backed power supply for added convenience.

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  • The HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator has a linear display.
  • It is powered by solar power plus battery backup.
  • The user interface is designed to be easy to use.
  • This calculator is ideal for math and science students.
  • The screen size is 2.38


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  • Exactly What Was Needed
  • Capacity Is Much Higher Than First Calculator
  • Purchased For A Lower Price Than Similar Models


  • May Not Be Suitable For More Experienced Users
HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator