Ektelon 03 Black SS Grip

The Ektelon 03 Black SS Grip is a high-quality, durable rubber grip that is perfect for any advanced shooter. The black color is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it, and the one size fits most shooters. The frame material is resin, which means it is resistant to warping and damage. The shaft material is graphite, which provides the same kind of durability as steel but without the weight.

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  • The Ektelon 03 Black SS Grip is made with Ektelon’s advanced graphite resin bonding process, making it both durable and impact resistant.
  • By integrating huge Oports, it creates a larger sweetspot, a livelier response, and increased power.
  • Oports also make the frame more aerodynamic, reducing drag, and allowing for a faster swing speed.
  • Unstrung Weight: 175g * Strung Weight: 189g * Strung Balance: 5 pts * Head Heavy Strung Swingweight: 142 kg x cm (low dynamic inertia = control)


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Ektelon 03 Black SS Grip