Flowbee Short Angled Foot Attachment Only Color May Vary

The Flowbee Short Angled Foot Attachment is a great way to keep your feet moving. This attachment attaches to the bottom of your shoes and allows you to easily change directions while you’re walking. The only thing that this attachment requires is a bit of shoe polish to get the shoes clean enough for the attachment to work.

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  • The product includes one unit of the Flowbee Angled Foot Attachment only.
  • It is brand new and comes with a color may vary option.
  • The product is meant for short hair types who want a fade look on the sides and around the back of the head.
  • It is very important that you either have a straight, or angled foot attached to your Flowbee while cutting the hair to help draw the hair into the blades, and to protect the person whose hair is being cut.


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  • Seems Better Quality Than The Original Ones
  • Can Be Altered To Improve A Closer Tapper
  • Not Necessary It Was For Closer Tapper


  • May Not Be Suitable For High School Or College Students
Flowbee Short Angled Foot Attachment Only Color May Vary