HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator

The HP 17BII+ is a versatile and powerful calculator that’s perfect for any financial situation. With a brand-new design, this calculator offers a sleek and modern look with a minimalist approach. The HP 17BII+ features a 2-line by 22-character LCD display that gives you a clear and concise view of your finances. It also has a built-in calculator that helps you perform simple calculations quickly and easily. Plus, the HP 17BII+ comes with two lithium metal batteries that are included!

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  • The HP 17BII+ financial calculator is designed for students and professionals in real estate, finance, accounting and business.
  • It includes a 2line, 22 character LCD screen.
  • The calculator has a built in memory of 28K and power off memory protection.
  • You can choose between German, French, English, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese language operation
  • This product comes with batteries, user guide, leather carrying case, instructions, warranty information


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  • Ease Of Use
  • Flexibility With Format
  • Comes With A Manual
  • Can Be Used Without A Disc Drive


  • May Not Come With All Features Or Functions As Advertised
HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator