BUG-A-SALT High Performance Salt – Pouch

The BUG-A-SALT High Performance Salt is a new, easier-to-pour 18oz stand up pouch that features a twist top spout. This salt is made with larger grains for higher impact on target and is anti-caking agent-free for improved performance. It’s perfect to use while BBQing or baking and has a taste that is both delicious and free of calories.

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  • The BUGA SALT High Performance Salt Pouch is a new and easier to pour 18oz stand up pouch with twist top spout.
  • It features a larger grain size for higher impact on target.
  • The pouch also contains an antiscaking agent to improve performance.
  • It is perfect for use while barbecuing and tastes great with no calories.


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  • Way Better Than Table Salt
  • Can Be Used In Many Ways
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Things


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BUG-A-SALT High Performance Salt – Pouch