Fiskars 770020-1001 Pro Utility Knife, Retractable, Orange/Black

The Fiskars 770020-1001 Pro Utility Knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. The side blade actuation prevents accidental blade retraction, and the five-blade storage capacity allows for multiple changes without having to take the knife apart. The reinforced metal end provides sturdy, reliable resistance against pounding and drops, while the orange/black color adds a touch of style to any project.

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  • The Fiskars 770020
  • The knife has a side blade actuation feature to prevent accidental blade retraction
  • There is onboard storage capacity for 5 extra blades
  • The knife is made from metal material
  • The blade is made from carbon steel


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  • One Hand Operational
  • Sturdy And Solid
  • Perfect Weight Balance
  • Blade Guard Works Seemlessly


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Fiskars 770020-1001 Pro Utility Knife, Retractable, Orange/Black