Coghlan’s Camp Soap, 4 fl. oz.

The Coghlan’s Soap is a great way to keep your dishes or gear clean and fresh. This soap is made with a biodegradable material that is safe for use on all skin types. The soap has a fresh scent and is easy to refill. The Coghlan’s Soap is an affordable, essential gear for any traveler.

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  • A camp soap that can tackle any mess
  • The perfect size to tuck in a backpack or tackle box
  • Made with biodegradable material
  • Scented with Fresh


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  • Great For People Who Like To Wash Their Hands Often
  • Doesn’T Leave A Sticky Film On Your Skin
  • Inexpensive


  • May Be Too Small For Some People
Coghlan’s Camp Soap, 4 fl. oz.