Checkers 13”x13” Board Game in Box

The Checkers 13×13 Board Game is a fun and easy way to enjoy some friendly competition. This game features two players, each with their own side of the board. The players take turns moving their pieces around the board and then score points for the country they’re in. The game ends when one player reaches a set number of points or when the other player runs out of moves.

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  • The product is a board game in box
  • It is made in China
  • The dimensions are 20.3″x13″, “20.6”x20.6″, and the weight is 2.25 lbs
  • There are two players
  • The game is called “Checkers”


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  • Very Grown Up Version Of A Game For All Ages
  • Comes With An Adult-Focused Commentary And Moral Message
  • The Artwork Is Adorable And The Story Is Interesting


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Checkers 13”x13” Board Game in Box