HP 14 E14 G4 Portable Monitor

The HP 14 E14 G4 is a portable monitor that you can take with you on the go. This monitor has a 1440×900 resolution and an in-plane switching technology panel that makes it easy to adjust the screen size and mode. The USB port lets you connect to a computer for help or to extend your laptop’s capabilities. The HP 14 E14 G4 also features a wireless connection that makes it easy to set up and use.

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  • 1 screen
  • The monitor has a viewable size of 14 inches
  • It uses inplane switching technology for a full HD display
  • The panel is made with IPS technology
  • The monitor comes with USB and HDMI ports


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  • Very Slim Design
  • Single Cable Connection
  • Gorgeous Display Performance
  • Nice Sleeve, Elegant And Soft


  • The Sleeve That Comes With The Monitor Is Too Soft That It Gives Zero Protection To The Monitor In A Crowded Backpack.
HP 14 E14 G4 Portable Monitor