Easy-Bake Refill Super Pack Net WT 9.5OZ(270g)

The Hasbro Easy-Bake Refill Super Pack is the ultimate collection of baking supplies for your kitchen. This pack includes 10 different recipes for both sweet and salty treats, including two cake mixes, two cookie mixes, three frosting mixes, one nacho cheese sauce mix, two pre-tzel mixes and an egg wash mix. The super pack also comes with a bonus salt packet and a brand-new copy of the Hasbro Easy-Bake Refill Quick Reference Guide.

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  • The product is a easy bake super pack net wt 9.5 oz
  • It includes 4 cookie mixes, 2 cake mixes, 1 nacho cheese sauce mix, 2 pretzel mixes, and an egg wash mix
  • The product is made by Hasbro
  • It is a 9.5 ounce package
  • The product is a perfect gift for someone special


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  • Comes With Two Sets Of Fingers
  • The Design Is Unique And Different From Other Brands
  • Made Of High Quality Materials
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Easy-Bake Refill Super Pack Net WT 9.5OZ(270g)