HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator

The HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator is a versatile and powerful calculator that’s perfect for any engineering or scientific task. With a sleek design, this calculator is built to last. The HP 10s+ features a 2″ screen with a resolution of 240 x 160, and the calculator comes with a USB cable for easy connectivity. The HP 10s+ also has a battery power source for extended use.

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  • The HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator is a high quality, professional product that offers great accuracy and power.
  • It comes with a battery back up, in case of power outages or surges
  • The screen size is 2
  • This calculator has a brand name and logo on the front
  • It is made by HP


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  • Can Do Everything You Need It To Do
  • Lets You Keep Track Of Your Finances
  • Has A Wide Variety Of Functions
  • Can Be Used By Many People


  • The Loss Is Not Too Great If The Calculator Is Dropped
HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator