Bostitch Office VLF100-SLV Swing Arm Desk Lamp

The Bostitch Office VLF100-SLV Swing Arm Desk Lamp is a versatile and easy-to-use desk lamp that provides focused, directional lighting to your work or study. The lamp has an adjustable clamp mount that allows you to easily position the lamp on your desk or in a bookcase, and it also includes a durable construction that ensures lasting use. The lamp also features a silver finish that is sure to match any dcor.

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  • The lamp has a fully adjustable swing arm which can be positioned to direct the light where needed.
  • It also has a clamp mount which allows it to be attached to a desk or other surface.
  • The lamp has a long reach which makes it able to clear monitors and other objects.
  • The lamp is made of metal and has a flicker free light zone which makes it easy to see through shadows, halos and troublesome glares.


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  • The Light Is Very Bright
  • It Can Be Controlled With A Remote Control
  • It Can Be Programmed To Different Colors
  • It Can Be Controlled From Anywhere Within Range


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Bostitch Office VLF100-SLV Swing Arm Desk Lamp